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Found 101 results

  1. Jedi VS Zombies - Created with Mine-Imator and Adobe After Effects ("Saber" plugin from Video Copilot) in 4K. I hope you like it. Constructive criticism is appreciated.
  2. Dcgames

    Death Star Explosion

    For an animation that i'm working, I recreated the explosion of the Death Star.
  3. RedSoundWaveStudios

    Just A blur [2K]

    Well, these are the rigs of @Nicky_YTand some other person, I forgot the names. But yeah, enjoy, took a bit to get the right angle. Two is always better than one!
  4. Update -The ligthsaber is in develop right now you customize the saber and turn off the saber by shrinking down on the Y-axis. #1 Note - Still trying to figure out the spare on the tip of the lightsaber, might change it in to a cone. #2 note - the lightsaber has been finished and it has a glow effect, I hope you enjoy my first model and give me suggestions on what model to make.
  5. Hey! today i finished a clip from ROTE and i think its good enough to show! so here it is: (there is a glitch at the end where the text cuts before the video, that was a simple mistake) (also keep in mind the movie is in very early production still and some stuff will be changed)
  6. So ya, I'm legitly trying to make an unofficial YT series of transformers in the star wars universe on Mine-imator. And I mean a series that is a little more story-orientated, not like a bunch of random animations. But there are several characters. Concept Animation That's why I need help, I can do a bunch of animation and rigging, but I can't do allot of voices. I need volunteers to do voice acting for a bunch of characters (mainly Transformer Characters). I will give credit to voice actors.6 The voices that are already taken: Mirage, Arcee, Rodimus Prime, Soundwave, and Skywarp As for the characters I really need extra voices for: Megatron, Unicron, Scorpinok (who will be female in this series), & Darth Vader. And besides them, well there are allot of transformers. If you can't play one of those four characters, then you can be a different character, which I can put in the series as background, or even main character. So the question is, who is your favorite transformer? Who would you like to play? I only have a few main characters, why not few more? Not to mention there are allot of rebels and imperials in star wars (maybe a few hidden jedi or sith?) So if you're interested in playing someone, private message me the character you want to play and an audio sample of you doing the voice (keep in mind that if you don't think you sound exactly like an autobot or a decepticon, I have audio software with robot-like effects). If I approve, then you get the part
  7. this is a test animation for hyperspace shots and action shots. which is why TIE Fighters are in Hyperspace (even though they aren't able to go into hyperspace)
  8. Here is a Star Wars R2-D2 Droid I am making because I Couldn't find any good R2 rigs on the forums.... So I decided to make my own! This may take awhile to finish, but I hope I'll finish it sometime soon. Thanks for reading! I'm open to feedback.
  9. Here is my new wallpaper: a Jedi from Star Wars meditating on an island. I hope you will enjoy it. May the Force be with you. Unedited :
  10. This is my fourth "test" animation with a lightsaber. I like lightsabers It's a GIF image, so the video quality is pretty bad.
  11. Wallpaper showing a green double bladed lightsaber. I'll try to put differents skins in the future, not only mine. Lightsaber:
  12. A random animation, where the character (me) kills a creeper with a green lightsaber in 2K. I made this with Mine-Imator 1.1.2 & Adobe After Effects CC 2017.
  13. The pre-fight between Darth Maul and Qui-Gon Jinn/Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episode I : The Phantom Menace
  14. Wow, I haven't been online for quite some time, anyway I was pretty bored so I downloaded a bunch of schematics and made this! I even got the @KaryuGraphics Stamp of Approval, so you know that the stamp adds no extra value to the picture.
  15. Here a render i made with the mighty @Juno's Rig ;D Keep in minds that i was bored so sorry if it bad critisim are welcome < 3 "Hey" "Yeah?" "Do you ever wonder why we here?" "mmm....not really" "ok"
  16. It's a "test" animation I did with my skin, and a yellow lightsaber from Star Wars:
  17. SPOILER ALERT OF STAR WARS : THE LAST JEDI Here's a wallpaper I just made: This is the fight of Rey and Kylo Ren against the soldiers of the Pretorian Elite Guard of the Supreme Leader Snoke, who was killed just before in the movie. Made with Mine-Imator, Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and Adobe After Effects CC 2017.
  18. Juno

    Star Wars - Scavenger Rey RIG

    Jakku Rey is here to stay on your MI clients! Features: Anything you can do with a Skibbz Facial Rig Poseable Cloths Some hair strands can be posed Belt on staff can be bent and changed, its preposed for her shoulder though due to how massive it is in the timeline Staff can be detached from her arm Download: Rig.rar Tag me in stuff you use it in! Other Rigs!
  19. Gallery Download Link Features 98% Item sheet build - Less Lag Removable Armor Removable Under Armor Poseable Kama / Cape Blaster can be re-parented, used wherever Officer's Shoulder Paldron can be removed, or posed Backpack can be removed to show back plating 3d clothing / Hair underneath the Armor + Underarmor + Helmet Skin underneath is not shown besides joints if you want a seamless army Have fun, Merry Christmas! Tag me if you use this rig, I like looking at all the stuff you guys create. AT-ST Rig can be found here
  20. Juno

    Star Wars - BB-8 RIG

    BB-8 Rig! Features: Head and body can be separated 2 storage hatches that can be opened 2 arm hatches that can be opened 1 poseable claw hand 1 poseable lighter hand Download Link: Tag me if you use this rig, I like looking at all the stuff you guys create.
  21. R4VAffs

    kylorens light saber picture: vs sith.png
  22. HEY GUYS! ANOTHER TOPIC! So, in case some of you non Star Wars nerds don't know what on Notch's Block Planet a Guard Shoto is, you should play Star Wars: The Force Unleashed! There's a character by the name of Maris Brood, she wields two of these! This is my rendition of a single edition, and a stance I made! If you have any feedback, don't hesitate, just don't post hate, I have a bit of a self-esteem problem. Anyway, enjoy!
  23. RedSoundWaveStudios

    Lightsaber [HiPoly, No Lag]

    HEY AGAIN GUYS! Who doesn't like a nice, well made, high poly but no lag Lightsaber hilt? I know I do! Anyways, here's the pics and the link! Treat yourselves! DOWNLOAD LINK-------> CLICK ME FOR DOWNLOAD!