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    The Tan James

    R E A L I T Y - Concept 6 [TEASER]

    "Who will be the last one standing?"
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    Road pack v2

    Hey! I've finished the road pack v2! check this out: - New types of roads! - Signs, traffic lights, and more! Here's a cool thing you can do with: ( the cars are part of the low detail vehicle pack ) A few useful tips about the roads: Meanings of the textures and miobjects names: But here's a default with the streets roads: they aren't in 3D : Download
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    400 reputation wallpaper

    Here's a wallpaper I've made using photofiltre where I putted 3 of my best models (in my opinion) Thanks for all of the reputations!
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    This video took me roughly about 3 days to put together, enjoy! (Headphones recommended, for directional sounds on some scenes) https://streamable.com/r9fvt <- Rigs Credit: @mbanders for the trashcan rig (revolver shoot scene) @EnderSculptor for the revolver in the zombie shoot scene @Ghatos for the orange car rig (deserted city scene) looking forward for 2019
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    Hook Sword

    Again, I am at the begining with rigging and stuff like that, so if you have any advice for me I will be grateful. https://www.mediafire.com/file/40fs2s529ud3m2e/Hook_Sword.rar/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/40fs2s529ud3m2e/Hook_Sword.rar/file
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    Fun-filled Multiplayer

    don't claim this as yours or else you're gonna have a bad time
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    Stop Motion test

    I wanted to try this
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    Guns Pack Rig V1

    The Pack of Guns, created by apocablakz, a package that brings five functional weapons, with recharging system, to make animations of the 21st century with updated weapons (sorry for the delay, but better late than never) Download Complete: Here Note:in the personalized descriptions, they bring a personalized link, where you can download the weapons separately Weapons Magnum .44 Spas 12 AK-47 Z93 Minigun I hope you liked it, one thing, they still do not have bullets, they will be finished for the next version. If you create an animation with these weapons pass me the link, to see it.
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    Damn. Thanks guys, this legitimately means a lot. I've been best of week, month, and now year?? I doubt I'll get All Time any time ever, so thanks guys, I've accomplished everything.
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    Autumn Home

    I don't have much to say. I appreciate CC, but if you can't be nice/kind about it please don't give any at all.
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    👀 WIP

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    Unknown Choices | Ember

    Soooooo.... I decided recently that, "ITS A NEW YEAR, SO I SHOULD HAVE A NEW ART STYLE".... This is how it turned out.... I loved my original art style, but I just think this looks better (still dunno how to draw hands) Oh yeah... I didn't color it... EH SO WHAT Sorry my handwriting looks bad
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    finished rig official

    Shinjei's ship shinjei's swords and shinjei's bio armor pls dont mind the glow i think i forgot to remove it and she might have unfinished textures but the rig is done
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    Also I tried editing this to reflect... kinda did it's job kinda did not.... thanks paint.net
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    Jake’s pixel art dump...??

    So, I don’t even know if this would be considered “ art “ but uh if it isn’t, pls move it to the correct section kthx Finished Art: Unfinished Art: Whenever I make new art i’ll probably edit this topic to add it, like this:
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    Luke VS Vader in the Throne Room

    "Luke VS Vader in the Throne Room" in UHD. No external plugins used, only Mine-imator. Enjoy !
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    Modern art.

    Modern art.
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    Skull Crusher

    My first rig, I hope you will like it. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/l7wx2fou9lj8b4j/Skull_Crusher.rar/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/l7wx2fou9lj8b4j/Skull_Crusher.rar/file
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    this is the first gun i made yes im using comic sans, why? why not. *comes with its own shell* Download
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    A traitor's end

    What the hell is this topic? Uh, the wallpaper looks fine but the bloom could be turned down a bit, it kinda makes everything besides the light too dark and hard to see what is what.
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    AAC Honey Badger with 8 Paint (.mimodel) Voxel is boring. So, im back to Item Sheet Method but with Modelbench -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Gun Spec] Damage : Medium Bullet : .300 Black Out Fire Rate : 800 RPM Wieght : 2.8 Kg Category : PWD Rifle -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Info] *Made with Item Sheet and Modelbench (.mimodel) *Iron Sight can be Rotate if you Add some Attachment *The Stock can be extended *Low Laggness if you Duplicate the Model *For Mine Imator 1.1.4 >>>>>>>> Download Here <<<<<<<< Upvote or Comment for more Rig
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    A traitor's end

    a traitor named michael betryed the abyss clan and found himself in a bad situation with a familiar friend of his...
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    Jaiden Animations Fanart

    Here's some more dumpy art. If you haven't noticed, lately I've been drawing Youtube animators with my new drawing tablet. Everything looks pretty crappy so far, however. In fact, I'll go as far as to say it all looks horrendous and I suck at drawing. But, I'll try to keep my insults to myself, despite the benefits of self deprecation. Without further ado, and if you're not convinced to leave, here it is... Materials used: Fire Alpaca Paint.net Wacom Intuos Pro Small