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  1. Uhh....It's really good for your first intro! Next time try to make a different idea, and also work on the camera skills. Other then that, its an amazing Friend-tro! Thanks again Jake!
  2. 200/0 ouch help please help oh nevermind
  3. looks kinda like a bloom just without the saturation
  4. Well at least you're better than me!
  5. I knew i saw you in the mineimator forums!
  6. Azdude989

    My First-ish Rig

    This is the first rig I'm posting on the Mine-Imator forums. I've been holding it back, due to thoughts of hatred and other negative feed back. Instead of posting negative things about the rig, tell mee on how to improve it. Thank you in advance! https://imgur.com/qEFR3LL https://imgur.com/sz6mGff https://imgur.com/7GYfBPP Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19shYZUA_2h4iiqHOS3Q_LQTJkdb0GJYH
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