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    Thruster Test

    Loop friendly!
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    See You Soon...

    hey guys. It's Redus (or Pharien), here's a thing I did. Thought I'd share it here.
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    CLOSED TO REQUESTS UNTIL LATER DATE. Latest update:6/6/2019, at 2:33 PM Mountain Time I present to you the Modelbench Armory, a source for all your weapon model needs. Pretty much the same idea as ÜberKiller's Mine-Imator armory but it looks a lot different in visual style and it's models instead of rigs. While this is mainly for guns, I do all kinds of weapons. Bows, swords, grenades, basically anything considered a weapon. Here's how it works: -You suggest weapon models (any weapon, including fictional ones)- -I make them- -And then release it along with a few others. All the weapons currently availible: M2 Browning: M134 Minigun: Lewis gun: Aircraft Lewis gun: M1911 pistol: AK-47: RPG-7: USP Match (Includes alternate skin!): SR-556: MP5A3: M1928 Thompson: Chaingun (From DOOM): SPAS-12: Luger P08: M16: Glock 17: Kriss Vector: Colt Python: StG 44: FAMAS: Barrett M82A1: MP 18: M1909 Benet-Mercie: Webley Self-loading Pistol Mk. 1: Winchester M1907: CSRG M1915 "Chauchat": SMLE Mk. 1: M1897 trench shotgun: Stielhandgranate: MP40 (Includes alternate texture with black furniture): M1 Garand: Weapons planned: MSBS-5.56B [Slime] L85A2 [Slime] Neptune's pitol (Hyperdimension Neptunia) [hamdan ihsan] Laser Rifle (Terraria) [hamdan ihsan] DEMP 2 (Star Wars:Jedi Knight II) [YoshiHunter] AR2 (Half-Life 2) [Chirp] Plasma Cutter (Dead Space) [HeYoNia] Winchester SXP Marine [Slime] Pulse Pistols (Overwatch) [MikTRF] DC-17 hand blaster (Star Wars) [OzFalcon] Submachine gun (Fortnite) [Red Riptide] Battle Rifle (Halo) [YoshiHunter] Desert Eagle [willingsas] Mosberg 590 Shockwave PGM Hécate II [zman1der & DuallyElemental] Striker (Hitman) [Mr.Matt] Armsel Striker [hamdan ihsan] M5 Carbine [BladerInc] Double barrel shotgun [BladerInc] Ray gun (multiple cod games) [ZombieGuildford] Blurrg-1120 (Star Wars Battlefront 2) [Swift] PGM Ultima Ratio [PhilliP] AR-10 [PhilliP] Flintlock [BladerINC] S686 (PUBG) [aaucuy3345] Remington 1858 revolving carbine [DuallyElemental] Joceline O/U 12G (Payday 2) [Bronze] Winchester 1887 [StarFX] Baseball bat [Slime] Stormbreaker (Marvel Cinematic Universe) [KaryuGraphics] Nerf Vortex Proton [YoshiHunter] Nerf TriStike [Twotorule] Nerf Rapidstike [Twotorule] Nerf Mega Mastodon [MikTRF] So, I think that wraps it up. If you have any requests, please comment and I'll get on it ASAP. kthanksbye
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    Updated Gotta Sweep Rig

    Subscribe to join The Agency and activate the Almighty Bell of Notification for daily shenanigans!! T'S SWEEPIN' TIME!!!! Music: Hayride Too I Don't Even Care from Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Video Soundtrack Default Dance from Fortnite Terms of use: 1. Credit if used 2. No NSFW(I know it's a broom but still) Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cbe... Follow me! Twitter: https://twitter.com/agentsecret24 Discord: https://discord.gg/azTMaHw Bandcamp: https://agentsecret24.bandcamp.com/ Music Credit: Outro: Track: NIVIRO - Diamond [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/cjdJLgVAaWY Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/DiamondYO
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    Mine-Imator: Dungeons Rigpack v1

    a new rig pack by me, YM Hello, Yanuar Mohendra here. And this time I'm proudly present to you my latest creation, Mine-Imator: Dungeons RigPack! ...v1 thanks to @Ian_The_One for helping me on making this rig pack ... (the cobweb texture that you've given to me isn't in this rigpack archive cuz i've uploaded it to mediafire before you gave it) This rig pack is actually not done yet, but it's enough for you guys to use it. I'll update the rig pack whenever I've made a new mc:d stuff. Also, I will add "how to use some rig" here in this post tomorrow, so don't forget to follow this post! So what's on this rig pack? There are some mobs that appear in the mc:d gameplay reveal trailer, the character menu gui and two modelbench creation block that's cobweb and 3d book. The mobs that included in this rigpack: - Redstone Monstrosity - Key Golem - Arch-Illager - The Nameless One - The Blue Thing (it's a made up name) - Ghost (don't have a name yet) - Skeleton Vanguard - Illager custom model I also made a better foliage alike leaves block model for use. You can find how to use it on this post, but the difference is it's just need to copy the .json model to MI data folder. And I also upload a mc:d fiery forge resource pack I've made that's actually not done, so stay tune on this post for the next update. You should copy the .json models from this resource pack just like the leaves model does. You can dowload the rigpack now here: download resource packs: made by. Yanuar Mohendra
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    Portal 2 Core Rig

    WARNING: This rig is incredibly laggy, since the texture sizes had to be ridiculously high in order to achieve this amount of detail. Don't use it if your computer's a potato. Ever wanted to make some art starring Portal 2's cores, but didn't have the time to learn to use programs like Blender or SFM? Lucky for you, I've painstakingly put together this super-realistic core model in Mine-Imator just for people like you! Totally not because I'm obsessed with the game or anything... Featuring: Fully articulate-able model, complete with a moderately well-organized timeline structure! Easily recolor-able outer shell! and incredibly detailed textures that'll have your computer screaming with joy! ;D Download it here, and enjoy the result of hundreds of Aperture scientists working around the clock to create the best, most compact A.I. you've ever seen! DOWNLOAD
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    BOOMER Plays Minecraft!

    Just a parody of a BOOMER playing Minecraft, how you doing?
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    Creeper Story (skins)

    Hey guys Minecraftman361 here and I need a lot of skins for my up coming animation! Form Skin: Character(good,bad,main): Give me a good reason to be in this role(only applies if you want to be a main character): Item/Weapon: I will only be accepting two main characters.
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    BaconSandwich Rig V1!

    I've been developing a rig to use for my character, and I just this morning finished the most important element of the rig so I decided to make it public and see what people think! The rig features: 3D Shoes: 3D Tie: 3D Sleeve Cuffs: And a fully separated head model: Download here. Enjoy!
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    Project TERMINUS (videogame)

    Hi there! I'm making this topic because my brother is creating a game! It's called: "Project TERMINUS" Synopsis : Paris, 2021. You are in the subway, commuting to your home. You watch the city from the window of the train, the weather is clear and you can see a beautiful sunset reflecting on the Seine. The apparent calm hides a deadly threat. Soon your train suddenly stops, the power shuts down and the panic takes over the city. You receive a message from your scared little brother elsewhere in the city and the network dies too. Trying to get out of the now dark and gloomy subway station of Bastille, you discover a creepy cloud floating in the corridors. It is composed of million of miscroscopical particles, moving in a swarm. You just met the deadly nanites. They are everywhere, the city is descending into chaos, the army is placing checkpoints, and destroys bridges to stop the attack. None of its action seems effective. The day the nanites are dormant and use solar energy to get power. The night, people and animals are eaten alive by the swarm. Will you survive ? Will you find your brother ? Will the humanity be able to overcome this threat ? Learn more about the project here:
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    1.0.6 Lightroom V.1

    Good afternoon community people. I've decided to make a lightroom for certain individuals that would like to have a good render for their characters or rigs that they want to show off. I present... My Lightroom V.1 (Probably my only one to be honest) Each image shown was rendered with Mine-Imator 1.0.6 with no third party programs. (Surprise... surprise) These are just some poses you can make inside the lightroom... well you can do whatever you want... regardless. Carrying on... Here's each pose if you want to look at them. Here's what you'll be downloading if you click the download link. You'll need a pretty high-end PC to run this in realtime, but I hope you can at least preview the renders in how many seconds. Ask me any questions you have about the lightroom and I will answer you as soon as possible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download here [ 10.17 KB ] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No need to credit if used DO NOT... - redistribute or claim the lightroom as your own or give to people with a different link. Simple... just don't claim it as your own. Don't lie to your audience either. Nobody likes a liar. Have a good day and happy animating!
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    A Collab(People Wanted)

    Don’t say that, you might get a warning point for mini-modding.
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    Empty Parking Lot [4K]

    Moths texture by @SKIBBZ
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    I was hoping someone could make it. If someone does, don't make it highly detailed. Keep the Minecraft feel to it.
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    anima cryses

    Five Nigths At Freedy's™ 1 - Map

    the download does not work anymore :v
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    Ukulele Model

    DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7xgsf8ann5702x9/Ukulele.zip/file
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    Lunch Break

    I actually based this render off of work. Granted I'm not an old man, but still. It was fun.
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    Mine-Imator: Dungeons Rigpack v1

    Hey, listen, I have a suggestion that you might like. I can give you an RP with all the blocks and stuff from minecraft duneons, but in return you have to let us use your RP blocks with blocks. P. S if you don't like how I wrote that simply I Russian and with the help of translator writing and all the textures I painted well, almost all, or rather most part about 89% if that here is a link to RP and mod mod - https://minecraft-inside.ru/mods/104916-minecraft-dungeons-mod.html rp -
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    Hi! Here is my new animation (don't worry, not a monster school :D) and I would love to know your opinion! Btw if anyone wants to help me with dubbing, I'd be very happy! Let me know down in comments Special thanks to @Tysteria for theFlame Thrower Rig, @KEN990 and @SharpWind for the face rigs, @NotChris for the phone rig, @OwlCityNMC for the book rig, @KyodonZ for the glasses rig, @Dawid24M for the police car and @MrPizzaCat for the pensil rig. Hope I didn't forget anyone
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    Hat Models Pack

    I made some hats. You can wear them on your head. Now everyone will want to be your friend. Image: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/18r2xj1idf94176/Hat+Models+Pack.zip Last Update: Oct. 19, 2019. I am open to suggestions for what kind of hats to put in here. Includes hats like: Fletcher Hat Armorer Mask Beanie Desert Hat Fisherman Hat Farmer Hat Fedora Shepherd Hat Beret Cowboy Hat deadmau5 Hat Deerstalker Hat Librarian Hat Mario Cap Miner Helmet Party Hat Pirate Hat Plague Mask Pokémon Trainer Hat Royal Crown Santa Hat Snow Hat Toad Head Top Hat Ushanka Hat Compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.2 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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    Trailer This trailer will be updated to showcase some of the possibilities in the Mine-imator engine. Thanks to Ayhay and his hard work in the past to keep things up to date. Current list of weapons: Heckler and Kosh MP7 [Preview] Requested from StevePeters Heckler and Kosh MP5 and MP5K [Preview] Requested from AzelfandQuilava Arctic Warfare Magnum [Preview] Requested from Mr. Braindex M202A1 "Grim Reaper" Rocket Launcher [Preview] Requested from Emunator Winchester Model 1887 [Preview] Requested from Elephantman14 M7057 Defoliant Projector (Halo 3 Flamethrower) [Preview] Request from spartansparrrta KBP - I.D.B. PP90M1 [Preview] Requested from XxthatminecraftguyxX Browning M1911 [Preview] Requested from Elephantman14 M134 Vulcan Minigun [Preview] Requested from Minun Glock 18 [Preview] Requested by Derpy Brony E-11 Blaster (Star Wars) [Preview] Requested by teaman22 Colt Python (Black Ops Style) [Preview] Requested by ElvenShot AK-47 [Preview] Requested by The Russian Halo 4 Magnum [Preview] Requested by Andrew Flintlock Pistol [Preview] Requested by Plusle M4 Carbine (M4A1) [Preview] Requested by Andy6868 UNSC Saw [Preview] Requested by Elvenshot Olympia Shotgun [Preview] Requested by Ender Futuristic Gatling Gun [Preview] Requested by Azgreth21 RPG-7 [Preview] Requested by HydroCraft Pulse Rifle [Preview] Requested by MRironman121 Colt Peacemaker [Preview] Original Works Steyr Aug [Preview] Original Works Colt M1 Thompson [Preview] Original Works Black Ops II PDW 57 [Preview] Requested by Mineupfast Crossbow [Preview] Gifted to Rummy M60 Light Machine-Gun [Preview] Gifted to everyone (Happy holidays!) Grapple Gun [Preview] Request from MrSpecialjonny FN P90 [Preview] Request from BOOMmaker The Last Word [Preview] Request from Slendersonic02 Double-Barrel Shotgun [Preview] Request from Aronan M1 Grand [Preview] Request from EnderVaren Boys .55 Anti-Tank Rifle [Preview] Gift to my Secret Santa Click here to view all weapon renders (courtesy of blockerlocker) Attachments M203 Undermounted Grenade Launcher [Preview] (Component of a Request) The Attachment Package [Preview] Original Works The Attachment Package contains: EoTech Holohgraphic Sight, Tactical Flashlight, and a Masterkey Shotgun. Armor Created by Azgreth21 Camos Pack-A-Punched [Preview] Original Works Other Community Honors This topic will not be updated weekly anymore. I will update it to fix formatting and to add unused weapons, along with any rigs people need for animations. To request for a weapon, be sure that the queue has space (5 people maximum) then send me a PM and I'll add it to the clipboard. It's first come first serve so be sure that you get your name in now before the slots fill up. F.A.Q. Terms of Usage [updated March 22, 2014]: You may use the rigs however you wish. They are released on Creative commons 0 where you can edit, use, and showcase the works in videos and images. They can be even used for commercials! You don't even need to provide credit anymore! (although it's nice too provide sources.) You may not redestribute and claim as your own.
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    The Bionic Arm Pack

    Hello! I'm very proud to introduce that I'm back with an updated version of my old bionic arm! Now featuring fixed fingers, a right arm, variants for Alex, multiple re-skins and a separate HD version for those with 128x128 skins. Reskins include Camouflage, Gold Worn, Gold Steel Hybrid, Light Grey, and two Rusted textures! How do I retexture the template to have my skin? DOWNLOAD LINKS Normal Bionic Arm Pack HD Bionic Arm Pack (For 128x128 skins) Enjoy!
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    Here it is ladies and Gentlemann, the custom MCSM template! https://www.dropbox.com/s/tq8hi557a05li9x/MCSM Custom Character Template.rar?dl=0 I was planning on doing a little trailer to advertise it but things didn't go as expected :V Still I hope you Enjoy it!
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    KEN Facial Model Template

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    EtG:Bullets Pack Sneekpuuk

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    Bike Rig

    Oh yee, nice bike Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/ogck9ydtlxhhx0n/Bike_Rig.mimodel/file
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    Helicopter Rig

    Here's the Rig https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NX0O7jC3E3RjYXlcRsjn4nug1wfTUCcL *Both the front and back are ugly*
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    The Pork's Scythe

    I'm kinda late to the party, but when I tried to download it I can't. It has saftey issues. (By the way guys, AVG just came up saying the site was infected). Can we get a different link using a different site? I love the rig!
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    A flintlock pistol.

    Have fun. https://www.dropbox.com/s/irnk2dx50n6ymjr/FlintlockPistol.zip?dl=0
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    OzFalcon's Pumpkin Pack

    Hey I made another thing for once, introducing the Pumpkin Pack! Just in time for October, The Month of Spoops It's just really a 3D pumpkin model with multiple textures to choose from. I also threw in the White Pumpkin texture from Minecraft Story Mode 'cause why not? Includes Normal, Silly, Angry, Worried and the White Pumpkin. You can also remove both the top and bottom of these pumpkins for whatever reason. Also, the model when first spawned in is not the exact size of the normal one, this is in case you want to shove it onto Steve's head or something. If you're not as evil-thinking as I am >:D then just scale it up to 2. https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/27gxmj/some_random_pumpkin_face_textures_textures_in/ Note that none of the textures were made by me, you can find the original ones I grabbed here ^^^ DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.mediafire.com/file/57t0qbmex493621/Pumpkin_Pack.zip/file Enjoy!
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    Remove the reaction limits

    The reaction limit is probably here to prevent eventuals bots from botlike (or botdislike) posts.I think it's pretty annoying because I can only give reactions to a few posts and comments per day before I run out of reaction. So I got an idea: users who have more than 100 of reputation have unlimited reactions! The forum will still be protected from bots, and we will get rid of this reaction limit! What do you think ?
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    Fryz's Glaive

    This is an example of how doing textures right could give your rig an amazing look. 10/10.
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    JDButter Animations

    Fryz's Glaive

    I love how your thing says "Simple rigger". Might want to change that to amazing rigger. 10/10 but its a bit big?
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    Fryzzle's Froze test

    ew waterma- I mean oh yeah nice rig! How'd you make it look so not minecraft-y?
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    Walking Cycle

    So... Download: http://www46.zippyshare.com/v/01K3wTig/file.html If the link doesn't work, tell me, I'll reupload the file. 2 tips: Use folders, the character timeline is used for Y position of the character. Don't use the cycle in the state you imported it, make it some randomness so it doesn't look plain, for example turning the head etc. Uses the new format, so compatible with 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.2 and future versions. Give a credit if you want --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thoughts?
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    Interior looks a little weird, but pretty nice.
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    woah holy crap i had no idea you could make something this good
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    Desk Rig

    Here's a desk to put a desktop computer on top of. Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/08mw9byexe1haxe/Desk+Rig.zip Includes features like: Openable and closeable drawers. Nothing else. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.0.6 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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    How Fog Can Effect Your Render

    This was going to be a tutorial on the use of fog but I got lazy.
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    Guide: How to post an image

    So, let's say you have an image (like a .png file). Now how do you share it with the world? That's what I'm going to show you! Step 1: Upload the image to a image sharing site. I strongly recommend using Imgur for this: http://imgur.com/ Click upload images, then browse your computer to select an image (or several) from your hard drive, then click "Start upload". You don't even need an account for this, isn't imgur wonderful? Step 2: Once it's uploaded, you need to get the image URL. It is found below "BBCode (message boards & forums)". Click on it and copy (Ctrl+C) Step 3: Now that you have the image URL, just put it in your post by pasting in the correct spot (Ctrl+V). The image will appear when previewing or submitting your post.
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    Animation Cow

    jeb_ song

    Day by Dave uploaded my jeb_ animation on his channel
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    I hate Piranha Plant mains in Smash bros But I love your model and here's a upvote
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    Imagine someone downvoting you in two different topics from 1 month apart at the same time. Look at the little Goblin Jr, gonna cry?
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    I think I had wanted someone who had done it before http://eunsetee.com/Zwsl short link sharing to be reported Note) 100% safe
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    _-New V2 And 0.2 Available-_ Scroll down until the new changelog and the new link. . .-_ _-You can use this 3D model for all your animations or images and youtube videos-_ - _ - _ - _ -_ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _-Introduction About My First Experience With Modeling A 3D Person With Mine Imator-_ : This is my first rig about a person,i'm learning. . . I work many times with 3D softwares like Blender Or Cinema 4D,then about this type of 3D model about people,i could have problem like perspective,size,shapes and more. . . I'm sorry if for now this type of 3d model is not perfect Read,Important: -Hi,this is an improvement on my old 3d model that was still in alpha -Now this 3d model _-Barefoot Girl 3D Rig-_ Has been improved with new textures,with a lot of bug fix and a new design -Remember,Now the 3d model is not an Alpha but a release,then if there is a problem with this new design,is more easy to fix it [ The face rig used in 2018,was the SFR V4 ] -Now she have 5 toes,not 4 And if you look the image you can notice a lot of details that are changed. . . -Now i will show you more images about the new design: Features : 3D Hairs [you Can Move Her Hairs (Only The Front For Now) ] KEN Face Rig [You Can Control The Face] 3D Fingers [You Can Move Her Fingers] 3D Breast [You Can Move The Breast] 3D Toes [You Can Move Her Toes] 2D Butt [-It Can't Be Moved-] Her Clothes [That She Wear] : Red Jacket White Shirt Jeans Barefoot An example of 3D hairs. . . V1 Link to download the 3D model: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zc2u4k8uvjcm6uu/3D_-_A_Barefoot_Girl_-_Compatible_With_Mine_Imator_1.2.4_And_With_Future_Updates.zip/file I know,this 3D model could have more details,but for now i'm thinking what fix and what change or add. . .Then for now is not a perfect 3D Model. . .This is my first Rig about a person with mine imator,then i'm learning. . . Anyway,This 3D rig is also designed to be very simple,because my idea was to create a 3d model that look normal with a lot of type of animation. . . - _ - _ - _ - V2 What is new? Fixed toes size Right (Old) - Left (New) V2 Link For Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ea7882coo2pla02/3D_-_V2_-_A_Barefoot_Girl_-_Compatible_With_Mine_Imator_1.2.4_And_With_Future_Updates.zip/file WARNING,Read Below,Experimental Variants: This alternative variant is to experiment new features and see how they work,then the new features will be implemented in the main 3d model. . . -In this variant i'm experimenting this new shape for the breast to add more realism,notice that this feature will not necessarely be implemented in the main 3d model. . . If you want use it,go,but for now is less stable than the main 3d model -With these attempts,the 3d model could sometimes look strange. . .It depends on what i'm experimenting -This variant of breast shape,will not for now replace the current V1,It will happen if this new shape will be really an improvement. . . _-The next step after the 0.1,is improve toes (thanks to all people that leaved a comment about the current shape of toes. . .I will try to fix the current shape)-_ New Shape Attempt,i think. . . -The V_0.1 Download (Alternative Variant): http://www.mediafire.com/file/e4sfnftby41e3a4/Alternative_Variant_V_0.1_-_3D_-_A_Barefoot_Girl_-_Compatible_With_Mine_Imator_1.2.4_And_With_Future_Updates.zip/file -V_02 New toes size experiment. . . This 0.2 include also the new breast that is for now in experiment phase. . . [ New Size For Toes Confirmed ] : -The V_0.2 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qk0u8rayw2agrdm/Alternative_Variant_V_0.2_-_3D_-_A_Barefoot_Girl_-_Compatible_With_Mine_Imator_1.2.4_And_With_Future_Updates.zip/file
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