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    Among Us Realistic 3D Model.

    Believe or not, This is maded by Mine-Imator Software, of course. And this model like I said last few months. This is a Model that are using 3 Sphere, 3 Cylinder, And then 1 Cube,And then This got a Hyper Realistic Reflection visual effect on it, This is non edited. So here it is. Very nice right? So to do this I've been using 6 Spotlight. 4 On the front, And 2 On the back. Can this Render get inside showcase Tab?
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    The Garage

    Car model: @Salem Set, animation, lighting, editing made by me Music: Elation - Raydar Special thanks to @Tysteria for giving helpful feedbacks along the way
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    I've thought about the idea of "subsurface scattering" with light bleed for a while now, and today I tried it out for the first time, and my results were successful! A real-world example of subsurface scattering for those who are confused: In Mine-imator (spotlight count: 9) Image from behind Here's the gist. Knowing spotlight range directly changes the thickness of light bleed, I set up a folder rig with one spotlight with a very dark red hue and a very high range for very thick light bleed, then I simply duplicated it and lowered its range several times for a gradient effect. The dark red/orange colors stack on each other, giving a gradient effect. A last spotlight is added with a low range as to not affect the light bleed. It's set to a blue hue to counteract the reds of the subsurface scattering. QnA: Download the test project HERE. Important notice: your results may vary depending on your render settings. For the same results as the showcase image, you will need 15% blur size and 64 shadow blur quality. Test project scaled by 8
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    Introducing tditdatdwt's Briefcase Rig (0.1) ! The newest, greatest invention made by... me, of course! This beauty comes in all wood types! Now, before you download, there are some things you need to know! - If the Briefcase is too big or too small, select the "Briefcase" file in timeline and simply resize it. No stretching pls. If you would like to open the briefcase simply rotate the "Open" file in timeline. If you do not see it then expand the "Briefcase" file. As it says, do not mess with the other file. Also do not resize "Open" just rotate it. - To change the texture simply go into the object/rig's file folder and rename the file of the wood type you would like to use to "HA" If you mess up and somehow lose track of your textures, don't worry, there's two backup folders of the textures! - Now, with that out of the way, you can proceed to the download! Leave a like if you... like! ^^^^^ DOWNLOAD!
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    Hows it look? Well, this rig was made for a small comic i'm making, i make comics cause i find it fun, and i'm a big fan of the Wii U, even though the PS4 is better, but i have always been a and will always be a nintendo fan Also, first comment gets to be in the comic [if you want to] Some feedback would be much appreciated! 8D but remember this is just a prop, it is not suppose to be "super detailed" and it's supposed to look, Minecrafty/pixelated-ish... K See ya all later!
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    Pirateship model v.1 "Not all treasure’s silver and gold, mate." Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vx85h2xyrqfyvp9/BlackPIGSHIP.rar/file Have fun if you have problem in the rig feel free to message me!
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    Introduce yourself!

    Are you new to the Mine-imator forums? If so, why not introduce yourself here? A little about me: My name is David and I like programming, making videos and listening to music. What music? We'll, pretty much anything from the 70s to the mid 90s, like rock/pop (Queen, David Bowie, 10cc), electro-pop/disco/synth (Pet Shop Boys, Sparks, Depeche Mode) or rock/synth (Simple Minds, Electric Light Orchestra). Oh, and I made Mine-imator and these forums. If you want to greet a user in this topic, post a comment or their profile or use the PM system. Please don't post that here, thanks.
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    Dr. Nexil

    The Siege Begins

    An updated version of Ahsoka based off her season 7 look
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    Funtime Supah and nightguard toast

    Some Renders i did of the newest rig i did.A rig based off @Supah.exe Tall Funtime Suaph All render's by me. set and FT soup is by me the night guard belongs to Alpha Toast
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    Random stuff pack 2

    So i made another pack with random stuff that has some good stuff and some stuff that has been made without effort 1.long chair and short table 2.Staff 3. 3d shield 4.Baby yoda (^o^) 5. Squid 6. school board 7. unfinished cup (worst model) 8. 3d camera 9. Meat thing 10. Doughnut 11. Owl (has a glitch) 12. Withered Rose 13. Thing v.2 (it was called phantom but everyone did not like the name so now it it thing) V.1 Face: V.2 Face (more face stuff): + bendable and rotatable floating thingies Download
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    Hi!!! long time no "sea"! Mummy Enderman : https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/mods-discussion/2775201-betweenlands-mine-imator-peat-mummy-rigs Hope you like it! -Edit- Non-Edit
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    sorry link
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    Hey all! Yesterday, I wrote an announcement regarding the surprise reveal of what was then going to be the new icon for Mine-imator going forward, and how the negative reception of it made me reconsider this design choice. I took this opportunity to show you a different take on the icon, and judging by the overwhelmingly positive reactions, I think it's fair to say that we've got a winner on our hands! After a few minor tweaks and touch ups, I believe it's ready, waiting to be used once Mine-imator 1.3 launches. But wait, what about Modelbench? Well, obviously I couldn't leave its icon untouched! After all, the goal of the rebrand is to unify both apps into one identity, so it's only natural to give it a fancy new icon as well! There was one challenge to overcome. What could we put in that colorful hexagon? Putting a bunch of cubes seemed like an obvious answer, but it just didn't look quite right... The Mine-imator icon had a 3D, Minecraft styled item inside that hexagon, so... Modelbench would have to follow that template, or else it just wouldn't work. But what kind of item should it be? What object is best suited to illustrate the modeling process? What about a hammer? This was an idea from Nimi, that he had while we brainstormed. It could work, you can build stuff with one of those. The question was now, "what should it look like?". His proposal was a blacksmith's hammer, but I felt like it didn't fit the program's name too well. After all, it's called Modelbench, not Modelforge... (that would've been a neat name, though!) So, in the end, we settled on the good old claw hammer. And after a bit of quick rigging and tracing... Here they are! The Mine-imator family now has its own set of icons! I hope you'll like it just as much as the one I've shown yesterday, and once again, please share any feedback you might have! See you around!
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    welp im now into pixel art

    welp im now into pixel art
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    OC | Cookie Chu

    apparently this turned into a respect/protecc thread? also officer i swear she's 1200 years old she just LOOKS like a minor i swear please it's not illegal-
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    OC | Cookie Chu

    >very short, resembles a child >catgirl >thigh-highs >1200 years old??? Yes, officer. This post right here.
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    What was the version of Minecraft you've first played? Don't you miss those times? If you do, then this is for you. Past interacting with present. Indev Steve/Beast Boy model is Not mine. It's made by @mbanders
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    Next animation will be another Boney Man. Thanks a lot. Also, extra thanks for recognizing my efforts trying to put a lot of things into it.
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    the return of the king i love these, its quite clear you put alot of effort into these which is brilliant
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    Can't see Inside Water

    Mine-imator can't deal with transparent objects (like water) well, so anything that goes behind one will stop showing. Luckily, there's a way to fix it. When you select your scenery, you'll see a panel called "properties". In the "Graphics" section, there's a setting called "Render depth". This lets you change in which order Mine-imator will 'draw' your objects on the screen, kind of like layers. Essentially, if you have something transparent in your project, make sure its render depth has a higher number than the stuff that need to appear behind it. For example, my dolphin has a render depth of 0, and my scenery has a render depth of 1:
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    Water Fresnel Experiment

    This is a render based on @YoGames Studios's incredible technique of creating accurate reflections, but with a little improvement: a Fresnel effect, where the reflection becomes stronger when reaching grazing angles, just like in real life. Water depth rig by @Keep on Chucking
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    Currently, the dawn and twilight lighting and sky colors are hard-coded, but 1.3.0 will add a toggle to disable the effect entirely:
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    There will be a few other versions as well, Here's R2-KT... R5-D4 is also in the works.
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    3D Pie Model

    Ah yes, getting pissy and arguing because a pie model looks like the in-game sprite. Never change, MIF!
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    can you make a full minecraft enchanted mob fnaf sl pack if you coulnt't make it thats ok from afif
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    Map made by @IsaacDavid @Supah.exe SansDeGamer555 Turret Download! https://www.dropbox.com/s/axevbcan8627fnd/BatiM - Chapter 1 Map.rar?dl=0 (And if someparts of the map is not visible, go to the Properties and deactvate the "Only Render in HD mode", or i if the "Eye" icon is turn off just turn on)
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    The Cave

    Been working on some Blender stuff for the past few days.
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    AMX-10 RC Rig

    105mm cannon gun vertical elevation 20 degrees gun horizontal rotation -20 degrees all real mesh, no fake bump
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    Dr. Nexil

    The Siege Begins

    Lol it's cool, I literally ask for stuff like this all the time. I will think about releasing it but I will first need to make it more user-friendly. Right now I've cut a lot of corners because the model was made purely for renders.
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    Dr. Nexil

    Ahsoka Tano

    I've been getting PUMPED about the new season of The Clone Wars, So for the past 2 days I've been making an Ahsoka model in my free time. Here's the result! I will most likely make more renders with her because this is one of the most detailed models I've done and deserves more than one render. I may or may not release the model in the future. I'm still deciding on that.
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    Sun setting on the forest

    Back at it again with another Blender piece, inspired by some concepts Mojang showed for a new Bedrock title screen that ended up never happening.
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    I spent most of the day on Blender, imagining what Steve and Alex could look like if they were turned into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters. This was a pretty fun exercise in lighting, shading, and posing. Hope you'll enjoy it! Full renders:
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    Welcome to the forums my other voxel making friend!
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    Ennard Render

    Ennard rig is by @ShotUAnimations
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    anima cryses

    Pirateship Model hybrid

    looks really damn cool! i'll try making a render with it! if my computer doesn't explode...
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    Just Philip

    Pirateship Model hybrid

    Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow.
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    This got to be the best pirate I've ever seen.
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    don't be afraid to offset parts when animating to improve the pose examples
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    Blender 2.8 - Enchanted Sword

    After toying with Blender 2.8 for a while, I tried making a shader to add a shimmery enchanted gleam to a sword, and I made a quick render using Eevee!
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    Some small doodles and what-not I've drawn lately I guess
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    Cyberpunk Scene [4K]

    C Y B E R P U N K S C E N E 3 days of work
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    Hey guys! Check out my hyper-realistic landscape! It's so detailed it looks even more realistic than reality itself! All thanks to high-resolution textures of outstanding quality. ?? All in glorious cinematic 4K, of course!!! I bet you have never seen such a realistic looking wallpaper! ??? EDITED VERSION NON-EDITED VERSION THAT SUCKS CUZ IT'S NOT EDITED Enjoy my dudes! Stay realistic y'all ?
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    the Springtrap Pack

    Its not that bad, im actually really liked the S.trap one!
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    The Scarecrows

    Hello, it's been a while since I've made a little topic. Reguarding to Mine-Imator, I've made a wallpaper with some characters I created. I don't know what I'll use them for honestly. They just popped in my head and it gave me the idea to rig them. Custom textured and everything! Props to this guy for giving me the name for these characters! Made in Mine-Imator & edited with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Un-edited [4k]
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    Tugboat/Fishing Boat Rig!

    My second (first completed) boat/ship rig, and I am very proud with the result! It has more of a comical theme to it and more bends, but it still follows the 'voxelized' theme: Hope you like Please give feedback I also believe this is the first ship/boat to be made entirely out of item sheets; so huzzah for that! (It was also a lot quicker and easier to make than the Titanic - which I am still currently working on :/) Updates (Hopefully): (Anything else suggested) Thanks for viewing, and as always, more to come! -Please give credit in your video, art or description (or whatever else).
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    R.I.P Achroma MC

    R.I.P Achroma MC
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    OC | Cookie Chu

    Cookie Chu's Appearance, Organic Properties and Info: Age: 1200 years old Height: 2"9 feet / 33 inches Weight: 12 pounds / 5kg Blood Color: Dark Red, with a slight pinkish tint. Skin Color: Light Brown Eye Color: Cyan Hair Color: Light Brown Appearance: Cookie resembles a female human child with cat features. Cookie can wear a variety of different clothes but the clothing she mainly wears is: A black sweater with either an image of a moon or a cookie. Long socks or thigh-highs. And she wears a collar with either a cookie or a cat bell. Info: She is a spiritual being that does not know how to use her spiritual powers.
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    Hello, Mine-imator newbies! I will show you how to make bendable ankles without rigging! Step 1: Clip part of the character's feet. It's easy!
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