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Found 17 results

  1. This is a test of me trying to learn minecraft storymode's face/body movements. This is purposely blocky movements!
  2. It's been awhile since I've posted anything about my models, so I thought today would be the day I show you what I've been doing for the past 8 months. Also tell me your opinions on these & feel free to ask any questions. I've been really demotivated recently so I just need that extra bit of hope to get me motivated again. (ADHD struggles lmao) -- Model Updates -- I've been working on 2 Modelpacks at the same time, but one's a Glow Up. But here's the DOORS Modelpack I've been working on so far. (I also hand drew all the textures for the models, apart from the pictures on the paintings) -- Model Glow Ups -- Now here's some model glow ups. The models have a 1 year difference, so you'll know which ones are old & new. -- Extras -- Here's some extra models & renders I made. And that's pretty much it. Can't wait to continue on the Modelpacks and show you more work and hopefully release them one day!
  3. i am stupid to think music is produced by projecters. Oh, @InkyMaze 10/10 with the rig, but you to set the model in the correct position/ BYE! SUBSCRIBE! LIKE! COMMENT! ...that's it
  4. Goes to McDonald Meme Director by @Redstoneer YTAnimations (all Other Credit are in description of the video) Simple Story: Me and Boys goes to McDonald.
  5. an Lucky the Rabbit style Hanwil animatronic jumpscare animation. I made an animation because fun with watching Dark Deception gameplay video in youtube. For more information, go to Youtube. Sounds from Dark Deception
  6. I got a bit side-tracked from my big animation project... now i have a stack (64 subs)
  7. hielow i am russian. *film cut beep* hi, you may remember me as the guy to introduce to you our new, innovative product. last time i said our goal was 200,000 dollars. your reaction was incredible raising money for our kickstarter, and what was the total? *film cut beep* ez hi... :I... i madez gun enjoy Download Note: a few things about the gun 1. dont remove the shell attached to the piston 2. always alpha the lead when its going into the barrel and the opposite is true (moo) 3.when animating the shell exiting don't dup it where it is just use a non-parented folder like arrows exiting out of the bow 4. the mag doesn't have bullets (sorry)
  8. helo pepole welcom to my new animashon, a pig life craftonix amimshin. i hipe you enjoe and uncubssrib an snash tah dislek buton fore mor. If you couldn't tell already, that was fake. So is the concept of this video. Watch it knowing I was high on Internet phenomena. Here is the pig rig I used: HERE CLICK THIS!!! FREE MALWARE KAPPA NOTE: Don't hate me for making it slightly lazily, I just really wanted to get something out in under two months. I have been working on a bunch of different animations at once, like continuing my SFM F N a F comedy series and doing some 2d sketch animatics, as well as waiting on my friend to give me some voice clips for a continuation of my animation "Monster School is EVIL."
  9. Hey Guys! It's a me! Phun! I just started working on a meme-based Texturepack! What is dis? Resolution? Which texture is which meme? Finished Textures: Wolf---->Doge Creeper---->Forever Alone
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