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    @Pigeon_ For the skateboard
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    Sorry for the double status but I've been having some thoughts and only just got my finger on what exactly they are. I didn't really know why I took my little break but after people on foreign affairs talked about some of their problems I really started to figure out what was going on. Well, there were some personal things I wanted to fix, which I did, but I also realized some of those problems were caused by the same thing that caused the forums' problems, and I gave in. You see, the last straw, the nail in the coffin that made me take my break, was the profile picture thing. If you weren't online to see exactly what happened, basically me and a couple other people copied the profile picture of a certain user and mocked them a little. It was pretty harmless, but pretty toxic as well. That was when I got my first warning point in the last 2 years. That was when I knew there was a problem, I just didn't know exactly what problem drove me to some silly, immature, and kinda unnecessary joke. Older members have been leaving, which isn't a bad thing in itself, but new members have been taking their place. That isn't a bad thing either, but it can sometimes feel like they're overpowering good, wholesome content. Again, they have every right to post their creations, but there is a certain attitude among a lot of them. I keep feeling the need to say it, but none of this is anyone's fault. It was all happening kind of subconsciously, don't blame anyone for having a toxic attitude. Anyway, there are a lot of new users who I think just don't really understand criticism that well. It's okay to make bad content, it's normal. It is always possible to fix, and it should be encouraged to fix. But it seems like a lot of the newer users take emotional responses to people practicing this mindset. Criticism is always a good thing, and it kind of baffles me that anyone takes offense to any criticism. Whether or not it's good criticism is up for argument, but in any case, criticism should never be considered a personal offense, to you or your work. Still with me? Good, I'm just getting started. So this attitude, this attitude that implied criticism was worthless and that new users should be told they are perfect and that this attitude was the right attitude and that anyone who disagreed is just inherently rude, started to cause some problems. Older users who actually gave advice, sometimes jokes, couldn't help but feel offended by this new mindset. A lot of people were antagonized or invalidated, which only made things worse. These same older users felt the need to push their criticism further, getting more aggressive. After all, you can't really argue against the mindset of the newer users, so the only thing we know how to do is practice ours more aggressively. This escalated and only made it easier for new users to antagonize them, both sides thinking they're doing the right thing. This only created a very toxic atmosphere, with the divide getting bigger and bigger. Some new users felt the need to defend each other and gather together in groups, upvoting each other and downvoting others when there was a disagreement. There is more I could talk about that, but I'm pretty confident on the cause of some trivial things that piled up over the last couple months (more or less). This affected all of us, including me. I finally gave into the toxic atmosphere and I realized there was a problem I needed to fix. At the time I had no idea what was wrong with the community, so I just took a while off to refresh myself and think about all of it. In short, the whole community lost itself and made people feel unwelcome. The only change we can really make to fix it is personal improvement, nothing that can be encouraged. I think we all just need to kind of take a step back and keep an open mind to the input of other people. We're all important, and it's never healthy to invalidate other people, even if it's for the sake of helping yourself (yet still, in this case it does not help yourself). Happy day my friends.
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    Ricky T

    most animated test yet

    Hey fellas its me again. So I was animating yesterday and out of nowhere I decided to animate 2 characters at the same time, but with a twist. They have to be animated in my best abilities and have to be constantly moving (not even 1 second of standing still). I'm actually thinking of continuing this animation and making like an animated short (5-10 mins). Helpful feedback is appreciated! By the way unlike any of my previous animations this one hasn't been edited, I used footage straight from Mine Imator. (mostly because I was animating this for like an hour). Anyways enjoy!
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    Murder in the Halls 4K

    It was suppose to be for Halloween but I didn't finish it in time Anyways here it is, also I didn't edit this time (I was lazy) CC appreciated but don't be rude about it or to other peoples CC pls
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    pretty damn soon™

    pretty damn soon™
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    Not sure if I mentioned it here on the forums(I know I have on the Discord.), but Modelbench 1.0.0 will have an option on by default to backup models like Mine-imator with settings to change how many is allowed to be saved and how frequent a model should be backed up. Now since the "Parts must have unique names" warning will still remain to prevent saving to the main file(Because Mine-imator won't load them and don't worry, it's been fixed.), backup files are not affected by this warning and will save with duplicate parts.
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    Ricky T

    Blood warning | Smooth Arrow Death

    another short test, testing out dying and stuff. i know it's like 6 seconds but I still like it. Plus I can't figure out how to do scenery without my pc dying so I can't make pretty looking longer animations ;-; anyways enjoy and as always helpful criticism is appreciated!
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    So after a week of thinking about it, and multiple friends pushing me to do it, im announcing my departure from MI all together, my last animation will be a Doctor Who christmas special featuring my good pals @Rollo and @Swift. I will still be on the forums and discord if any of you want to get in contact with me and what not, but anyways here are the titles for my christmas special! (theme by hardwire) im sad to say im leaving MI after 4-5 years of working with it, and in my opinion i have definitely gotten better, but its sadly time to leave it. though i might work on a few random stuff in it, but im mainly going to try out new things like blender!
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    Here is another Star Wars wallpaper with lightsabers No external softwares were used, only Mine-Imator. Enjoy !
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    Minecraft BR School

    some people just want to watch the world burn.
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    MP-18 Animating

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    Minecraft BR School

    Are you guys serious? he's a beginner, he probably didn't used mine imator that much, and you say his animations are bad? give him tips for his next animations so he can make better videos instead of just saying what he's doing is bad. So, here's some tips for you, @Batoto: 1) Avoid to use linear transitions for the characters movements, here's where you can change that: 2) Add some sounds and musics to your animations (avoid memes or MLG sound effects, that would be just cringe) 3) Put english subtitles so we can understand what does the characters says 4) Put time and efforts into the animations so it can be the most perfect as possible. Now for tips for when you use the forum: 1) Avoid to make multiple posts at the same time so you don't spam the recent topics list. If you want to post multiples things at the same time, do it in a single post. 2) Speak in english. Everyone on the forum use english, so please do it too so we can understand what you're saying. That's all I have to say, thanks for reading, and have a goodnight (at least for me, because it's 11:34 PM here).
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    A moving day in MetroCity.
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    " Simple "

    Just trying something new. (alt links)
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    @EthanForeverAlone We asserted it alright! WE ARE STATE CHAMPS!!! I would tell who we beat etc. but that would reveal where I live, sooooo We won 2-1
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    Working On TF2 Animation

    The minecraft sounds are placeholders, i forgot to add sounds to the tf2 audio folder can criticize, i just started making this
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    I made a few shirts that I happen to own.
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    (Search up Minecraft void fog) sorry I annoyed you with the reactions (Upvoted cuz,I agree with the last part)
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    Simple Wallaper

    You might want to find a higher resolution background
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    I'll be uploading these two car rigs this weekend.
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    FACIAL RIG V.1 !!!

    The download link have "SFR" on his name Does that mean you used the SKIBBZ facial rig for doing this one?