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  1. Two of mane sprites for my future animation for channel.
  2. Name: Bartaladius van Gammeum The Forge World: Stygies VIII Hierarchical position: Magos-dominus And I want to say right away: he is NOT a HERETIC, just because of the effects of the warp and the psyker abilities that have appeared from this, his energy color and the color of his robe have changed, and will change even if a replacement is carried out. So he himself is not happy about it. Intresting fact: i used 2 new features from mine-imator 2.0.+ Like "Path" for Mechadendrites, and IK for pistons on his claw.
  3. This will probably be the only "new" post here because I have no real reason to use this account, but I thought "why not", so here are some renders I did since my last post. (if you want more frequent art then go to my twitter because I'm much more active there lol) ((my twitter is linked in my account info)) \
  4. There is the last character I created, she's "kinda big" I think. Lycoris is her demon huntress name, she would never tell her real name. Before becoming a demon huntress, she worked for the Church as an exorcist but because she didn't work the way intented by the Church, she has been dismissed, which was good for her. In fact, she would make sure the demons she exorcised would never try again but left the ones who were living a life who won't hurt anyone. Which was contrary to the preceipts which stipulates to stop and seal all demons, however, as she saw it, this created more demons eager to hurt peoples and they are also able to break the seal after some months. A good way for the Church to create work and be paid. Lycoris came to Liona for her retirement because she thought it would be more calm here than in the continent partly controled by the Church.
  5. There it is, the firts render of one fo my numerous original characters. X) Firy isn't her name, the others gave her this name because the "Fireflies" don't have a proper name. In fact, they recognize themselves with the little glowing stone they keep attached at all time. She's also native from Liona, the island currently being explored. She's also the first (and probably only one) to have made a contact with the settlers due to her great curiosity.
  6. Well, long time no see, i haven't posted anything in weeks Well, i was the whole time working on an animation i have to finish, and studying for final exams, but i was making some rigs in secret ; ) These are Catthie and Loya, Loya is the little 6yo yellow cute girl and Catthie is the 24yo dark theme girl they're from a novel i am writing I am making something special with them, something big, something that will touch ur emotions and go deeper inside them... That's what it made me feel when a song inspired me to make this idea Here's an extra render of Loya, you deserve it since i haven't posted in a while Cute, isn't she And i dis make one of Catthie, but check it out in Work in Progress Category Edit: here's the post of Catthie's rendah
  7. "In the Null Void, the Dimension Council's very own Warrior makes his Debut fighting off the Null Void Creatures to show his skills." The Rig Release of my OC Micheal Greenwood V.1 Rig Release in Description of the Video or here Click Here
  8. "In the Null Void, the Dimension Council's very own Warrior makes his Debut fighting off the Null Void Creatures to show his skills." The Rig Release of my OC Micheal Greenwood V.1 Rig Release in Description of the Video or here Click Here
  9. Fun fact: This is the first song sung by a computer, and the computer that sang this song is IBM 7094. enjoy!
  10. I did a toy template in MB: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aebzpvg1hmfdty3/Sammy%27s_Toy_V.1_Templet.zip/file Vid: I hope u liked it
  11. Steve is trying to make everyone understand something. But what is it ?
  12. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/pohanmu1sihjjc5/Sammy%27s_Normal_Jaw_Template_V.2_FIXED.zip/file Vid: And funny pic Contact me if there are any bugs.
  13. MihalYK

    OC Rig

    Pretty self explanatory, this together with the sword i made before was my first experience with MB. It's not 100%, still very basic. I haven't added the cape and the left hand yet. But I do have the designs already (since this is basically a remake from the one i made on C4D).
  14. Since I don't have a name for him, I'll refer to him as "X". Name: Need some help here ( ._.) Appearance: Wears a black trench coat, a red T-shirt and blue jeans. Red eyed. Age: Unknown Race: Human? Evil/Good: Neither Weapons: Dual Ruby Daggers, Dual Guns, Black Bow You might think he is a regular human being, but he's special. X isn't a normal human, if anything. He doesn't fight for the good, nor is he evil. He makes his choices entirely on his own, so you can not trust him. Nobody knows much about him, that makes him very mysterious. People rumor that X is posessed by a demon, who gives him special powers. One thing is known for sure though: X enjoys combat, and he is good at it. He is never known to any losses in battle, and nobody has ever seen an open wound on his body. He has been seen outside in the middle of the night, killing monsters for fun. Oh, and don't you EVER make him angry. You'll regret it. When angered, his "inner demon" breaks free, and totally controlls X's body. In this state, his whole eyes get red, and he can do anything to kill his opponent. It wears off after a while, though, but only a few, mighty people have survived X's wrath. Backstory: Nobody knows how X got posessed, but at first, he was in a permanent Demon Wrath state. He killed everyone in his sight, even peaceful villagers. This caused a lot of trouble, so a mighty Paladin, wich name isn't known, went to battle him. The battle ended with the Paladin lying on the ground, with a dagger in his heart, but X got a big open wound on his back. The demon inside him slowly flew out from the wound, freeing X of his posessing, but a part of it stayed. This made X able to control himself again, as long as he stays calm. The last small parts of the demon is still inside him, trying to take him over, but it can't as long as X isn't angry or sad.. The Demon had already corrupted his brain, though, so he still enjoys killing and fighting. So that kinda sums up my first OC. I'd appreciate some constructive critism, and all blah blah blah. I really need a name for this guy! Preferably something that begins with "R". Also, the gun in the pic is made by Speedystar!!!
  15. Left is me, middle is Phant, and right is Supah Enjoy
  16. 3D Mine Imator Rig/Model About A Girl Called Lily: This was an old model that i touched a bit to be ready for using,you can use it where you want and how you want . . . Enjoy and read also the txt file! http://www.mediafire.com/file/uq5t7byzuo5vok4/Mine_Imator_ReMake_Girl_V3.5_%28Summer%29_Her_Name_Is_Lily_.zip/file Here you can see a render that i did as an example:
  17. Did a 4K cinematic test with lighting too, so yeah, fnaf. Adios!
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