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    Mine-imator 1.2.7

    Download 1.2.7 Version 1.2.7, 2020.07.04, changes: Features: Added quality setting for Depth of Field. Changes: Updated player and spawn icons in world importer. Block names now use language file when loading on startup. (ex. grass_block - > Grass Block) Minecraft assets: Updated Minecraft assets to 1.16.1. Added "Shooting" variant for the Ghast. Individual redstone wire blocks can now be fully edited. Bugfixes: Fixed memory leak with bending body parts. Fixed mip-mapping artifacts. Fixed old custom block models using old texture names. Fixed camera blades making bloom effect brighter. Fixed rendering order of blocks. (They are now rendered in order based on volume of elements.) Fixed banners in scenery turning white if scenery is deleted or duplicated. Version 1.2.6, 2020.01.12, changes: Features: Added alignment settings for text objects. Added "AA" setting for text objects to enable/disable anti-aliasing on the text's font. Added support for new model settings and behavior in Modelbench 1.0.0. Added "Glow color threshold" for blocks that glow by default to determine how bright a pixel needs to be to glow. Changes: Improved bending appearance. Bend wheels have been changed to sliders. Updated icon for importing models in the workbench. Minecraft assets: Updated Minecraft assets to 1.15.1. Bugfixes: Fixed crash when not using a resource pack on scenery templates that have special block timelines. Fixed search results in block lists not being accurate. Fixed cloud offset moving all clouds away from scene. Fixed 3D planes not bending properly in most scenarios. Fixed Smooth diorite stairs/slabs, Mossy cobblestone, and brick walls not importing. Fixed crash when generating scenery with certain blocks. Fixed water generation near waterlogged blocks. Version 1.2.5, 2019.09.16, changes: Features: Added blade settings for the camera to change 'Depth of Field' and 'Bloom' appearance. (Blade amount and blade rotation.) Added 'Chromatic aberration' effect for the camera. Added 'Distort' effect for the camera. Added rotation option for background skybox/skysphere. Changes: Improved quality of 'Depth of Field' effect. Improved near blur of 'Depth of Field' effect, though large blur sizes may not be desirable. 'Anamorphic ratio' options for 'Depth of Field' and 'Bloom' can no longer be negative. (Rotating blades is now recommended.) Background ground block can now be animated. Increased height of 'Export image' popup to fit all components and text. Minecraft assets: Added wind to Fire, Campfire, and Sweet berry bush. Fixed End stone brick slabs not importing from worlds. Updated Pillager arm texture. Bugfixes: Fixed shadow delay with 'Follow camera' enabled. Fixed crash caused by spawning an object using a deleted camera as a texture. Version 1.2.4, 2019.05.21, changes: Features: Added "Remove waterlogged water" program option to remove water from waterlogged blocks, kelp, etc.. Added color option for vignette. Added "Blend mode" options for objects. (Note the object's interaction with the scene can vary depending on the mode.) Changes: Changed default sky color and fog height. Tweaked how automatic fog color is calculated. Removed slight blue tint on story mode clouds. Bugfixes: Fixed crash when loading certain resource packs. Fixed white scene textures when a visible shape used a camera as a texture. Fixed rotation point values not having default values. Fixed body parts not using their custom rotation points. Fixed issues with casted shadows causing artifacts. Fixed typo in English translation. Fixed crash when saving certain objects/projects. Fixed crash when trying add a new object from the workbench. Fixed "Memory allocation failed" crash. Fixed chorus plant blocks not loading from worlds in 1.13 or newer. Fixed smooth stone slabs appearing as stone slabs from older worlds/schematic files. Fixed textbox padding for particle launch angle settings. Fixed film grain stretching on largest dimension in render. Fixed sheep, panda, villager, wandering trader, and ravager models. Fixed crash when setting FOV to a custom value while having unlimited values enabled. Version 1.2.3, 2019.05.04, changes: Features: Added Minecraft 1.14 blocks and characters, as well as new textures. Added program setting to allow values to be set outside of their limits. (Use at your own risk!) Added program setting to search for variant names too when searching for blocks. (Interface settings, on by default.) Added tooltip to show the amount of frames in the selected timeline range. Added "Sprite (Template)" option for particles to easily choose new Minecraft sprite particles. Added "Launch angle" options for particle types in the particle editor. Item texture and slot can now be animated with keyframes. Added 'Bleed light' setting for timelines. Added 'Camera shake'. Added 'Anamorphic ratio' option for Bloom and Depth of Field for adjusting the vertical and horizontal scale of the blur(s). Added a lens dirt effect for the camera. (Custom texture, radius, and intensity can be changed and animated.) Added 'Vibrance' option for color correction. (Boosts the saturation of desaturated colors.) Added new Bokeh settings for the Depth of Field effect: Edge bias (How strong the edges of the CoC should be in comparison to the middle.) Bokeh highlights Bokeh threshold (The brightness threshold for bokeh highlights.) Changes: Improved general performance. Improved quality of film grain. Improved sunset/sunrise appearance. Altered the appearance of Depth of Field to look similar to traditional bokeh. Fringe effect in Depth of Field now properly separates color instead of bleeding color. Disabled SSAO on particle spawner timelines by default. Updated workbench icon and logo to match new workbench textures.(Also more vibrant.) Bugfixes: Fixed crash when loading worlds with banners prior to Minecraft 1.13. Fixed some instances of film grain stretching vertically. Fixed brightness slider in color correction not allowing a minus symbol. Fixed certain keyframes not clamping correctly when editing multiple keyframes. Fixed new banner patterns in editor not using a pattern image if a pattern is already selected. Fixed sun shadows changing when SSAO is enabled and camera FOV is altered. Fixed 'Alpha add' options in the particle editor not allowing a minus symbol. Fixed Inherit Select not saving. Fixed certain blocks in scenery from 1.13 and later not generating correctly.(Connecting blocks like; Walls, stairs & fences.) Fixed water generating where it shouldn't and blocks not being waterlogged properly. Fixed popup names not updating when the language file is changed. Fixed custom rotation point XYZ values resetting when disabling custom rotation point. Fixed SSAO appearing on clouds. Version 1.2.2, 2019.01.26, changes: Features: Added "Transparent block texture filtering" in graphics settings. Added "Desaturated night" option in background settings, along with an option to control the desaturation amount. Added "Fringe" option for Depth of Field. Added "Color burn" option for Color correction. Added "Film grain" effect for cameras. Added "Inherit select" in timeline properties(If you select their parent, they'll get selected too.). Added seamless repeating button for the timeline. Added interface color option for viewport object highlight. Added button in workbench in to hide list of options. Startup now displays what block its currently loading. Updates to banners: Added wall banner variant. Added banner editor popup. Banners from worlds can now be loaded with patterns and colors. Fixed rotation point and scale of banner model. Bugfixes: Fixed armor stand arms not being parented to body. Fixed vex charging variant being incorrect. Fixed world import crash with newer worlds. Fixed animatable blocks not using the scenery template's resource. Fixed default MC resource pack being sometimes replaces when replacing a resource with the same name. Fixed "Inherit..." checkboxes not being laid out correctly for some objects. Version 1.2.1, 2018.11.24, changes: Bugfixes: Fixed a crash when loading a project containing missing items. Fixed a crash when importing scenery from a world with a name containing non-English characters. Fixed a crash when loading schematics containing mob heads or gray colored beds. Fixed shapes using cameras as a texture not rendering in high quality when exporting as a movie. Fixed a crash when exporting a movie containing 1 frame only. Version 1.2.0, 2018.10.31, changes (since 1.1.4): Minecraft support Added the mobs, blocks and items from Minecraft 1.13.1 Support for worlds from Minecraft 1.13.1 Added all Minecraft biomes and biome variants, also updated biome names New options for existing models Wool color for sheep Markings for horses Charged vex option Arms for armor stands Minecraft: Story Mode clouds option Animation features Right-click shortcut in the timeline to pick a transition Ctrl+Q shortcut to create keyframes for all selected timelines at the marker’s position Option to visualize seconds and half-seconds on the timeline Option for particles to be destroyed when they hit their bounding box More background values are now keyframable using the "Background" option in the workbench Rendering features In the “Graphics” tab of objects Glow effect Glow color is adjusted in “Color” of keyframes Includes setting to only display the glow effect Options to hide objects in low and high quality rendering modes Biome tinting option for objects to be affected by the biome foliage color In the “Camera” tab in camera keyframes Bloom effect Threshold, radius, intensity, and color options Color correction Brightness & contrast Saturation (Behaves differently from color settings) Vignette effect Radius, softness and strength options In the “Background” tab of the project Sunlight strength option (High Quality mode only) Custom biome colors for water, grass, and other foliage To enable, select “Custom” when picking a biome Option for the scene to have a different fog color from the sky fog In the “Graphics” tab in Settings Blocky style option for bent arms/legs Noise effect option for grass and water Option for bright blocks in schematics to automatically be given the glow effect Option to turn on foliage light bleeding for plant-type blocks In the “Render” tab in Settings Option to turn off all camera effects Radius, intensity, and falloff of glowing objects Custom watermark options for exported images and movies Misc. Spin option for items Rotation settings for sprite particles Interface color option for the group select box in the timeline Changes Added a button to helpful tutorial videos by @AnxiousCynic Default program FPS setting is now 60 Work camera rotation now eases when moving The default ambient color now has a blue tint, and the sunlight has a yellow tint Checkboxes with interface content can be collapsed using the adjacent button with three dots (...) The “Cross section view” of Minecraft maps can now be freely moved up and down Filtered blocks will be previewed in selected Minecraft maps Acacia leaves, Dark oak leaves, and sugar cane are now affected by the biome foliage colors Updated resolution size templates to more modern resolutions Resolution size templates now use the language file Water no longer casts shadows Added highlight outline for selected keyframes Item bouncing is now slower, matching the speed of bouncing items in Minecraft Heavily improved performance for shadowless point lights when used in great quantities Moved Depth of Field blur size from program render settings to camera keyframe settings, and changed the default size to 1% Increased Depth of Field quality Added a graphical improvement for SSAO Tweaked stars Piston extensions now extend to a full block Fog is now circular Bugfixes Fixed crash when importing models that contain 3D planes using “Import an asset” Fixed crash when deleting a camera used as a texture in the library Fixed crash when loading a project with a resource pack used for the moon texture Fixed crash when duplicating scenery with animated blocks Fixed point light buffer size resetting when re-opening program Fixed graphics tab in spot light properties not being the same as point light properties Fixed UI elements being blurred if "Blur texture" was enabled Fixed completely transparent models still rendering SSAO and shadows Fixed objects that face the camera casting incorrect shadows Fixed crash when undoing changes to the sunlight color Fixed a crash when deleting bodypart keyframes Fixed timeline length not updating on some keyframe operations Fixed various crashes when importing scenery from a world Fixed a 1-frame delay when switching visibility between two cameras Fixed a bug that had a small chance of corrupting a project when loading Changes (since pre-release 3): Bugfixes Fixed a bug that had a small chance of corrupting a project when loading Fixed a 1-frame delay when switching visibility between two cameras Fixed the Mooshroom model... again Fixed graphical issue with alerts when the toolbar is in a vertical mode Fixed issues with the following animated background options: Custom fog color Custom object fog color Sky fog Follow camera Version 1.1.x: Version 1.0.x:
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    I just got MI a couple days ago, and don't have any prior animation experience, so this is very rough, but I had fun making it Someday we can look back on this and say "wow, look at all that improvement!"
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    use mine-imator

    Considering that you're still new to Mine-imator, I think you still have way more to go. Try to follow up this tutorial by @Keep on Chucking, it's fairly simple and the length of the video is small and is directly explained. It may seem complex at first, but Mine-imator is a very simple program and you can make a lot of good things with it, for now, keep it up and I hope you can develop as you continue using it.
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    Hello, Prismatic Spirit here! So I've been into Beat Saber lately and now I want that game really bad, it has gotten into me so much that I spent a week making this render of my character Samson cutting to the rhythm of the song. 21:9, 1440p Ultrawide 2019-05-18 Created by Prismatic Spirit Credits to SoundsDotZip for providing us with ACM V3, giving me a 3D model of Samson's hair, Hozq for giving his a lens flare pack. took me nearly a week to get him on time tjiuwersvhndfsiujexgdfbvfc CRITIQUE IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED! BY USING YOUR SUPPORT, I CAN MAKE BETTER RENDERS THAN MY OLDER ONES!
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    Just wallpapers (2020.05~06)

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    My first art

    Hello everybody! I'm new here and I'm asking you to rate my first art. I know it's not perfect.
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    Jax Hallows


    If your Quirk isn't shock nullification but shock absorption... then there's a limit to it, right?! Made to fight me? if you can withstand me at 100%... Then i'll force you to surrender from beyond that! *loud yell* A hero... can always break out of a tough spot! *spinning and throwing nomu into ground then lands badass like* Hey, villain... Have you ever heard of these words?! GO BEYOND! PLUS.. ULTRA!!!!!!!
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    preview: Skysphere:
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    Salvage Baby V.2

    Salvage Baby V.2 - Rig and Wallpaper by me.
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    you can't, but you can make things invisible when they're off camera or barely visible to improve performance
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    Motorcycle Rig

    made by Batman4014 Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/7fblxxk9yoi1431/Motorcycle.zip?dl=0
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    Fast Food Rig

    OK guys here it is,The fast food RIG! If you think this is a scenery of McDonald or something YOUR WRONG This is a rig of foods in the fast food restaurant. PIC: http://i.imgur.com/PSl3SNa.png FOODS: Burger:https://www.dropbox.com/s/k3k9b49u292z00s/Burger%20Rig.zip?m= French Fries:https://www.dropbox.com/s/2hmja33izat57qm/French%20Fries%20Rig.zip?m= Chicken Legs:https://www.dropbox.com/s/xlg3yb5h1u5jkft/Chicken%20Legs%20Rig.zip?m= Coke(Drinks! why?):https://www.dropbox.com/s/li2aehxqg3p3u9a/Coke%20Rig.zip If you like please click the +1 Have fun I'll be still adding other foods so follow this topic!
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    Thousand Rep Render

    I always wanted to fly!
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    Robert Assassinations

    MilfCraft v2

    I honestly thought this was going to be a pretty awful model with just big boobies and butt slapped on a character model and titling it milf just for the sake of clicks but you;ve surprised me good work!
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    I made a small render with @9redwoods's mini player model rig as well:
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    A .obj exporter is planned for the next update of Modelbench. There's currently no release window for the update as of right now.
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    why would i buy an antivirus when i can just factory reset my computer every time it starts acting up?
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    Kitchen Knife Rig

    Okay maybe i'm not dead. here's my quick knife model. Textures by me. Download You can credit me if you want. i don't care actually... see ya... or not...
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    Fryzzle The Pork

    Pirateship Model hybrid

    Pirateship model v.1 "Not all treasure’s silver and gold, mate." Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vx85h2xyrqfyvp9/BlackPIGSHIP.rar/file Have fun if you have problem in the rig feel free to message me!
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    The fourth set is finally here! And it's by far the biggest set yet! This took way too long to make... ;u; This pack contains eighteen Creepers; sixteen Crafting Table Creeper variants and two Enchanting Table Creeper variants. The tools on the Crafting Table Creeper's body are individually movable/rotatable, as is the book on the Enchanting Table Creeper's head. The book can be easily opened/closed with the "Book" part's Bend slider, and also comes with eight individually-rotatable pages. Download them here! If used, credit is appreciated!
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    Road pack v2

    Hey! ? I've finished the road pack v2! check this out: - New types of roads! - Signs, traffic lights, and more! Here's a cool thing you can do with: ( the cars are part of the low detail vehicle pack ) A few useful tips about the roads: Meanings of the textures and miobjects names: But here's a default with the streets roads: they aren't in 3D ?: Download
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    Wine Glass Rig

    So here's my Wine Glass Rig! It's not a block rig today! DOWNLOAD HERE
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    This rig uses multiple multiply surfaces to create a water depth effect, making the water look more realistic. I decided that rather than just making a tutorial, I'd simply just make it a download, there's two different versions that you'll be able to download. You can use this rig for your animations and projects, but credit to either this post or the video link are r e a l l y appreciated. Screenshots: Video Showcase: Downloads: Current version: (1.2) 22nd May 2019 (Updated links to new location 21st May 2020) Realistic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bmw1SPoo7edvhaG_eneEw8bj9zTkWoos/view Minecraft Styled: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Rxg5Lj6cALQ2F9ajZRqGEEwLowuERqLf/view Known Issues: Apparently there's still people dealing with crashes when trying to delete the rig, I'd suggest importing this when you're almost finished with your project and using a surface or the regular water as a reference for where the water will be in the meantime, it doesn't seem to have the crashing issue for me so I'm assuming it's hardware related (slow pc) for the people experiencing the issue. Changelog: Planned changes (Expected release: ) : Legacy Downloads:
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    Mil Mi-28 Havoc

    Russian Mil Mi-28 Havoc attack helicopter, it's not Apache! Download? here* *gun only
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    Rig Chair Gaming

    Link download: https://bit.ly/Rig-Chair-Gaming Password on this video Made by CraftBlack
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    Quarantine makes me bored, is there a request to make an aircraft rig/models? Here's my portfolio : Join my Discord server to make the conversation easier Input the aircraft name/nickname/model (example: MiG-3, Nighthawk, etc.) or the aircraft's drawing/image. In development model: 1. F/A-18E | Requested by @Praetorian2431 Completed request: 1. Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker aka the famous Red Baron | Requsted by @wafflecakes
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    My first art

    Thank you for your assessment)
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    Sub Zero vs Scorpion [Cancelled Project]

    the idle animations isn't my cup of tea but god damn the fight scene is just So god damn cool
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    YM's Minecraft Letters Model

    idk if the title right or not, but I don't care... Hello, I'm Yanuar Mohendra a.k.a ShinyGHATTear (can't change the username). And this is Minecraft letters model(s). So, I made this for about a week, can't find a way to make it simpler. Just take a look for it. ~shuffle text preview : ~textures preview : I forgot to tell you guys if you can rotate the "A" letter to get the creeper face on it, and you can rotate the up/bottom side of it for fix the gradient : next to do : MC sub letters, minecraft five font. if there's a problem with the model, please tell me. I'll glad to hear that. update: - Added some feature preview on the post - Fixed "T" letter
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    Modelbench 1.0.1

    Download 1.0.1 Version 1.0.1, 2020.02.02, changes: Features: Added buttons in right-click menu for duplicating/deleting element selection. Re-added "Save UV map" option for textures. Added option in right-click menu to center a shape's pivot offset based on size. Added "Adjust pivot on resizing" setting to enable/disable pivot adjusting when resizing shapes in the UV editor. Added prompt asking if you want to save your current model before saving as a new model. Changes: Improved rotation and scale editing with multiple elements selected. Improved viewport controls with small viewport size. Changed "Remove elements" shortcut to the delete key. Updated icons and added divider at bottom of collapsible settings. Renamed controls: "Delete element" -> "Remove element" "Duplicate elements" -> "Duplicate selection" "Remove elements" -> "Remove selection" Split global snapping value into 4 categories: Position/ Pivot offset Rotation Scale/ Inflate UV position/ Size Bugfixes: Fixed mix color not saving correctly. Fixed visible and lock settings not loading. Fixed bending not saving correctly if only "X & Z" or only "Y & Z" axes were used. Fixed changes made to recent model list not saving. Fixed "#" creating new lines in text in the interface. Version 1.0.0, 2020.01.12, changes (Since Beta 0.4.2): Note: This version is a complete rewrite of the code, having no relation to what issues previous versions may have had. Models: Added "Inherit bend angles" for parts, affects the "Inherit bend" timeline setting in Mine-imator. Added "Render depth" option, affects timeline setting in Mine-imator. Added "Inflate" for shapes, expands/contracts corners of a shape by units. Added "Bend" option for shapes, enabled by default. Added "Face camera" option for shapes. Added "Hover" option for shapes. Added "Hide front" and "Hide back" options for planes and 3D planes. Added locking for parts and shapes, locking a part affects their Mine-imator timeline. Default bend angle limit now goes from -180, to 180 degrees. Replaced "Direction" option with custom bend range options. Shapes will now bend smoother based on their parts bend size. Interface: Updated interface as part of the current rebrand. Interface is setup similar to Mine-imator, allowing support for panel to be arranged and combined. Added shape outlines in viewport. Added right-click menu. (You'll find most "missing" options in it.) Added "Darker" theme setting. Added setting for SSAO in modeling viewport. Added auto-scrolling when group selecting elements near top/bottom of panel. Added FPS setting. (30 or 60.) Added settings for custom controls. Added "Smooth camera" setting. Added "Blocky bending" setting. (Replaces old pinching setting.) Added "Preview mode", allows for previewing your model with proper lighting. Shapes can now be rearranged in parts. Parts will now auto-expand when hovered over when moving elements. Removed model creation process, any .mbtemplate, .mimodel, .mbbackup file can be used as a template for a new model. Removed save prevention, models will save regardless of errors present. Added Swedish translation by @Hozq. Tools: Added pivot tool. (For editing pivot offset of a shape.) Added scale tool. Transform tool. (Contains gizmos for XYZ position, XYZ rotation, and XYZ scale.) Changed how snapping works, now one setting that applies to most values. Added "Slow shape generation" setting. (Helps for editing slow models, looks cool when open a model too.) Added "Refresh textures on focus" setting. (Useful for editing textures while working a model.) Added backups. Changed UV editor shortcut to "Ctrl + E". Bugfixes: Fixed hierarchy sorting being offset. Fixed crash when editing models that bend. Fixed issues related to model loading/saving found in previous beta versions. Fixed warnings preventing saving. Fixed 3D planes not bending properly in most scenarios.
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    Chair Model

    You should probably sit down. Here, use this! DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1ffkvjbvleyn6jc/Chair.zip/file
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    Little Turtle

    'AKM' fire and reload motion!

    It's the last video of 2019! See you in 2020!
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    KRISS Super V (Vector SMG)

    Is this one of your favorite firearm in the game you are playing? well, this is available for you now! KRISS Super V, Vector SMG for Mine-Imator (LQ Edition) This rig made by me using Mine-Imator Community Build 1.0.3 Download go to my page HQ edition will be available for a limited time, at certain times. 100% Mine-Imator
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    Orbital Defense is online

    EOD (Enhanced Orbital Defense)
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    So I Haven't Online For Like, 1 Year Because Animating Stuff,Sorry For That, But Anyways, In The Last Post I Said I Will Make Onstrein Rig From Dark Souls,But I'm Too Lazy For That So I Made This,Which Is More Harder Than That But Unlike My Previous Rig ThisOnly Took Me 4 Days To Make This Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3lbmgb0yc3vto46/Bone_Dragon_Knight.rar/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/3lbmgb0yc3vto46/Bone_Dragon_Knight.rar/file Pict (No Pict No Click Right?) : UPDATED VERSION: -New Sword -Added Cape -New Shoes -Spaudler (Some Kind Of Shoulder Armor) -Updated Fingers -New Belt -Eye Changed To Red (And I Also Make It Glow ) -Mouth (It's Not A Helmet btw It's His Head) Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8bayb6a1jv94rox/Berseker_Zake.rar/file Pict: Credit (Of Course): Thanks Baren9789For The Junggernaut Rig (I Use That For The Legs And Arms) His Link: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/profile/34961-baren9789/ Last Update: New: Caped Changed To Red New Belts (Back To The 1st One) New Pants New Spaudler New Gloves Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qjcxaca0oe2nb5p/Doom_Blade.rar/file SpeedRender:
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    Bone Wings

    Hello! It's me again! The sunny shib guy! If you are interested in Terraria Rigs you can go here and follow it: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/74899-terraria-rig-pack/ Bonewings: Bone Feather: And some quick info: Im really tired of making this and im losing motivation to do this... Im not sure if I will ever fully release Terraria Rig Pack... It's just hard as hell to do such a big thing without someone's help... Yes, I know that im creating this with Rawami but it's still so damn hard... That was all of the rigs... Hope you enjoyed Downloads: http://www.mediafire.com/file/t57a2t645can73y/Bone+Wings.rar
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    Couch (recolorable :0)

    Thta's what happens when you rename your couch "jeb_"
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    Baldi's RIg

    Here My BALDIS's RIG Download HERE!
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    SpringTrap Rig

    Great, another one. Try something original next time.
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    Rain Particle

    Rain Particle http://www.mediafire.com/download/ahmh8gnk5ms498u/Rain_Particles.rar Please subscribe my youtube channel for new Particle.
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    My first gun rig

    Good effort for a new guy.
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    The Last Day | 4K Wallpaper

    It's The Last Day on Earth. The Planet is uninhabitable, one settlement now remains with the last few people on Earth, these are the unlucky ones who didn't get the chance to escape to another planet, so they live here until their resources finally run out.... Made With Mine-Imator: Community Build. Took around 3/4 hours to make. Use this wherever and however you like, just don't claim it as your own, thanks! ;3 ====================================================================================================== Previous Wallpaper:
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    Chair Rig

    It's really not supposed to be exciting, but rather help people who need it
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    Carton Box Rig!

    Hello everyone! I made this carton box rig, it can be opened, destroyied, or store your diamonds and send them to your loved ones! It took me almost 1 hour to make so please credit me if used (optional tho) IMAGES: Box: Sides: Opened Box: DOWNLOAD:
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    Marionette Puppet In a Box [FNAF Rig]

    Here's Marionette/The Puppet/jack in a box i don't think there is any confirmed name yet. Here it is! He was very easy to make, and i didn't put that much detail on him. Credits to Legoskeleton for the skin!
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    If it's blocked in your country: http://www.stuffbydavid.com/download/mineimator_rendering.mp4
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    I fixed the problem to combine the schematics to the right parts on these wings. You can put these wings on your player so it'll be like they're part Enderdragon. Pictures: Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?bnxm557dclc9cki
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    Chair Rig

    Not to be mean, but this is a really boring rig.
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    God, bendy and the ink machine.... Its just like fad and undertale, gets WAY overrated in minutes....
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    Chair Rig

    I could not bother downloading it so i made my own version. I did not copy it. sorry!
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