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Found 13 results

  1. Credits: @ShotUAnimations for skin @Phyre for inspiration(ack i need to stop being inspired ;-;) Dreadbear and Grim Francisco Pizzaro are made by me, and they are private. I had plenty of feedback in Discord, like from Ian, IKEA, and _Mine(no need to ping), and Shot also helped me. CC is much appreciated.
  2. LavaFoxy rig Rig: https://www.mediafire.com/file/x6s1v18vpwudsaj/LavaFoxy.zip/file Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClsGkd79t2CJYEaWmGFdlog
  3. Grim F o x y by me, inspiration from @Phyre I kinda 'copied' the head compared to Phyre's, but the rest is by me. The textures, even the size too.
  4. I remade my two Funtime Animatronics, Foxie and Freddie, cuz honestly my old ones just looked like crap. And sadly I cannot type the names of the animatronics right without it changing to something stupid.
  5. I am back! With more adventure animatronic rigs! Including: Freddie F0xy Ch1ca Withered Ch1ca Withered Bunny Pictures! Leave which animatronic you want next! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/y4ww480hc6xfxef/Adventure_Animatronics_Pack_1_by_Supah.exe.rar
  6. Tired of those bad f.n.a.f. rigs? Well, I have the rigs for you! (These were made by Mr. Darl, I just made the animation)
  7. So as you can see i'm working on a Nightmare Francisco Pizzaro rig , which I will post publicly if enough people will use it! ( I plan on making the others as well )
  8. I pretty much just took his other models and threw them together to make this, because of course the forums needed this. (Don't sue) Download - http://raddevvan.comuv.com/Toy Francisco Pizzaro.zip
  9. Hey, all! Here's well, technically my first rig, not of an animatronic or anything, but a simple scenery item made for my new animation coming soon. This wasn't necessarily a hard thing to make, so I don't expect a lot of praise, not that I would anyway, however the hardest part was probably the preperation. I will note that the rig does not include the player. Download should be up when I figure out how to use this forum.
  10. I ported all the characters from fad to C4D, they're not identical because the rig is modeled by a fan (I6NIS). I have all 4 (excluding GFreddy, you can just change the skin to la Niña's and remove the pupils) They've all been ported by me, so if you can, credit me and I6NIS, thanks Mike Clyde la Niña Francisco Pizzaro Here is a gif I made with Mike's rig (I kinda got lazy at the end): Now let's wait till I6NIS models the fad2 characters >: D
  11. Guest

    Foxy The Pirate (Just for the lolz)

    Hey Guys! Today I have a funny little thing called Francisco Pizzaro the pirate. If you don't get it read down below. (Also I know that it isn't put together well. It was just for lolz.) Here: Dont Get It? Click the spoiler below!
  12. fad... That one horror game that all had us going to the bathroom after checking pirate cove to find out that SOMETHING has moved into the hallway, and has suddenly moved infront of you to well... I'm not shure. Suggestion: Multiplayer I would love to play as one of the animatronics. Heres how it would work: you have a limited amount of battery, Every time you move you're battery is set down to zero, and it has to recharge, It takes a full battery in order to move into the next room. You're objective would to be : Get the security guard! Mini Rant: Omg Clyde has eyebrows now
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