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  1. We are almost at 100 subscribers!! Also, what animation should i do next. I am running out of Idea ;-;
  2. The person in the Middle: @FOXY TOONS (Hope it ok for you to be in it if not I'll take the video down) The person in the front: Me Music: Ghostface Playa - Why Not
  3. A remake of the sweaty speed run meme and I was trying to make this not look good as well. + I got lazy near the end so pls forgive me for that.
  4. Youtuber vs Normal people treating Village, we can all agree this is true lol.
  5. Steve is trying to make everyone understand something. But what is it ?
  6. Everything was made in Mine-imator 1.2.8 BRDF except for the text. I know that there's reflections in the grass, im too lazy to split the single schematic into two schematics just for the accurate reflections. don't mind about the first post, it was just an joke and it shouldn't offend every furries i swear
  7. WOWOWOW GUYS LOOK ITS AMAZINGG >>CLICK HERE<< BOTTOM TEXT MUCH DOGE SUCH MEME YAYYYY a;oifhabiubvaivuheaifmdjsoaivbeuvlfyveufhbvuive In all seriousness, I just want to say, this took way too much time to make.
  8. i know this is old meme, 2019 meme for sure, i want to share my animation in here, mine imator forums, enjoy
  9. I know this is an old meme, that lasted for a month, but i want to share my animation that made 3 month ago lol And thanks for @Cube Productionsfor make this amazing astronout rig!
  10. bananas ROTAT E banana rig by IAmOnlyMasada haha banana spin im funny right
  11. These are some renders that I made back when i used MI for the first time (somewhere around 10th of August) till now. One of them is a meme i think, lol That cursed super buffed steve model was made by @Hozq The last one is just my OC in a render i made at 5 am.
  12. Enjoy lol
  13. this is a meme ive made swole doge and cheems from the memes. preview credit me - WENZ download- https://www.mediafire.com/file/fvlqhoaq6ccis8b/Swole_doge_vs_Cheems.zip/file {request eccepted}
  14. And this is my first time uploading stuff here : )
  15. This is a render recreating the scene of "Oh you are approaching me?", and I know, doesn't look good. Credits: @Hozqfor his skin and his smooth body Btw that person with green clothing is me
  16. Work Meme Animation Work meme MMD animation from Bleki Style adaptated to Mine-Imator Original: Mine-Imator version:
  17. Few months ago, I was walking across the dining room, and stubbed my pinky toe. That pic was me screaming of agony. Credits goes to @Hozq for the mouth. Bet some of ya will say the word 'bloom'.
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