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Found 16 results

  1. @MineMozo suggested on the official Discord a kind of loading screen tip system. I said "Yep, what a concept!" and decided to whip something up to see what it might look like. I'm just showing 15 examples here, I don't think it would switch between them so fast. I think it could be a nice feature, just not sure how many tips we could actually put.
  2. I tried to make it look more like the style Modelbench was going for with a more modern and more clean design. I also took some colors from Modelbench. I obviously could've done a little better with this but I think I got my point across. I think the header might be due for a remake as well, but that's my opinion. I feel like the colors on the Announcements box sort of make up for the loss of fun textures on the background, but I want to get your input on that. If I had been using Paint.NET I could've made it look better but I'm currently away from home. Obviously I don't expect this to be added or anything, this was just something fun I cooked up because I wondered what the forums would look like in the style of Modelbench. EDIT: Oop, just realized I accidentally edited the search box along with the grass blocks. That was supposed to stay the same shade as it is now. Another EDIT: I've been told the yellow and red colors kind of ruin it, which I definitely see. Again, I didn't pour my heart and soul into this or anything, it's just a really quick mock-up I made for fun and I'd love to get more feedback.
  3. I've been experimenting with different shots from the animation, seeing which one I'd like most for the potential thumbnail. In the end I came up with this concept and decided to share it. What do you think? Previous Thumbnail Which one do you guys like better?
  4. Hello peepz today i made the first bit of my WIP version of reality by @The Tan James. it features me and my good ol pal Zoocomicsx. (this is without high quality rendering) c: Leave a like if it pretty neat and you pumped (this is without high quality rendering once again) c: (rendered picture) --------> http://imgur.com/a/AnhXv
  5. Hi! So I haven't seen any "interesting" posts for a while so I came up with this idea, a rubik cube in Mine-Imator! http://i.imgur.com/FAX8R37.gifv Unafortunately, it's limitated. It can only do all those movements you see on the gif. So I was wondering how can I get the 6 faces to work because, you know, a rubik cube has possible states, so it's kinda imposible. But in fact, I do have some ideas on my mind that may get it to work... For now, enjoy this concept. Would you like to see a working version of it? Let me know in the comments!
  6. Yo.. I'm back with 2 new wallpapers (well.. kinda). I tried to make a HUD for Gunslingers RIOT. This is just a concept and won't be in the actual modpack since MC doesn't allow this much modding. (Or I don't know how to make it ) Tell me what you think of these and which one is better. TPS FPS
  7. Let me know what you think! Looking back on this, it is terrible. So... so TERRIBLE AGHJGHJEG
  8. Hello everyone! I've spent the last few days working on a little project for fun. I tried to create a forum theme that would be based on Google's visual language, Material Design. This mock-up is likely never going to be a real forum theme, lacking all the competences to do such a thing. Oh, and this isn't intended to be a theme for the Mine-imator forums. I just wanted to make something using Material Design guidelines. Enjoy! I also created a mock-up of what the home page would look like:
  9. Hey guys I am working on a rig and I was wondering if you would like to use/see this and if you look at the screen shot this is the most basic version I will be more detailed and better looking compared to this Screenshot:
  10. I designed a logo for the YouTube channel Veritasium, along with two channel art concepts for the main and secondary channel. What do you think? c:
  11. The concept is, we add in things from different people into the game, this will mostly be done for the RP`rs Mainly because we already know how the weapon or armor or block or liquid or ore or town should work. IF i get enough votes for a "yes" I will start with making David a mob which does insane damage and has insane health, which would be unbeatable-unless ganged up on- with vanilla mc items, hence, after i make him, i will make a lovely ore called Minecraft essence, another ore which is animation essence, and another ore named Forums essence, you make it into a crystal in this recipe, which would be MC essence on top middle, forums essence in the middle, and animation essence in the bottom middle, which would make a MIF crystal, put two in a crafting table and you get a MIF ingot, smelt that and you will get a Refined MIF ingot, which is used to make a pickaxe to collect the mods ores, along with that, you could put a diamond with the Refined MIF ingot in a crafting bench and get an ore which will be used to make a special set of stuffs. Most of the items in the mod will NOT be made using any of the MIF variants (refined MIF pickaxe, MIF pickaxe, MIF sword, etc) For example, For myself I would add the Trench coat armor, along with the epic trench coat that my oc epic wears, and my scythe so, vote above if you would like this to happen, also: if your really good at making textures (Not rigs, textures) Msg me with some of your work, and you could help and get credit Note:Project is ACTIVE!
  12. Greetings everybody! Today, I'd like to show you the thumbnails I designed for my YouTube channel. I quickly invented some videos based on some pictures on my hard-drive. Some of these might be released in the future, like the TARDIS rig or the VoxelCraft episode, but I'm not sure yet. Anyways, enjoy!
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