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Found 85 results

  1. kylorens light saber

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/7oa15voe7xf5ba2/kylorens+light+saber.object picture:http://www.mediafire.com/file/efd4giw23w00rne/jedi vs sith.png
  2. I've been posting this in my status updates a lot, but those were only WIP. Now I have the official version of the poster here! Characters from left to right: Adin, Jarrus, James, and C-26
  3. For the upcoming Star Wars movie "The Last Jedi" I will show a concept art of the abandoned "The Fall of the Jedi" project my friend Taxite and I were making.. Its pretty simple, but its good, at least i think so.. i'm quite sad i couldn't finish my project, i loved the idea, but i couldn't think of the right way to end it or give it more of a Star Wars taste... either way I might work on it later on..
  4. HEY GUYS! ANOTHER TOPIC! So, in case some of you non Star Wars nerds don't know what on Notch's Block Planet a Guard Shoto is, you should play Star Wars: The Force Unleashed! There's a character by the name of Maris Brood, she wields two of these! This is my rendition of a single edition, and a stance I made! If you have any feedback, don't hesitate, just don't post hate, I have a bit of a self-esteem problem. Anyway, enjoy!
  5. Lightsaber [HiPoly, No Lag]

    HEY AGAIN GUYS! Who doesn't like a nice, well made, high poly but no lag Lightsaber hilt? I know I do! Anyways, here's the pics and the link! Treat yourselves! DOWNLOAD LINK-------> CLICK ME FOR DOWNLOAD!
  6. Lightsaber Varieties

    HEY GUYS! THIS IS MY FIRST RIG! -------------------------------------------------------------- This rig is about Star Wars! With The Last Jedi coming up, I searched the forums for some rigs to use, and I couldn't find the variety of lightsaber designs I needed! Everyone who is a Star Wars fan knows Maris Brood, right? Well, I've created her Lightsaber Tonfas! [Also known as Guard Shotos] Everyone knows Darth Maul and the Jedi Temple Guards, and infamous Jedi Killers like The Grand Inquisitor, right? Well, I've made a conjoined Double Bladed Lightsaber, also known as the saberstaff! of course, everyone knows the boring people, like Anakin, Luke, Rey, Kenobi, and Yoda who use single sabers. Boring people, amirite? Anyway! Made that too! People also, probably know the Imperial Guards, and Kazdan Paratus? The Crazy jedi who build things? They use these long lightsabers called 'Lightsaber Pikes'! Got that too! And lastly, everyone knows about the beautiful dual lightsabers! Kit Fisto once used them, Darth Sidious used them, Darth Maul once used them, and Asajj Ventress, most notably, used them! PICTURES DOWNLOAD LINK: --------> https://www.dropbox.com/s/4cj9zi7rnl6184a/LightsaberVarieties by RedSoundWaveStudios.zip?dl=0
  7. Intensity [2K]

    A better angled 3 way duel! Enjoy, my discord is CloneCommandoGrizzly#4108!
  8. Just A blur [2K]

    Well, these are the rigs of @Nicky_YTand some other person, I forgot the names. But yeah, enjoy, took a bit to get the right angle. Two is always better than one!
  9. Fight Night [2K]

    As Darkness falls upon the land, two determined individuals battle it out in the shattered quiet of the night..... Enjoy!
  10. Ascension [2K]

    This is another rendering of @ViniciusbrMaster's Old Republic Rigs! He recently mentioned he might be doing a revamp of them!! Anyways, here's my wallpaper!
  11. Accolades [2k]

    Shout out to @ViniciusbrMaster for his Old Republic rigs! A Jedi poses along with unnamed members of Aiwah squad.
  12. Proficiency [2k]

    An unstoppable force of a Jedi mowing down any enemies in his path. Shoutout @ViniciusbrMaster for his Old Republic Rigs
  13. The Unseen [2k]

    This is a rendering of @ViniciusbrMaster's Old Republic rigs. Two jedi fighting a Sith Inquisitor in a supposedly serene forest setting.
  14. Future Particles

    Heya! CatO here and this is another one of those..."random-particle-tests-that-were-actually-made-by-accident-when-trying-to-make-something-else" gifs. AKA test particles. For some reason, I thought of the title "Future" particles since it's almost depicted as a time-traveling scene. v gif v https://gyazo.com/adcf6ea1cf14afd9ff1bec740e69d685 Also, should I release Forcefield/"Future" particles for download? Poll rn. Forcefield: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c64gkJ0_VME
  15. x-wing rig

    hey ive made an x-wing rig due to the lack of them feel free to use just give credit thanks;) link:download me ps: i have NO idea on how to put pics in so dont ask
  16. Darth Vader rig/Download

    And now I present to you an SW rig. Darth Vader. This rig was actually inspired by the Minecraft Console Skinpacks, so that is why it has that effect. So anyway, this does not come with it's own lightsaber. Go get your own, sorry about that. Anyway, on to images. Don't want any 'No pics, no clicks'. Great, now let's go to the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xfkgq8kyxexneom/Darth+Vader.zip Though it shows that it has a lightsaber, I removed it from the download for there could be claiming problems, so here's a link to that rig.
  17. This is my first attempt using After Effects! Please no hate :3 First time here posting something on this community. Feedback would be appreciated! Yes, this is a Lightsaber and I'm a big fan of Star Wars. Rig (These are not my rig, they belong to rightful owner): Skibbz Facial Rig 2.0 by @SKIBBZ
  18. Anakin/Luke/Rey's Lightsaber

    Here is a basic lightsaber rig, the download will be a .object that you can import into an animation. Basic overlook: Blade activation: Cool pose: Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l77295iqjg9zbq4/Anakin-Luke-Rey+Lightsaber.zip Enjoy! (ps Credit me when you use this in your animations)
  19. X Wing T65B Rig!

    Hey guys, Jovan0896 here. Today I wanna show you all my latest rig! The X Wing T65B. Pics: , >>>DOWNLOAD 113.7KB<<<
  20. Let me know what you think in the comments! Changed: Eyes Black strip on top of the eyes rotated to look like the battlefront stormtroopers. Added the grey shapes under the eyes Added the blue lines on the side of helmet Bottom of helmet wider Added better chestplate.
  21. Imperial Stormtrooper Rig

    Hello everyone! I'm Oxidium and this is my IMPERIAL STORMTROOPER RIG! This rig took me a small while to make with the accessories such as the blaster pistol and Battlefront jump pack! If you are to use this and any rig of mine please link my channel or the rig forum post in the description of your content DOWNLOAD PICTURES
  22. Saberforge Lightsabers

    So, I made some lightsabers that I made in saberforge. I decided to make a MC version with some other edits... anyways... here's the image Here'res deh downloadeh! Click diz linka
  23. Star Wars Duel [2K]

    This is my second wallpaper. It looks okay, but can anyone provide suggestions? I'm good at modeling but not lighting lol. Rigs used: Iron431's Lightsaber Rig SkyrinnMCAG's Darth Vader Rig KOC and Dr. Nexil Facial Rig
  24. Download Includes: AT-ST Walker, One Item Sheet Download Features: 12 Poseable Leg Joints, 2 Individual Rotating Head Turrets, Openable Commander's Hatch, Rotateable Head, 2 Movable Drivers Hatches, Poseable Main Cannon, Custom Armor, Basic Interior Design, Moveable Barrels Download Link Stands 36.6 Feet Tall = 6 Steves Tall (THIS SIZE WORKS BEST) (Should be 29.6 Feet Tall, not hard to resize. Reference is 5 Steves Tall) @BloxTheRigger Finally a Battle of Hoth can be Re-Created (Sorta!) Please do not redistribute without credit.