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  1. What's clipping in mine-imator? And is there a specific reason you should try to avoid clipping in your animation?
  2. How would you do voice overs?

    I've been wondering this for the past week or so. I'm not all that familiar with mine-imator just yet. But when i become good enough, i'd want to make a series of my own. Which then involves voice-acting. 1. What are the various equipment you need for voice-acting for mine-imator? 2. How do you go about finding the voice-actors?
  3. Has anyone welcomed you yet? if not, Welcome to the forums.

  4. A Quest Test with JaySpark9

    Thanks, we hope to get a lot better
  5. A Quest Test with JaySpark9

    Your so much better than me man T_T
  6. My improved walk-cycle!

    And here i thought my 2nd animation with mine-imator would be decent T_T
  7. My improved walk-cycle!

    Refresh page and it will show, my bad X'D
  8. I watched one of SKIBBZ tutorials on walk-cycles and this is the end result. If there's anything in the video that needs improving upon, please leave comments down below! Music: Kevin Mcloed - Cut and Run
  9. My first mine-imator animation

    Thank you for all your comments, this really helps
  10. My first mine-imator animation. Nothing else was done before this, no tutorials watched or anything. Just testing the waters before i get serious into achieving my goal. Animation: Just something random... T_T
  11. Mine-imator animation help

    I'm new to using mine-imator and i was just curious as to where you'd upload your animated content. To youtube maybe?
  12. Hi, you have a really nice character :D


  13. Hey, thanks for the reputation. I hope your there every step to see how much i'll improve animating :')

  14. Introduce yourself!

    Hi, my names JaySpark9. I got the full version of mine-imator the moment i was told about it. It's really awesome and i'm gonna watch tutorials and improve until my animations and magnificent! And aim to become the best mine-imator animator there is! And even the best animator in the world! That's my dream.
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