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    Hi everyone, this is the Advanced Character Model Version 2.0! !Import the .miproject file! Here's the full view Sharp + Smooth bends Fully smooth body bend It has controllers, which move the body and disappear when rendering RandomJeremy's showcase animation: https://youtu.be/KRBVlDw0gXw Very small skin editing required, here's a quick tutorial https://youtu.be/aKKHB1rq2v4 Hozq found a bug and I fixed it quickly NEW Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d4ptdxiixi3uok7/ACMV2.0.zip/file !Import the .miproject file! !You don't need to give credit, but it would be very appreciated!
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    Dr. Nexil

    Danger Valley (4K)

    Hello! This is just another quick render made (as always since the 1.2 pre-release) entirely in Mine-Imator! Danger Valley As always, I love constructive criticism!
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    Miles "Tails" Prower

    Low and behold, Minecraft Tails (showcase). I made the model myself with the exception of the mouth and pupils which I used Skibbz's face rig for, and the hands which....... I don't remember who I got them from. (I did make this rig simple looking cause if I were to go into specific detail then I think it would start to lose its Minecraft vibe) Sidenote: I may remake the tails cause......holy crap they are hard to position.
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    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Low and behold, Minecraft Sonic (showcase). I made the model myself with the exception of the mouth and pupils which I used Skibbz's face rig for, and the hands which....... I don't remember who I got them from. (I did make this rig simple looking cause if I were to go into specific detail then I think it would start to lose its Minecraft vibe)
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    Hey, Guys! I made a render camera! Pic: DOWNLOAD HERE: DOWNLOAD
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    ANOUX one Technology without hatred can be a blessing Technology with hatred is a disaster
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    Sonic Colors Intro clip

    This one took a long time to make, longer than my last one(and I mean I started this one before my last one and finished my last one before I could finish this one....just putting that in perspective.) This was also made before the new update. If u ever saw the sonic colors intro clip then u know how this would look, if not then I suggest you click on the link in the video's description to compare. (Also I had to cut corners cause my pc couldn't take much more of the lag so sorry there isn't a scenery)
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    "Out of reach"

    With the advent of SoundDotZip's Advanced Character Model, I felt it necessary to give my main character rig an update and take it out for a spin. Let me know what you think! Edited: Unedited: Made with Mine-Imator 1.2.0 - Pre-release 1 and edited with HitFilm Pro 2018.
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    just a remake.

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    i keep failing at keeping RoTe alive.. but now im going to try again, and here is the opening so far: Oh! heres another question.. should i do the cinematic ratio of 1920x804, or the regular ratio of 1920x1080?
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    Im currently making MI staff pfps, im not sure if they dont want me to.. but i like making them, so if i know you in any way (were in a group together, discord or just friends in general) im willing to make one for you. examples: They cost -1 dollar.
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    Am I having an existential crisis, or is this just how I am all the time?
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    Happy birthday to me

    Happy birthday to me
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    Lost in The Woods [4K]

    It's been a while since I posted anything on the forums, so I decided to try making a render using 1.2's new features! Made entirely in Mine-imator, with the exception of the watermark.
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    I'm gonna quickly rant about Minecraft's newish structures and mobs and items and stuff. The ocean structures are dumb, they almost always hold a treasure map and there basically the same one each time. Also, whats even the point of even going to another treasure location after you get the heart of the sea? It's a huge pain to dig out a ton of land to hopefully get a heart of the sea, it's also a huge pain because sometimes it spawns underwater, and you have to head to the surface every few seconds, plus the rewards are hardly ever worth it, and most of the time the treasure isn't even on the X. It's a bit more fun with a friend, but still it gets repetitive doing the same thing, search the ocean for a few minutes, find a map, dig up a ton of land, no heart of the sea? Repeat. Plus all these new mobs just get in the way well doing so, the drowns are really easy to kill, so they just become annoying if when you're searching for treasure. Talking about the drowned, they shouldn't just drop a trident, I didn't even have iron armour by the time I had a chest full of tridents. Maybe there could be an underwater boss that drops the trident? Or maybe it could be in the ocean monument? It's just really lame how easy it is to get a "end game item". It's really annoying you can get a trident in the first few minutes of a new world. They have a pretty big development team, so why do they waste them on making a thousand variations of a tropical fish that you probably won't ever see? I think Minecraft could use some better features, rather then adding useless polar bears, and blue ice. It upsets me that they have such huge opportunities for the game, but they waste it all on adding useless features. Also, I really hope they don't add a ton of useless mobs in the new biome vote thing. I really don't understand why we need new content to those biomes either, why not work on villagers, and make them not stupid defenceless creatures, allow them to build castles or something, make them fight back and not just get destroyed when a player spawns in the world. It's embracing when one person can make mods faster and better then minecrafts whole team can make an official feature.
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    I created a little backflip anim and would just like to hear your thoughts on it!
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    Subscribe to join The Agency and activate the Almighty Bell of Notification for daily shenanigans!! Follow me! Twitter: https://twitter.com/agentsecret24 Discord: https://discord.gg/azTMaHw Yeah, we made it. This is the last individually released F.N.A.F. 1 Animatronic, [REDACTED] the Chicken! Credit: Music: fad 1 song by TheLivingTombstone Eyes: Skibbz Terms Of Use: 1. No NSFW 2. Credit if used Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LqIlWd2RIqQt6KnwAbXHf8txCc9-YGc4
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    BonBon the Cinnamon Bun rig.

    If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the channel to never miss out on cool rigs like this one! Follow me! Twitter: https://twitter.com/agentsecret24 Discord: https://discord.gg/azTMaHw CREDIT: Music: fad 1 Song Instrumental, by TheLivingTombstone( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaq8l... ) Eyes: Skibbz Here we have it, Your favorite Purple Guitarist Rabbit, It's [REDACTED]! Terms Of Use: 1. No NSFW 2. Credit if Used Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mao...
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    model makers: what they've made: what they need to make:
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    sorry for being inactive, i had to do alot of homework! anyways here it is
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    Hey look at that, a superhero theme I made from scratch
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    Super Sonic!

    I made this a while ago before the new update, and let me tell u. You will see SOO many animation flaws with this due to my laggy pc having a heart attack everytime the giant grass brick comes on to my screen. I will improve it once I get a new pc.....if I get a new pc.
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    The Nether