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DanTDM the Childhood Youtuber (3K Rez)

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Render could have been a bit better, but just to bring some memories back

Not calling out the new Dan that we have now, I mean he still is the same guy, but not entirely... Because the old one that I am referring to used to just play Minecraft all the time, trying the wildest mods and maps and many more, it was for me as a kid a real wonder, it was like a dream, watching this guy was all I needed on a weekend, but yeah... everyone's prime time ighter ends or changes into a different one.

I am also not saying he should go back, its alright actually, memories are best kept and not repeated... And I am happy to have them, to remember him making the wildest experiments... good times...





BUT for those that do want constant Minecraft Mod Maps Videos, I could recommend someone else...


Doni Bobes, is a real prankster constantly pranking his friends, I find him really great, really funny, check him out too!



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