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  1. WOWOWOW GUYS LOOK ITS AMAZINGG >>CLICK HERE<< BOTTOM TEXT MUCH DOGE SUCH MEME YAYYYY a;oifhabiubvaivuheaifmdjsoaivbeuvlfyveufhbvuive In all seriousness, I just want to say, this took way too much time to make.
  2. i know this is old meme, 2019 meme for sure, i want to share my animation in here, mine imator forums, enjoy
  3. I know this is an old meme, that lasted for a month, but i want to share my animation that made 3 month ago lol And thanks for @Cube Productionsfor make this amazing astronout rig!
  4. bananas ROTAT E banana rig by IAmOnlyMasada haha banana spin im funny right
  5. These are some renders that I made back when i used MI for the first time (somewhere around 10th of August) till now. One of them is a meme i think, lol That cursed super buffed steve model was made by @Hozq The last one is just my OC in a render i made at 5 am.
  6. Enjoy lol
  7. this is a meme ive made swole doge and cheems from the memes. preview credit me - WENZ download- https://www.mediafire.com/file/fvlqhoaq6ccis8b/Swole_doge_vs_Cheems.zip/file {request eccepted}
  8. And this is my first time uploading stuff here : )
  9. This is a render recreating the scene of "Oh you are approaching me?", and I know, doesn't look good. Credits: @Hozqfor his skin and his smooth body Btw that person with green clothing is me
  10. Work Meme Animation Work meme MMD animation from Bleki Style adaptated to Mine-Imator Original: Mine-Imator version:
  11. Few months ago, I was walking across the dining room, and stubbed my pinky toe. That pic was me screaming of agony. Credits goes to @Hozq for the mouth. Bet some of ya will say the word 'bloom'.
  12. i saw that quote on the Michael Reeves banner and said, yeah i'll take that.
  13. This is a random meme I made. If you remix or reference it, don't forget to credit me! (Tag me as @Netherall Brimstone or mention me as Netherall Brimstone) I know it's cringy.
  14. Here is my entry for @Ninja Dino's Anvil Collab. I have already PM'd the animation to him, but I thought I would share it here too for feedback purposes! Sure, the animation is stiff in some areas, and the sound is a little off, but with time, things will improve. As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated! (Don't even get me started with the use of a dead meme, but this idea was conceived when it was still prevalent somewhat)
  15. Hello it been a while since i made a minecraft render/wallpaper i been playing tf2 too much that i forgot about this (because im addicted to TF2) so..here another render from me Program: Mine-Imator GIMP Credit? @Nimi for the armor rig k thx bye
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