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    Taco Sauce

    First new Jack and Tug! The goal is to give it a more comic style, and add some more humor. Until I can figure out how to put it into an actual strip, separate images will have to do. (Yes I tried paint.net and other things but it didn't look right, and took way too long to accomplish anything.)
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    The Inside [4K cinematic]

    Here is my wallpaper The Inside. Feel free to give criticism. I have had this idea for a long time but never executed it until now. Enjoy! 100% MI. Again, please give criticism or some support, and thanks for viewing! I'll see you later.
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    A Jungle Adventure (2k)

    so I was bored, took some break from my animation series and made this in 3 hours bye, I don't have any description lol
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    bananas rotate

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    Hello! i'm super tired, but here's a recreation render of RE:2 remake Poster in MC Style. This took me for about day in a half to make (And finished it right know) Please be nice about this. It was a headache to make this accurate as possible: Credits: (Cuz it's very important give credits to Capcom) Capcom Co., Ltd. - Characters and the series. Me - Most the work on this poster (From skin making to editing and stuff)
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    Starting Anew

    So for a while I've kinda been on and off and on and off with the whole Jack and Tug comic. It was spammy at first, then I made them too long but not often enough... so I am completely re-doing the comic. Go ahead and throw anything you learned from the comic previously out the window. Basically I want an actual story, with more characters, and a more comic strip design. I also want a constant upload schedule, so you guys won't be surprised by a random Jack and Tug comic. Plus I think the original comic wasn't going anywhere anyways. With this new one, I can throw in funny ones along with the story. Hopefully you guys enjoy this more than the original. And I think I will enjoy making this more. Be sure to let me know what you think of this change, and uh, have a little teaser-ish poster as a filler for now.
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    Animal Things

    Trying to get an upload schedule going. Gonna try for Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but I may end up switching to 2 a week instead of 3. This is the official start of the first chapter. Including some new characters already! Also, if you wanna see who's in this one, check the tags for the post at the top for their names. Also this isn't gonna be called Jack and Tug anymore. I need a new name for it. << First < Previous Next> Last>>
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    NEW LIFE #CreepsterStudios If you can, then tip me with a buck! (It is nothing compared to all the efforts I put into my videos! ) - https://www.patreon.com/creepsterstudios (Even a single dollar will do.) - SynopsiS - In the year 3019,the human race is actively searching for other life supporting planets. Earth is no more their home. So, World Space Union began to send manned spaceships to all the planets that were assumed to be life supporting. Thus, Jixaw arrives on Kepler 442b - 1,206 light years away from Earth. This planet was the last hope for Mankind. This video shows Jixaw landing on Kepler 442b and his memories takes him to the old, once prosperous Earth and it's presnt condition. -CREDITS- * "Cutting Power" by IFartUrGeneralDirection - Freesound.org - https://freesound.org/people/IFartInUrGeneralDirection/sounds/66212/ * "Earth Tones" by Hpnotic718 https://soundcloud.com/hpnotic718 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/qtEMzxvCBZQ * Interstellar Spaceships Rig from The Tan James - https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/33574-interstellar-space-pack-rigs-with-tutorial/
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    Farcry Minecraft

    if this real, it will be my best game
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    Mohamed AR

    Motorcycle rig

    I made it by my self and if you will share it write "By Mohamed AR" it took many time I am Arabic from Egypt if found wrong words Download Link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/i02dcsx0svdz7he/Motorcycle.rar/file What are your opinions about it
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    This is ok.

    this is ok.
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    9redwoods Logo on Table [4K]

    This is something I did... yeah Made in Paint.NET and Affinity Photo
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    People featured: @Jake_28 @Cubic Ralsei @MineRig @Red @CutieTheCat666 and Aluwyn (who isn't on the mine imator forums)
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    [were waiting thats why the title says waiting cause we are waiting for waiting ok waiting]
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    City Streets [2K]

    Hello Apparently, this was worthy of posting here, so enjoy! Criticism is welcome. Edited: Unedited: Inspiration: Have a great day!
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    my drawing

    i havent drawn anything for about 3-5 years i think
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    //I know that is the stupidest name ever cuz I can't think the other name XD BTW here is my render
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    I don't have a skin that fit for this render (im too lazy to make one) so im using steve.
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    Evgen Rig

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/awbi84zpeub85a1/Hvosch.rar/file
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    Breackfast Set

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1r8uch142d190wr/Breakfast_Set.rar/file
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    Cubic Ralsei

    Project Fangz (SFR V6 Edit)

    Original rig by SKIBBZ: Basically, this is SFR but with fangs and more glinty eyes. Here's a lazy example (with eyes removed) of the face rig. The fangs can be disabled by just making them invisible. I also have added a glint to the eyes, which can be used for a light reflection effect thing, or just for cosmetic/cute purposes. The eyes have a more glinty texture and can still be colored, and things like the eyebrows can be colored too (like the original SKIBBZ rig) Update: I have added 2 pixel tall eye textures, i have updated the download to have them included. Setting up the face rig is just as usual, put the mouth, eyes etc in the head of your character. I have also included furry face things like "OwO" and "TwT" eyes and mouths because why not. By the way, no need to credit at all, but credit is still appreciated. Here's the download: Download
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    WHOOO HE SAID YES thanks for the inspiration, I really needed it
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    upcoming project

    upcoming project
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    so i've barely existed for nearly a year 'n' stuff i randomly had once decided to come back to this website and hurrah i remember mine-imator so during my time of absence i've decided just messing around with it and well, did some lil' tests that are in no way worthy of an entire thread but just a little status i don't know how links work again so if i mess up entirely, f they are absolutely nothing special but i'm just going to leave them here also goodbye for another year
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    Mohamed AR

    Car rig

    I am working on a car now and i will finish it about some days
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    5 upvotes and I ask my crush out
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    Random S.Y.N. Poster

    I made this weird poster for fun honestly, I have been off the forums for a long time and missed everyone XD. So, just a little something before I finally release an episode of my series. (The episode is nothing related to S.Y.N. sadly. (I am not a huge fan at how rough the edges are, but I'll live with it for now XD)
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    THE ... SCRIP!?

    Felt like making something, so this was made.
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    New Channel Banner Speedart

    hey uh im warning you it kinda sucks really bad but here it is anyways Speedart: plain old art at 6:49
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    Police chase [ 2K ]

    Small car [ breakable ] By @Ghatos Light bar by @Mineshaft Animation hope you like it
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    a Cinema 4D Render by me

    a random render
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    How to Break Glass

    How to Break/Shatter Glass! Sooner or later (if you haven't already) you'll come across a point where you need a glass pane or a window to break! Doing that is sometimes tricky, but it only matters you take on it right! As usually, there are 2 methods you can do this with: First method - Particles! - (easier to create, more practical, not as realistic) You want to make a custom image for particles. I best recommend you to copy Mine Imator's original one and modify it, so you know what you're doing (but be sure to COPY it, not take the original!). Mine Imator --> Data --> Minecraft --> the .zip file --> assets --> minecraft --> textures --> particle. On the image, you should see a bunch of familiar states of Minecraft particles. At the same time, you should open the glass block texture, which can be found in the same directory; ... textures --> block. Then select parts of the glass texture you want to use as particles and paste them in the particle texture over existing particles (replace existing particles with bits of the glass block - that's why you needed to copy the image). Once you have added 5 glass particles or so, save the image anywhere, and save it with the .png format! From then, open Mine Imator and make a new particle spawner. Set the spawn rate not to be constant and determine how you want particles to move (assuming you know how they work - if not, i'm making a tutorial on particle spawners once the idea gets voted). When determining the particle, select the texture we've just made and click on one of the glass pieces we've added in as a particle. Lastly, on the point of impact, make the glass block invisible and make the particle spawner summon the glass particles - your glass block just shattered! Second method - Items! - (as realistic as it gets, harder to create and even harder to animate) For this part, we're going to be using an itemsheet - i'll include a download link to several itemsheet presets i made on the bottom of this post. Do the same as we did with the particle method, but we need to use up all pixels of the glass block, so if you put all the items thogether, you'd get a face of the glass block - which is exactly what we're doing right now. Open Mine Imator and import a new item, change it's texture to the texture of the itemsheet with glass we've just made. Select the first item texture and place it somewhere, then adjust it's rotation point, so the item is in the center (it usually only requires you to adjust the Y value). Add more items until you build the glass block face and all items have their rotation points in the center. Then place all your items in a folder and duplicate it 5 times until you build the entire glass block. If you want to animate the glass block shattering, you need to animate each item flying out of the block. If you want to animate the items flying out in an arc, place individual items in a folder. Then move the item outwards with a linear transition and rotate it as you wish. Then create the first and the last keyframe on the folder and raise the folder up in the middle of the action. From then just give an "ease out" transition to the first folder keyframe and an "ease in" to the second one. For anyone who is confused with the explanation above, i've also made a video tutorial explaining it: Itemsheet presets link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hc6s2ypwyd741rc/Sharp's+Itemsheet+Presets.zip ~Stay Sharp
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    Divided 4 Official Trailer!

    Divided 4 Trailer! You probably know my Divided fight series - a popular minecraft animation triology, with over 260 thousand views and a sparking discussion in the community. Nearly two years later i bring you the next episode! The link i'm sending here is a trailer to the animation, which is around 18 minutes long, and the trailer is premiering in 50min after this got posted. Stay tuned as i bring you the final episode and close the story and all possible cliffhangers. I promise that this episode will contain much more story and a big spectacle! After all... - We all die, so why not be happy? ~Stay Sharp
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    Cubic Ralsei

    Rebels. (4K Cinematic)

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    Another drawing that i did

    i did some test for hair will improve overtime BTW this character is based of my oc RAVEN MEIYO
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    A test animation

    Hello, this is my first combat test animation. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I put all my hardwork into it.
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    Corrupt Goldfish

     Hello sunny shib here, ok as first go here and follow it to know any future updates of Terraria Rig Pack: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/74899-terraria-rig-pack/ Ok here's da rig Corrupt Goldfish: Corrupt Goldfish Banner: I hope you enjoy this little Rig! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6l3ds5iyyvv13l3/Corrupt+Goldfish.rar
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    everybody on the Discord was showing off their skin variations so I decided to make this in about half an hour, enjoy frens
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    Just a preview of some vehicle.

    Just a preview of some vehicle.
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    [oc]-raven meiyo

    im bored as hell
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    Police Officer & Inmate Rig

    Here's another rig i made [ just edit with ms paint, Photoshop, etc to include your skin ] Includes : - Police officer - Inmate - Police Radio - Baton - USP match pistol [ Made by @EnderSculptor ] Coming Soon: - Police taser - Handcuffs - Speed gun - Sunglasses Note: Please credit when used >>>> DOWNLOAD <<<<
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    Hey, Hytale just released new tracks! check them out!
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    Advanced Steve and Alex rig

    Hello... allow me to say that after 2 years of vacation from this forum, i've come to the decision to do a slight tweak to my rig due to version difference issues, turn it into .miobject (it was .object), and release my rig for everyone. Maybe someone already did what i did, and it's pretty much old, but not obsolete... Idk, you tell me First off... i will show you the rig Now you see the image... time to see how the rig actually works. Focus on how the character moves. Now you pretty much understand it, do you? it's all about fluid animation I created this rig somewhere around 2016 (When mine-imator is at 1.0.0 release 5 back then) when i read a tutorial about making a smooth camera shake, and folder as camera's pivot point trick (Which makes camera orbit feature useless, and removed). This makes me think that i can apply this trick to player models. It can't be achieved with basic player model, it has to be body parts joined together. This is a character rig, much more focused on fluid animation. The rig allows you to move any parts of the body in multiple directions, i mean... you can move the arm forward while having it to shake during transition (overlapping movement), one layer to move it forward, another one to move it left and right repeatedly as shown in the video. It's basically body pieces with folders, and armor... Now it depends on your animation skill for best results. Download the rig here You can try it yourself, call me/quote me if you used it in your animation because i want to know how effective it was. And about the armor, you can swap the textures for diamond or others, you may be required to duplicate the armor object if you try for colored leather armor.
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