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  1. Used Materials : Mine-Imator Online Photoshop ÜberKiller Armory
  2. vroom

    Zombie looks loke a russian gopnic. Nice ride
  3. My PC works only Fallout 2 ... It is the Joke, of course, but something smells as the truth

  4. Oleg , good work
  5. jack update !!!

    Two mouth ... For me , this is long time
  6. Hey, Mine-Imator Forum! DeadGamingLight in touch! New updating of armor of "Jack"! Well changes weren't, but there is a lot of a new! (I don't know, to you to solve) News: today we Will celebrate (Likely) my return (and though....) All right, at first that was added we learn, well and for a dessert my return. Return to rig ! Download rig !!! Jack armor update v.1.3 !!!.zip?dl=0
  7. I don't think of what to think when it is necessary to think

    1. DeadGamingLight


      It is just necessary to think :steve_joyous:

    2. Ocelot


      I Don't Think Of What To Think When It Is Necessary To Think - Jaden Smith

  8. Good news , i wait new Mine-Imator )))
  9. Thanks )))
  10. "I already made many difficult decisions since I held this post. But any of them wasn't such heavy as it. You our rescue, and you - our death. It is a pity to me. You are our hero... but you should leave."
    — Overseer Jacoren

  11. Guys , hi, in touch DeadGamingLight!!! And today I updated mine of armor threshing RIG to v.1.2!!! I looked for the screen of pip-boy 3000, but I found unfortunately pip-biy 2000 (At someone in the opinion of Fallout 1 and/or Fallout 2) Well... I made sendings to these two games, what-? We look and swing))) He name "Jack" PHOTOS Download''Jack'' For Mine-Imator v.1.0.0 By Sorry : barns , RIG )))
  12. He-he, as I remember I did, there will be an armor update that can be will improve threshing rig
  13. Hi, guys! It is my the first threshing rig of armor T-51b (yet not full) Swing, everything is free))) Photo : (Sorry , I'm Russian) Download T-51b Rig For Mine Imator 1.0.0 DEMO
  14. War ... War never changes

  15. Its godlike!
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