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    This is a wallpaper I made that takes place in a mysterious void after Herobrine (the only skin I could think of l o l) teleports here. Made in 2~ hours Edited in Paintdotnet I would appreciate any and all criticism! This is my first render after not using mineimator for definitely over 2 years so, idk how it turned out lol.
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    I hate it when..

    Happens every single time.
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    Red Dragon (2k)

    Hello.. it been awhile xP so i was browsing the other day and i saw a website called www.minecraft-schematics.com and it's help me a lot when trying to make a new idea (and i don't have to browse for a maps) anyway,here is my new wallpaper: thx for watching bye
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    Hello, animators! Today, we're going to talk about block models. I'm sure you all know that you can import individual .json files inside of Mine-imator and it'll work just fine! However, if you wanted to use these models in a schematic, to give it additional detail or to make certain blocks a little more unique looking, you probably noticed that it doesn't really work. If you import a resource pack that contains 3D models, Mine-imator simply won't import it. But fear not, because there actually is a way to get Mine-imator to load the models you want in any schematic! And I'm gonna tell you all about it, so that you can turn this... ...into this! DISCLAIMER: The method I'm about to show you requires some messin' around with internal files, thus it's not officially supported. Always backup files before doing anything to them. Proceed at your own risk! How does it work? Ever wondered what this screen was about? When you launch Mine-imator, it will load a folder containing all kinds of Minecraft resources, so that you have everything you need to get started. Because it's an external folder, it means it can also be updated to include resources from newer versions as well. But it also means we can mess around with those resources, letting us make Mine-imator load anything we want. This folder is located at the following filepath: C:\Users\<YOURNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\Minecraft_unzip\1.12.2 If you take a look inside, you might think, "Hey, that looks like a resource pack!". And you'd be right! This is essentially a resource pack, with all the stuff you'd expect to find inside, along with the Mine-imator exclusive .mimodel files which are used for characters and special blocks. Let's add our own models! If you want to change the appearance of a block, all we need is to replace said block's model and/or texture inside the folder. In this tutorial, I'm going to use a custom leaf block model and textures I've created, which you can see up above. If you'd like to follow along or use that model for yourself, download it here: Click! Just unzip it in the folder of your choice, and you're good to go! It contains a .json file, which is the model, and 6 .png files, which are textures for each type of foliage. Models First, we'll replace the model. Go to... Minecraft_unzip\1.12.2\assets\minecraft\models\block This is where the block models are located. We're going to be replacing the "leaves.json" file here, but the steps are the same for other blocks. Start by renaming the original file, for example, with the BAK suffix, just so that we can keep it in case we want to restore it. Once that's done, grab the new file and simply copy it to the folder. Textures Because our model requires its own textures, we need to copy those as well. This time, go to... Minecraft_unzip\1.12.2\assets\minecraft\textures\blocks ...which is where the block textures are located. This time, we'll replace the "leaves_acacia", "leaves_big_oak", "leaves_birch", "leaves_jungle", "leaves_oak", and "leaves_spruce" PNG files. Once again, back up the files by renaming them, before copying over the new textures. If you've done it right, it should look something like this: Alright! Now that everything is done, we can launch Mine-imator, create a project, import a schematic, aaaand... ...Ta-da, our new model is displaying, awesome! At this point, you're probably saying, "Wait, is that it? Is it really that simple?" The truth is, yes it is. It's really just a matter of swapping files. However, this method is far from perfect and it can cause a few headaches if you don't do it properly. Before you go and change all your models, keep in mind the following: Caveats Be careful with the file names! The reason we actually have to replace files is that Mine-imator will only load files with those exact names. If you give it files with names it doesn't know, it will ignore them and they won't be loaded. Because of that, you have to make sure the names of your textures and models are the exact same as the original Minecraft files Mine-imator loads! This also means that if you made multiple texture files for one model, you will need to change it, and make it so that it only uses one image. For example, if my leaf block model had multiple textures for the additional leaves, it wouldn't have worked, as Mine-imator would've ignored the files. This is why I had to make the whole texture into a single image. Importing a resource pack might break everything! Because models might require additional texturing, importing resource packs that will replace the textures might cause a lot of issues. For instance, because my leaf block model requires a completely different kind of textures, you won't be able to use a resource pack if you also use the model, unless you modify the pack in the first place. Some glitches can also occur where Mine-imator doesn't import the texture with the correct resolution, which can make for really weird visual results. It's not recommended if you change resource packs a lot in your projects. Since we're changing the assets Mine-imator loads on startup, this means that every single project will show those changes. If you want to use different models in a project, or stop using them in another, you have no choice but to close the program, do the changes, and relaunch it for every single project. This can become tedious very fast. While you could think of solutions, like keeping different folders with different names and renaming them accordingly, it still requires to restart the program each time. For all those reasons, I can only recommend to follow this tutorial if you want the changes on all your projects and if you don't use alternative resource packs a lot. If that's not the case, it's better you keep custom models as an occasional thing. But if this is the case and you found this tutorial useful, let me know by voting or commenting. Have fun finding cool ideas with custom models!
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    Father Love

    Father Love
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    I know, i know. This doesn't look like mine imator at all. But i can promise you that it is with a lot of heavy editing. Made with Mine imator & Paint.Net
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    Wallpaper - Recipe for Disaster

    Hi, I'm new around, and I've been doing a lot of Mine-Imator on my spare time by now, I recently found out about this forums and thought I'd share some of my works, this one I originally uploaded to my deviantart around 1 year ago, and while the concept is simple, its a pretty neat wallpaper (or at least I hope it is).
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    Made without World Edit. Upvote if you liked it. Click Here To Download! - MI Renders - - Minecraft Screenshots -
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    Torch k bye
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    Some simple shelf thing

    Just reinstalled mine-imator and put this together, it's not much cause I'm not experienced nor know how to texture myself but hope someone likes it. Front view A side and front view for depth..? A visual that the birch on the inside doesn't show on the outside I guess DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/77cwnubt02di7ki/Shelf.rar/file
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    JB Animations

    He's Coming For You (4K)

    A Random Scene in a Random Place with a Random Character My soul purpose to make this wallpaper was to play around with it in Paint.net
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    Render | Onwards to Adventure

    Following from yesterday's post, which I shared an old render, this time I'll share a render that I made a month ago, I also added some context below if people need/want it. Context: As of late, one of my best inspirations for making Renders is this group of 4 adventurers that I made to tribute some childhood memories I have of me and my friends in this game, I know no one cares, I just wanted to explain why they look so "distinct" from one to another, each one represents a real person and their designs tend to reflect their favorite game/genre/minecraft category. I also have 2 more renders of said group, I just don't know how much is okay to post until it becomes spammy, and I don't wanna make an entire post being like "here is a bunch of OCs that I've made just because I felt like making tributes to childhood memories in minecraft".
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    Hand animated block physics

    These are only just tests but i wanted to share them anyway. Here we have v1, without any effects. Just blocks falling. Here we have v2, with effects and extra projectiles. This is eventually going to be a full animation by the way.
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    pew pew

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    Tried a more realistic walk cycle without the throwing forward of the shoulders when walking. I know, it's innovative, no one has ever created a walk cycle before ... Feedback appreciated
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    I don't think someone will call the cops on them, and say "Someone used my minecraft build without permission!"
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    Father Love

    Dont you mean Father Dove? Hahaha get it? Haha funny joke amirite?
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    Dev update #13: 1.2 feature gallery

    Hello Mine-imator users! Today I have some important and exciting news concerning the next update.. we've decided that since Minecraft 1.13 is taking a while to be released, we went ahead and merged 1.1.5 into 1.2. (So the next update is no longer 1.1.5 but instead 1.2.) Now, enough progress has been made on 1.2 to show off some of its many features! (Be wary that 1.2 is still in active development, however.) Glow effect for objects and bright blocks/models(Optional) Collapsable checkboxes Bloom camera effect Animatable DOF blur size Sprite particle angle settings Biome color tinting and hiding during different render modes Spinning items Edit: Blocky bending for arms/legs The update's development is going rather well, however I did have to scrap specular lighting due to complications with the texturing system Mine-imator had, so I focused my efforts on the addition and improvement of other features to the update. The next update is still planned for release after Minecraft 1.13 with its accompanying mobs and blocks, so in the meantime, happy animating!
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    Whatever you do, DON’T not upvote this!
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    The Mine-Imator tag in Imgur is getting downvoted. I shared my own animation to stop this terrible situation in hopes of getting lots of upvotes to change Mine-Imator's reputation. https://imgur.com/gallery/6z6w3QA Upvote at all costs, help us make a better world. #BePartOfTheChange.
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    Pubg frying pan

    This is My Second Rig Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/weus5l1y8mfbzwl/PubgPanRig.zip
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    Improved Rig! V.1

    Look man, I'm sorry but this is one of the worst rigs I ever had the displeasure of seeing. So I decided to take time out of my day to point out the things I really dislike. You got my downvote but don't see it as me trying to discourage you from making more rigs, but more of encouraging you to make better your next time. Please, take your time with your stuff in order to improve. As I've seen you have an attitude of improving and that's fantastic on it's own. And please, you just started making rigs which means your creations are going to be ugly. Since you're uploading your work here, it's adding nothing to the table and become just another one to the pile because literally every other rig of this sort on the forums is vastly superior. You're not including anything we haven't seen, as to why I don't quite recommend you to post a topic every single time you make a slight improvement to your rig. What you can do is post status updates with images so you can still share your work while the community keeps track on your creations. You can also receive constructive criticism as well. And... again, please, don't call your own stuff "cool" until you're confident in that the community appreciates your work, because I'm sure we don't see the stuff you're doing as groundbreaking or anything like that. I recommend you to put higher standards upon yourself. Since you're open to criticism as I've seen, I decided to give you a hand on this stuff. Next time you make something you can consider this help I gave you so you know what to do