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  • Interests I love gaming. Not just playing minecraft, but other games, I love also animating (Hence why I'm use Mine-imator). I wan't too creatr a successful YouTube channel expanding from many games too any types of animation. I want too create a game too.
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  1. Umm...Really?

    1. CarlHeadCrashed


      @Cheesecraft Animations it's just a name though, and this user is an unused account, due to the fact it last visited like 9 months ago

       meaning there's no point in posting that


    2. Creeper Nations

      Creeper Nations

      @Cheesecraft Animations Yea, I don't know what I was thinking when I chose my username.

      @Cheesecraft Animations Ok. Got my username changed.

  2. I think I got mine-imator since it 1st came out. it has grown so fast. David, you seem to have so many thing to do. school work and this program. I would so donate to you for this great program but i'm not old enough to have a job (I'm almost old enough.) so there for I don't have much money. I will donate when I get old enough and start working. also how do I change my username form Mine-Imator expert to something else?
  3. Don't rush doing mine-imator. slow and steady wins the race. When this update is finished it will hopefully be EPIC . MINE-IMATOR ROCKS
  4. Creeper Nations

    Mortal Kombat Character Selection

    I wont Scorpion
  5. Creeper Nations

    Enchantment Table

    If all the best rigger work on one rig it would be EPIC!!!!
  6. Creeper Nations

    Simple Charged Creeper Rig

    cool rig. I might use it sometime +1
  7. Creeper Nations

    Steve Rig (Cinema 4D Style)

    Cool rig. Its so far my favorite Steve rig
  8. Creeper Nations

    Sonic gun rig

    cool model +1
  9. Creeper Nations

    Smooth bending test

    that would I think make mine-imator a little better
  10. Creeper Nations

    How do I post rigs and pics

    I am not an expert for real but if I was all experts need a little help now and than
  11. Creeper Nations

    Mine-imator 0.7 DEMO

    That happens to me with some rigs
  12. Creeper Nations

    How do I post rigs and pics

    How do I post rigs because I have a rig that I really want to post and how to add pics
  13. Creeper Nations

    Need 3 rigs

    Can you put the link of the SkyDoesMinecraft rig so I can find it easier and can you plz Do Dawn And Einshine
  14. Creeper Nations

    --Hax4Ever Customizable Weapon Rigs---

    Cool the fire moves by itself.
  15. Creeper Nations

    Need 3 rigs

    Can someone make a Dawnables, Skydoesminecraft, and Einshine rig with fingers, 3D hair, eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. If you don't know what they look like go on Google and search. Thanks
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