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    the Particle Effect Movement and SSAO blur was really bad at some of the scenes, but I'm okay with that I will fix that one in the next project. And Don't Forget to leave a Like if You Enjoy it and Subscribe + click the Bell icon for More Videos. Have a nice day ...
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    Lighting and Jacket Test

    I gave my skin a jacket so I decided to try it out with my jacket rig Holy crap the image is big Just click on it to view it in proper size
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    That Day [4K]

    My old laptop has been repaired, just received it yesterday Figure i test things out
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    Time Machine Car

    Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean? The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style? 1985
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    This Bundle i'm making is the block shooter bundle there are Weapons,Accesses,Hats,Armour and some pixel gun and pixel strike skins in the bundle as a bonus Pistol (PS) PIxel Gun (Classic PG) Dragon Breath (Both Shotgun and laser) BIg Buddy Awp Marksmen Rifle Ak47 (PS3D) Auto Pistol Blunderbuss Brave Knife (Block Force) Heavy Shotgun along with is skin Halloween Gun M4 (Pixel Gun Rambo Rifle and Pixel strike Combat rifle) Battle Rifle (Halo) Star Saber (Light Saber) Knife (Pixel Strike and Pixel Gun) Automatic Peace Maker (Classic Gold) Drum Gun (Pixel Gun Brave Patriot) Leader's Sword Some Bonus Items included in the bundle All Boots and capes (Pixel Gun) Discord Cape (pixel strike) All classic Hats From 4.2.0 such as Ruby helmet,King's Crown,Serious mans hat and headphones and maybe Samurai hat from 7.1.0 who knows also some extra stuff heres some i have done Burning Tiara From Pixel Gun 3D is kinda done but needs the size to fit when appealed to your head with ruby Armour up2 Prototype and soon PSR 2 and 3 Skins that are forgotten over time Pixel Strike 3D Awp A dude using Brute patriot and Spy Pistol And 0_xB@dC0d3_0 More planed in the future All weapon and accrues rights are Railisoft or Cubic Games in 2020 Awp and spy pistol model from Pixel strike By Vulcron Soon Cops N robbers or Block Force By Joydo
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    You can use these characters in any works but don't steal it and if you show me wallpapers or Videos which using these characters, I will be happy :D >DOWNLOAD LINK< most of this rigs made in MI 1.2.7 and MB 1.0.1 if you want to use these characters for profitable work, please text to me (smgw35@gmail.com)
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    One of my latest animations as well as the first post on my Mine-imator Forum account
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    Working on this advanced female model... I redid the curves on the hip to make them less blocky and fixed the z fighting on the body
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    Got some spare time again from my webtoons so here some WIP Chest Mimics Chest textures are from the MCD Rig Pack
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    [ART] oil pastels

    Hey y'all, long time no see, I like to come here every once in a while and I thought I'd show my recent oil pastels drawing because tbh I am proud of them and I wanted to share them so I could get virtual internet points to raise my dopamin levels. my first one: my second one: my third one: I'm having a lot of fun with my pastels drawing and I hope I'll make good use of them this year as I am starting my last year of art highschool before art college, so my teachers would give me non-virtual evaluation point to raise my dopamin level See y'all !
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    Minecraft but all Piglins were Girls

    i like the way you made the farmer guy just pull out the shotgun out of nowhere lol
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    Ice Rabbit
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    Funny among us meme

    Funny among us meme
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    wow, that was not what i was expecting, good job!
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    JM Animations

    Wall Jump

    Hi Everyone. I made another Animation https://streamable.com/ajryde Credit Facerig: Sound dot zip
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    List of all em people who made me smile: Yellowz @BeanDream @ThatGuyBrian @TheJeweledWolf @EthanForeverAlone @Ghatos @9redwoods @FredMCGamer @BaconSandwich @mbanders @RandomJeremy @HeYoNia (Your username was invalid) @MineRig (Your skin is broken on mine-imator for some reason) And myself because why not. Inspiration comes from the spam meme that goes around discord
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    Hello Everyone And Welcome to the Full Edit Saga Pack. This is the Main Page of the Edit Saga Pack of Team Saga Including Every Animatronic of the Games and several Extras. So without any further Ado I present to you! So here is what most of you are here for Hey! V3 is finally out and so team saga would like to thank you! Game Characters (edit saga v3): https://www.dropbox.com/s/u9z2l2gkgjjui8e/edit saga v3.zip?dl=0 Pizzeria Simulator: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y1afvovr1dipst0/pizzeria simulator pack.zip?dl=0 Extras: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f4zc6zz93v0n622/extras pack.zip?dl=0 The Twisted Ones: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5lu5z1e6d7mpi8l/the twisted ones.zip?dl=0 Help Wanted: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tvzl65c0sgepzur/help wanted pack.zip?dl=0 Rejected Designs Pack: ~getting permission from people to use their unused models~ Edit Saga v1 (Only the first game characters): https://www.dropbox.com/s/91rsl1kk3kub38s/fad 1 Rig Pack.rar?dl=0&m=0 Edit Saga v2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jmwadm5nbujybgm/fad Saga Edit Pack.rar?dl=0 TJOC Pack v1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qafh3h2f5ap5mj3/TJOC Rigs.rar?dl=0 Stuff you can use along: The S.L. rigs by 3D-Darlin: (re-upload with permission) https://www.dropbox.com/s/87hfofbdvqtynvt/fad sl rigs.zip?dl=0
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    Hi Guys. This is Your Daily Dose Of Internet. Ugrhhmm Just Kidding. Okay so. Do you Guys,Know about Drone? Of course Yes! BTW THIS IS MY WORK OF CYBERDRONE! Watch The Video First! Then Subs If want. And Then Of course The LINK RIGHT? http://www.mediafire.com/file/pl6bnefzkuwoc92/file VOTE. Bye.
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    Renders of a OC (Private)

    The topic says private
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    What have I been up to

    love this
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    That Day [4K]

    As i see it, he's experienced a lot , thanks for getting me in picture, can't wait for more art.
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    That Day [4K]

    Don't worry You're not over imagining it. If his age, which I'm not telling for now is an indicator of his experience... Here's a hint on his age:
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    That Day [4K]

    Is that a boy or a girl, I am confused
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    Renders of a OC (Private)

    And do you prefer name more like japanese like Yuki (idk) or any other too like Stacey or Vanessa?
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    That was surprisingly entertaining. Great job!
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    I just got my first real stylus. To commemorate this momentous occasion, I made my first 2d animation. This was made in under 30 minutes, it's really just a test. Even so, criticism is welcomed, as are ideas of what else I could do with this.
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    My favorite part was definitely the wither skeleton doing the default dance with sans music
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    Shuky Rig v2

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    Imagine having protanopia colourblindess.
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    Lightsaber Tools

    So yeah here you go, i just make lightsaber tools. tools minecraft. and yeah i got this idea when i watching The animators vids, and yeah i make the first on Cinema 4.D Then, i make on Mine-Imator This trick took me 2 years, to make perfect inner glow, and outter glow. Using Mine-Imator Community Build by @Nimi I can make this. Well, in another methods you can edit on photoshop Make new layer, change the Normal to overlay then done. Well here you go the Spoiler and Image so yeah, you can now make it for animation, render, etc. what ever you want. oh yeah, if the colour saber doesn't change. Change the Render depth. to 3 > 7 > I recommended you to use Mine-Imator Community Build Latest Version by Nimi. Because if you using the Original Mine-Imator, the outer glow doesn't work. why? you need bloom And note, don't ever make the image or render transparent because the outter glow will be gone or hidden. Hope you guys like it. Try it, you can credit what ever you want, if you don't credit me no problem but pls don't sell this >_> Here the video that i got this idea. This video by NinjaCharlieT https://www.youtube.com/user/NinjaCharlieT/featured Download here http://www47.zippyshare.com/v/aYw1U0X1/file.html https://sellfy.com/p/EWwk/ thx you and Bye
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    Ludo Silver


    I've always wanted to create a wallpaper with this kind of depth of field. I know it isn't possible to create it with real cameras but I like this picture and how the lighting is, hope you too The water is still made by Keep on Chucking Download in 8K
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    Short animation based on a dream. I have been logging dreams since 2011 and I decided to start re-creating them in Mine-imator. This is the first dream I recreated, there have so far been two more. Always open to feedback. I noticed my other thread here didn't get any replies, unfortunate but not unexpected
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    When you call Alex from Minecraft a guy.
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    Uses In Game Textures, (edited by me) modeled by @ZombieGuildford rigged face (eyes mouth) by Me. Download Leink Her:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1760QeCUu0g3JNM4c8kPlp2xHaZgQeX5_
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    Minecraft Story Mode: Petra Rig

    Moved to the Rigs section of Mine-imator Resources.
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    Metro pack

    Hi everyone! ? I present to you: The metro pack! (with an orange title cuz I like orange) Including: The metro (of course) The wagon The rails (2 desings available!) And metro station stuff AND, if you are too lazy to make your own metro station, here is a metro station for you! (made with shematics and some of the train pack objects) Before I show you the download link, here is some tips about the train pack: - If an object's name ends with "(COLOR)", that mean you can change his color! - I've created some ads for the ad sign, if you want to use them, import the ads into your project (they are in the "train pack" file), then select the white part of the ad sign and change his texture. Select the ad texture you want to use. - The name of the stations can be changed - Same thing for the screen text on the front of the metro (and the text color can be changed too): Download it here And credit me if you use it!
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    They See Me Rollin'

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    KoNoSuBa Character Rig Pack (CB)

    God's blessing on this wonderful forums I guess. Here's some spicy rigs with minimal bugs and @SKIBBZ's fancy facial rig because I was too lazy to make my own. Featuring all the characters you love from Konosuba, and Aqua. Kazuma's in there too but I don't have a .gif of him doing a cute dance. So here's a quick preview of him Features Lots of moving parts, and hopefully some ease of animation tools in there too I organized everything quite extensively, don't be expecting one of BloxTheRigger's messes when you open it up, I know what u need fam Aqua spice controllers Unwarranted commentary Download here (Requires CB, obviously) (Give credit, don't be an Aqua)
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    Iron Golem

    Yub, the sun light is too yellow but I'm too lazy to fix it. (:3 Golem Rig : @Mr. Cat Bow and Arrow Rig : @AnxiousCynic =================================================================================================================
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    Nintendo Switch Rig

    After hours of work, i made this detailed nintendo switch rig which hopefully you like! Features -Both Official Joycon Variations. The Multi-Colored One and Gray One -TV Mode Thing. -Separated Joycons (that means that they aren't joined with the tablet screen or the controller like in the image, however, you can join them by yourself) -Detailed rig -i think it's a a bit of a pain to set up Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!0dIG0TKQ!SSuJtdI4KBlwhkp9esXaebcDxZHUb8xWZE0rmVX6VuY DEMONSTRATIONS OF USE
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    Transparent BUG.

    The reason the alpha glitch isn't fixed is because the GameMaker engine is broken and it can't be fixed, not because it would break rigs if it was fixed. There's nothing to gain from having alpha that breaks when trying to render it through depth of field, SSAO etc. The alpha not working properly ruins a lot of cool ideas. I mean when using the slime model you already see the DOF not being properly rendered. But it gets worse when you are trying to for example make smoke that slowly disapears and in the background you are using DOF. If it was fixed there would still be ways to make rigs but with actual functional transparency.
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