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  1. AerellGaming

    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (pre-release)

    Nice!!!!! But please fix the bug again, and the features are added again Thanks..
  2. AerellGaming

    No texture on Vex

    it's just a small mistake, a coding error. ============================================= {"value": "true", "texture": "entity / vex / vex"}, which should. {"value": "true", "texture": "entity / illager / vex"}, ----------------------------------------------- Why? because the texture vex is located in the illager folder, while the vex doesn't have a folder at all. ------------------------------------------------- what if there are wrong words please forgive right. Thanks
  3. AerellGaming

    illusionist Entity 1.12

    Thank you for the comment
  4. AerellGaming

    illusionist Entity 1.12

    in Minecraft update 1.12 I found a mob named illusionist, but I didn't find the mob in mine imator 1.1.4 and I got the idea to make the mob a mine imator version. ============================================================================================================================= this is the picture of the mob what I know from this mob is that it holds an arrow, and has illusory abilities ==================================================================================================================================== Link Download : illusionist ===================================================================================================================================== THANKS TO ======================================================================================================== Allah David Norgren Modelbench Mine imator mojang minecraft Dll =========================================================================== if anyone is wrong please apologize right
  5. AerellGaming

    Minecraft Update Aquatic

    Yes, I am a Muslim and for the sorry coral fan model, who wants to fix it please. sorry if there is something wrong in my English, I am an Indonesian
  6. AerellGaming

    Minecraft Update Aquatic

    Minecraft Aquatic Update has been released on PC on July 18, 2018. Minecraft also experienced a lot of changes in the oceans, beaches, rivers and water, You must find that change too, right? on Minecraft update Aquatic, and I got the idea to make that changes, mine imator version, ==================================================================================================== Here is a picture of the picture, but I just chose a few images to represent it. ==================================================================================================================================== Link Download : Update Aquatic ==================================================================================================================================== If anyone is wrong please apologize ======================================================================================================= Thanks To =====================================================================================================================================
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