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  1. Mineimator Transformers - Unicron Transforming

    0o0 Oh mah gosh that's gud!
  2. steve rig

    I just hate seeing this kind of stuff on rigs. I had not a clue it was dead.
  3. steve rig

    OK one question for the commenters: "When in the CRAP are you all gonna learn that not ALL people make the best rigs?! If you're not gonna learn that, SHUT THE CRAP UP and quit leaving Hate Comments!" All riggers started out like this, and don't try and deny it.
  4. Doom 4 BFG 9000 RIG

    -senior palo gasp- OML Thanks m8!
  5. recquest for war of the worlds musical rig

    I might see if I can try and make one when I'm done with school. It may take some time though.
  6. overwatch bastion

    I wanna Bastion! >X'D lololol
  7. Octoling Rig

    lol reading through the comments made my day. >X'D
  8. My best WPP ever

    Bad call m8.
  9. Attack On Titan 3D Manuveur Rig + Sword

    Umm... It's all over the place. How do I get it to where it looks normal? It's like... Scaled to unknown dimensions. :/
  10. Laptop

    Thanks m8!
  11. Attack On Titan 3D Manuveur Rig + Sword

    I firkin KNEW There would be some Attack On Titan stuff!!!! -insert insane laugh here-
  12. [Rig] Ender's Female Rig

    So funny! Prime plays BasketBall now.
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