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  1. Man, it's good to see this place again...

  2. Thank you, good sir. You are very kind.
  3. This may be dying and it may be late, but you guys do need some more people. also im bored. Name: James Murphy Age: looks around 24 Gender: Male Species: Human Ability: He has a completely split personality. One moment hes a raging psychopath, the next hes a normal guy. Backstory: I dont know. He shows up. Description: A long coat with a small bulletbroof vest underneath, a beanie, sunglasses and simple jeans. Equipment: A crossbow as well as a pistol that looks like a flintlock minus the hour reload time.
  4. I dont even care if this is older. Im a RPaholic. Name: James Gascoigne (gotta get those From Software references out of my system) Gender/Sex: Male Personality: Jerk, with being a nice guy sometimes. Animal or Hunter: Hunter Extra: He has split personality disorder.
  5. My name stems from one of my friends who started calling himself APigeonz. I later decided to make a bird name as well, I was thinking of birds, and then I said the word Magical. It sounded like there was a Gull at the end so I went with that. Magigull. I went on the forum and saw the name was taken, so I just made myself the lord of seagulls. My older name was Plusle. Figure it out.
  6. I would just be myself with the abyss watchers crazy moveset.
  7. Can you ,good sir, make a parrying dagger if possible? Here is a image to help you if you need help.
  8. Imma join the Darkness.....FOR MORDOR!!
  9. Just starting anyway FIGHT THE SYSTEM!! *Sees Rune* Who are you?
  10. Form: Dream Demon but punished to be trapped in a human form....still has little bit of his reality warping abilites. (Not making a human OC and calling it Dream Demon FYI) Name: Methis Riddle ( Riddle Me This) Age: looks 16 but about 3 trillion Talent: Little reality warping "aura" causing crazy stuff to happen around him like the world being upside down.
  11. REDACTED: sHuT uP!
  12. REDACTED: WhY aRe yOu LoOkInG aT mE sO wEiRdLy?? *glitches out and becomes normal for a second* I will kill you all with a ballpoint pen so I can watch your blood turn BLACK with the ink. *comes back* WhAt??
  13. Marcus: *tosses his coin, causing it to bounce and smack the teacher in the head and then bringing it right back to his hand.*
  14. REDACTED: hI HOws iT GoInG GuyS?!?!
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