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    Shooting Star (Wallpaper)

    This wallpaper was heavily inspired by 9redwoods' "Small Wallpaper Dump" post. This one in particular. Fun fact: I was going to make a time-lapse video for this, but I only recorded the progress in Mine-Imator so for the last hour or so it was recording a black screen while I was in Photoshop. Nice. Un-edited
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    Hello, Prismatic Spirit here! So I've been into Beat Saber lately and now I want that game really bad, it has gotten into me so much that I spent a week making this render of my character Samson cutting to the rhythm of the song. 21:9, 1440p Ultrawide 2019-05-18 Created by Prismatic Spirit Credits to SoundsDotZip for providing us with ACM V3, giving me a 3D model of Samson's hair, Hozq for giving his a lens flare pack. took me nearly a week to get him on time tjiuwersvhndfsiujexgdfbvfc CRITIQUE IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED! BY USING YOUR SUPPORT, I CAN MAKE BETTER RENDERS THAN MY OLDER ONES!
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    Minecraft Logo

    Just like what the title said Preview: nothing to explain, lol download button below: btw, I haven't test it on Mine-Imator yet, so if there's a problem you know what to do v: It's ok if you don't credit me for this (better to do v:), just don't claim that you made this also, I made a logo/title for animation I want to make.. This one is private tho, I just showing it here
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    Super Solomob 422

    Realistic Water Shine

    I made this with a few textures, and I'd say it's the most realistic shine on water I've ever seen. HOWEVER, it doesn't have reflections, yet. Download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/364018723486564353/577593964446744589/Realistic_Water.zip Tell me what you think should be added/changed and I'll make sure to try it and/or update it.
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    A god observes the world he's created

    This was originally just gonna be another test to see how I could effectively warp large landscape to fit within the the camera's range. But then I got the same idea I had as last time and added the terrifying beast himself into the wallpaper. @willingsas I think this one turned out just a bit less nicely than the last one I made but I still like the end result lol
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    The Doom Fist (My OC)

    Images: With Suppresing Armor: Without Suprresing Armor: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ua4f18ndybxlx8k/Doom_Fist.rar/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/m5q3qehy0ax0sss/Doom_Fist_Full_Dragon.rar/file SpeedRenders:
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    10 Years already... [2K wallpaper]

    Minecraft is 10 years old... Even though I've started playing it around 2012, it gives me so much nostalgia :') To celebrate that, here's a wallpaper I've made that shows the evolution of minecraft: What do you think?
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    Dr. Nexil

    Minecraft for 10 years (4K cinematic)

    I've personally only been playing Minecraft for 5 years, but it's still long enough to feel pretty nostalgic today. (I know it's kinda late, but it's still May 17 somewhere) HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY MINECRAFT! It's just a quick something, I was busy playing "Minecraft Classic" in my browser with a friend for the entirety of my free time. Constructive feedback is most appreciated! Until next time, [insert Enderman noise here]!
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    Portland [2K]

    Here the puddle isnt good but i tried my best. dont look too hard at it and it wont ruin the wallpaper for you. Unedited: Criticism is appreciated. I'll see you all later!
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    Beacon Beam

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    Bus Prank

    Credit to @Dawid24M for the bus model (the model was really easy and fun to work with!) Credit to @Ghatos for these nice low detail vehicles driving in the background (the model was exactly what I was looking for, with lots of variations and fits nicely on this city road!)
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    The Bionic Arm Pack

    Hello! I'm very proud to introduce that I'm back with an updated version of my old bionic arm! Now featuring fixed fingers, a right arm, variants for Alex, multiple re-skins and a separate HD version for those with 128x128 skins. Reskins include Camouflage, Gold Worn, Gold Steel Hybrid, Light Grey, and two Rusted textures! How do I retexture the template to have my skin? DOWNLOAD LINKS Normal Bionic Arm Pack HD Bionic Arm Pack (For 128x128 skins) Enjoy!
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    [PD2]Longfellow Rig - 2.0

    I found this rig on my deep side of my SDD, and I remaked it lmao Click Here to get this old friend
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    [DTO] Kar98K With 5 PUBG Skin

    DAFFA IS BACK!!! Kar98K With 5 PUBG Skin *5 PUBG Skin *2 Type Model *Detail Model *Include Magazine Info *Made in Modelbench *Scaled in 0.20 *For Mine Imator 1.1.4 or Higher Download Here Want Donate for me Via Paypal? : Here Credit me If you post Art with this Rig
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    10 Years

    This game is literately a part of me. I've spent many hours of my life from a crappy dell laptop, to a gaming laptop, then this PC, and i had never stopped playing Minecraft. I played the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, i have played Minecraft PE the first months it been out (hell i remember when lite edition was a thing). All those jokes about "if you haven't done [insert idea or thingy in any Minecraft version], then your not a true fan. The funny part is is that i have done everyone of those things. a piece of my heart will always be here for Minecraft. I'm gonna stop rambling, if anything i sound kinda dumb saying this, but here's the wallpaper
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    Another Wallpaper

    I tried my best. I didn't really mess with the new updates this time. Maybe I will later this week. I appreciated your thoughts and opinions on this wallpaper, feel free to comment on it! Ignore the sideways logs on the trees. It wasn't like that in the original world, or at least I didn't notice it when I downloaded the world.
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    JB Animations

    The Tale of a Few Seconds

    I was struggling with whether I'd post this in Narrative Animations or Random/Test Animations. But ultimately, I decided to post it here : The cape rig is made by the all talented @Dr. Nexil Aaaaaand that's just about it, peace
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    When you reply (or even react) to a status update, you automatically recieve a notification everytime someone replies. You can't change that in the notifications settings and it's super annoying! >_< It should be like posts: you choose to recieve notifications or not. Please someone who still have contact with David, please ask him to change that. I'm not the only one who complained about that.
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    This is mainly a test for fake displacements maps in mine-imator. With the help of @JosSamLoh I figured out how they work and can be achieved in mine-imator. I plan on using a lot more fake displacement maps for future photo realistic renders. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: The wall consists of 2340 surfaces.
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    Prologue: As you know, Minecraft is 10 today. 10 years is a long time, a whole decade. In that time you can age 10 years and if you only pooped once a year you'd've done 10 poops by now. If each poop was 100 KG I would be very concerned for your diet and health. Anyways, the total weight would be an entire metric tonne. Minecraft isn't old enough to drive or anything but it's a nice milestone. You've heard of the announcements, likely. If it wasn't from the recent leaks it was from the official posting today. Minecon Earth is now Minecon Live and there's a new Minecraft AR game callled Minecraft Earth. I'm not making this post to praise it. 10 years of popularising sandbox games, enabling creativity, entertaining, introducing friends, building, mining, experiences, even this whole community born from it and this is all it gets. A Minecon rename and an AR game. My thoughts: My thoughts on the Minecon rename; that isn't even 1% of a worthy celebration. I don't even know what they were thinking, I guess it's solely to get rid of the new-found confusion with Minecraft Earth. It being livestreamed seems to be a major bragging point buuuuut, I'm pretty sure I did watch a livestream last year with Minecon Earth. This is just a rename, I guess it's well-intentioned but this is about 50% of what they think the celebration is. I have no further comment on this. Minecraft Earth, I don't know about you, I'm sure a lot of people will probably enjoy it, but I don't think AR is that good of a style of game. Especially for Minecraft of all things. It's like Super Mario VR or Doom the text-based dungeon crawler. It doesn't work that well. I'll elaborate, Mario is based-on platforming and in the 3D games it's also based on the idea of a collectathon. Those are the values of Super Mario games. In Doom you run around and savagely maim and kill anything that gets in your way. That's the Doom essence. The recent 2016 game deviated a bit in a few regards but it still upholds the same basic idea and values. Minecraft is a bit more complicated; it's what you choose it to be. "what you choose it to be" can be the essence but there's a few other things you need to think about. Minecraft is about building, Minecraft is about mining, Minecraft is about forming your own world away from reality. Now ditch the concept of another world away from this one where you can do anything you like. Ditch the concept of being away from reality. You have Lego for this, that's assuming they can somehow get a useful building function to work. I don't know how that's going to happen, the announcements are vague at the moment. Yeah, Lego. If you really want Lego without the physical mess and foot pain (I am immune!) I guess this fits what you want but I can't see how it works otherwise. Also, a while ago it was said that Notch would have no part in the """celebrations"""", i believe because of his actions on social media. Knowing him he's probably fine with it but he started this all. Without him there would be no Minecraft. At least mention him once, thank him or something. The tribute: I made the topic for this and so I'll get to it now. Despite today Minecraft has been going surprisingly strong for the past few years, even after Microsoft. Things have gone somewhat downhill, especially with the rushed update and the controversial new textures but, at least before that, MC has almost always been consistently enjoyable. I started playing in early to mid 2013 and although I cannot achieve the same vibe I first got from playing the game I still enjoy it a lot of the time. A lot of new things have been added. I'd personally mark 1.8 being the highlight of my time with Minecraft. I enjoy 1.9's changes to combat, making it more than a stupid spamming of weapons. I enjoy the addition of the elytra and usage of fireworks to boost them for fast travel. I enjoy the new depth added to the end and the post-game (or late-game if you're like Tdit and bridge to the end islands without killing the dragon) end cities you can access. There are many things I wasn't around to enjoy such as the early days of the game where each moment had a challenge and urgency you could liken to a boss fight with the inability to run from mobs making it sure you'd need skill and courage to survive. Minecraft has always, in most forms anyway, been a very poignant game with an incredible feeling behind it that's hard to describe. The current plans for the movie don't seem to be taking note of this at all and it looks like it's going to have something to do with a mix of real-life and Minecraft, which is a missed opportunity but my rant is over so I guess I'll let that slide for now. Minecraft hasn't been as good as it used to be but it's still something to enjoy for most people, Minecraft Classic is there for the true (but not very authentic (they tried their best)) classic experience for pure nostalgia and the recent updates, although they seem to become rushed, have a lot of enjoyable content for new players. Epilogue: I've left a poll on this topic for you to give your thoughts on updates old and new and the """celebrations""" today. It's really just there to keep count, feel free to elaborate in a reply. It's even better if you make a wall-of-text reply or even another topic to share your thoughts and tributes to this incredible game and open-endedly not-so-incredible 10th anniversary. Thank you for reading this. Thank Minecraft for this all. Thank you Notch, for making Minecraft.
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    10 years of journey

    So yeah, Minecraft is officially 10 years old! Happy 10th Birthday! 5/17/2009 - 5/17/2019
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    Hozq's Hand Models

    It's a hand model! It changes itself with the skin. There's two versions. 3 Pixel arms (Alex) & 4 Pixel arms (Steve) Applying it is as simple as just parenting the hands to the arms of a character! No skin editing required. Please be sure to credit me if you use this model in any bigger projects. Thank you.
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    Celebrating 10 Years

    100% MI, two projects put together with Hitfilm. Happy 10 years of mining and crafting.
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    A quick wallpaper I made for Minecraft's 10th birthday. Here's to more years to come! - Mariobros1045 (Lord of Tacos)
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    "I am Iron Man." I present to you all, the Iron Man MK. III Rig. Based off of the MCU MK. II suit. Features: -Openable Helmet! (Change skin of head inside to your preference) -Missile Gimmick -Repulsors -Glows in the dark Pictures: Hovering: Landing: Repulsors/Unibeam/Missiles: Glow: Download:
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    Essential Meme Lord

    S.C.P. Keycard Reader Rig

    Hi! this is my second public rig, and yea, this doesn't look really good but i hope you enjoy it. There are 2 types of texts: Access Granted and denied ( you need to use visibility) DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2c63is82udi8css/SCP_KEYCARD_READER_RIG.zip/file
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    [Wallpaper] A New Day

    I haven't posted something in forever. the uganda knuckles sans is my friends skin i didnt choose it
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    Old city

    my first time being here and my first time using MI soo my first wallpaper CC will be nice
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    Particles hitting other objects

    I dont know if its just me but i want an option for particles that when they hit another object (such as your scenery) they bounce of of it or land on top of it.
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    10th Year Anniversary

    I know this is a bit early, but I just wanted to post my 10 year anniversary wallpaper. I couldn't make anything big but I was limited on time so this is the best I can do. It's still baffles me that so many years that I have spent on this game, I will always love this game. And probably will keep loving it for years to come. Thank you Mojang, Notch, and everyone that I have befriended from this masterpiece. Thank you. -Nzshark6
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    This is the First ever Model and Rig I made for the Better Villagers Rigs Includes: Moving Arms Moving Fingers Moving Wrists Bendable Nose Movable Eyes Bendable Eyebrow Opening/Bendable Mouth DOWNLOAD: CLICK HERE
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    Enviromental Props Pack

    The Banner is Currently W.I.P do you want to decorate your scene but you don't have time to make new models? well then this is a rig pack for you Hello, and welcome to the Environmental Props Pack this is both a rigs and a models pack, this rig in its current state is abit limited, but this rig will still be updated What do we have in the pack currently? if there is a green text, that mean you can just customize it with just one click using 16x16 texture if there is a Yellow text, that mean you can modify it, but you need some extra editing Rock and Pebbles: Spike: some self-made Flower: Logs: A Tree Swing suggested by @SharpWind: Foods! (W.I.P): Texture Presets (24 Textures): Preview of the Final Product: most of this models focus around rocks but the next update will be focusing on improving the overworld and indoor stuff Download Click me i'm also open to community suggestion, so suggest me any models that (for you) improve your scene so that i will try to recreate what you suggest and if you find any problem/bug, report it in DM or in this topic comment That's its bye
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    what is that it is my birthday haha happy birthday everyone
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    PLEASE stop enabling bleed light on EVERYTHING. THAT'S NOT HOW IT WOOORKSSS!!!!! It's supposed to be a way to fake Subsurface Scattering, which only applies to skin and very thin objects, which are translucent, NOT OPAQUE OBJECTS! This really annoys me lol. If you see people doing this please send this to them, and get them to do some research! Of course, it's also okay to use it to fake rim lights, but that's it!
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    A fellow Linux/Unix user here! Unfortunately Mine-Imator is written using GameMaker Studio, of all things. That wouldn't be much of a problem by itself but Mine-Imator relies on DirectX for rendering and other libraries written and compiled for Windows systems in order to make up for the shortcomings of GMS. A port isn't completely un-viable in the future but as of now it can't be done because everything would need to be rewritten to an extent to fit *nix systems. I'm not sure whether MI uses some edge-cases which requires it to use DirectX, even though I believe OpenGL is available for GameMaker but either way it'd be a very hefty job which nobody is ready for as of now. If you're interested in the source code then you can find it here at David's Github.
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    Recently came back to MI after not using it for a long time, made this in like 1&half our, hope ya like it
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    Cubic Ralsei

    Shape accurate shadows

    It would be cool if there was an option that would allow users to have shape accurate shadows that don't smooth out on bends or curved shapes. This is what i mean by the non-accurate shadows:
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    Oshawott rig

    mi tercera plataforma ( Steve not included ) descargar mediafire
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    Hi, everyone. It's been almost a year since I've posted my last wallpaper. I decided to finally post something, because if I had to be honest... I am pretty proud of how this turned out. I also wanted to test out Mine-Imator 1.2.3 officially. While I think some things could be fixed like the lighting and posing. I think I have improved in a way. Most of this wallpaper was made using Mine-Imator only. The only things I edited in using Photoshop was a bit of the vignette and the signature. Everything else is made using Mine-Imator 1.2.3. Hope you enjoy. I worked pretty hard on this with the help of some people like SuperSolomob422 for helping me with the angle and such, since I messed that up a bit. Unedited: Hope you all enjoy! This was really fun to make like most wallpapers I do. Have a great day!
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    DooM / Retro Imp Rig

    Yes i needed to paste here the doom logo Features: well anyway welcum! Here's da doom rig Retro Imp: Mouth Tuturial Blur Eyes Tuturial So that's it, Hope you enjoyed! Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/386lju393uctn3a/Retro+Imp+Rig.rar
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    Doom / Retro Imp Sneekpeek

    So ye i made a doom rig based on Imp from the old Doom if you have any ideas how to improve it please tell me and... i would like to know in what time you would like to see this rig released
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    Another Wallpaper

    The scenery is too dark compared to the sky.
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    That's called lightning, Ethan.
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