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  1. Corruption of the Overworld [RP]

  2. Corruption of the Overworld [RP]

    (Fine, you went scavenging and got killed by a creeper)
  3. Corruption of the Overworld [RP]

    Sky: 'ight let's go, then ( gonna ping some peeps) @Mobdestoryer and @BlueYoshi73
  4. Corruption of the Overworld [RP]

    Sky: Um... were you the ones trying to blow us to bits of human flesh?
  5. So i got home from school, booted up steam, the usual.

    I looked at my library of games and noticed something off

    a new game

    "RACE 07: Andy Priaulx Crowne Plaza Raceway"

    which is a DLC for a 3.99 game called "RACE 07"

    this DLC is free

    i dont have RACE 07

    what the ****?

  6. Sunset Lover M.E.M.E // Mine-imator Animation

    Ahem ....... OPINIONS EXIST
  7. Halloween Paper Bag Rig

    i think your supposed to be able to change the texture somehow
  8. Corruption of the Overworld [RP]

    (thanks for joining in, and please do provide an image if possible)
  9. Forgotten [WP]

    nah mate. its fune
  10. Forgotten [WP]

    9.5 out of 10 i like the detail with the spider, could possibly turn down the bloom a bit also i think i see some placement glitches at the top right EDIT: for the spider, you could have used a scaled down MC spider, to keep the art style a bit more, and you would've had more control over how it was posed
  11. Dancing Test :P

    your welcome
  12. Running a discord


    I would also like some help testing "permissions"

  13. built in modelbench rigging system?

    You could select (or maybe bind) a tool to select the dimensions of certain parts of a "human" model, like the steve/alex presets, to then make parts of the selected piece moveable, such as eyes. the eyes right here could be selected to make them move-able, maybe select only the colored parts of the eyes to make them a separated part of the model when imported into mine-imator,and when you were to move the black part the the eyes, it could be controlled, resized, etc like a rig
  14. im unsure if its already planned but i had an interesting idea for a built in rigging system for moddelbench for example, maybe open a dropdown menu on the side called "rig parts" you can click on an option called "eyes" and your cursor would be used to select the parts of the MC skin you are using (this would also make it easy with the "tall" eyes style) you could also do this with hair, maybe hands etc anyone else think its a good idea
  15. anyone else played "GO 4 THE KILL"?

    its a pubg-like server modification for CS:GO's battle royale community, it looks pretty good but every time a queue for a server only 2-3 other people are queuing 


    we need players god damnit

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