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Found 13 results

  1. Desert temple thing idk i was bored I tried make it look kinda realistic I guess? idk I just tried to make it look good it took like 4 or 5 hours idk i couldnt find any sound and im too lazy to add sound lol
  2. So yeah, my first set design, an temple from Ancient Greece. Please leave feedback so I can try to improve my modeling and texturing, and surprise surprise, it's public. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/trp32klazh3ew7t,sfxms10cl8rj94e,3n2n290jj4d8i6z/shared Please credit me when you use this
  3. PLEASE LINK BACK TO TOPIC IF USED World Download (Never know when you might need to edit something!) Alternatively, Schematics Download I will try my best to keep updating this.
  4. Unedited Edited
  5. Rendered in 'Mine-imator: Community Edition 1.1.0 pre-2.75' 4K version:
  6. So here is my first mc video i think. Besides fps what do i need to improve?
  7. Another one, i make a map for a animation but i give up on the animation so i only make this wallpaper with this schematic... :
  8. You are viewing a topic in the Mine-Imator forum when suddenly you feel a headache and you faint. You wake up in a stone corridor and realize you have a map and a sword. The temple is protected from any kind of magic. Try to escape. Good Luck
  9. Hello everyone Today I present to you the schematic I have used in that wallpaper : (It's the temple ) Here is the schematic : http://www.mediafire.com/?g0dtbzdqbal1ocu \!/ WARNING : The schematic weighs 19,9Kb and Mine-Imator resents large schematics !
  10. The Temple of Budder will have its secrets reveled by one man http://youtu.be/LsdmykSNGow
  11. With the courage of a mighty adventurer The Budder Temples' Secrets may be reviled
  12. Hello, Ive decided to start a series on a new skin I made! The robots Name is GLaDOB (Genetic Life-Form and Disk Operating Bot) GLaDOB Was Made After The Original GLaDOS Was Destroyed (just go with it, This has nothing to do with portal 1/2 lore) The AI from the GLaDOS was Put into a New Robot, Known As GLaDOB. He awakens in a temple... (that's it for now.) GLaDOB-PT1 *voices by me by the way* *skin by me too! *
  13. Hey there folks, After watching a random Indiana Jones movie i just needed to make this. I hope you enjoy it.
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