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    Let the bashing begin!
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    Cyberpunk Scene [4K]

    C Y B E R P U N K S C E N E 3 days of work
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    Laptop Rig

    Oh, look, now I made a laptop. Here ya' go. Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8l4h6j3nbv556d7/Laptop+Rig.zip Includes features like: Openable and closeable ...top of the laptop. Changeable screen. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.0.6 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated, and yes, I will say this every time I publish this kind of stuff.
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    Mine-imator 1.1.0

    Download 1.1.0 Version 1.1.0, 2017.11.22, changes (since 1.0.6): Features Shiny new logo by @Voxy! Added the characters, blocks and items from Minecraft versions up to 1.12 Auto-updater for new Minecraft content Model option in the workbench, supporting block .json models created using tools like MrCrayfish's Model Creator or Cubik Studio and character models created using the upcoming Modelbench Try it out with some of these models! -> blockmodels.com Improved the workbench with specialized settings for each character, block or special blocks, this includes: Gender for Humans Saddle on Pigs Sheared Sheep Tame or angry Wolves Variant for Rabbits, Cats, Horses, Llamas and Villagers Color for Parrots, Shulkers and Shulker Boxes Variant for Chests (Normal, Ender, Trapped, Christmas) Wood for Boats Color for Beds Imported terrain will have certain blocks added as timelines that can be animated, currently supported blocks are: Chests (all types) Beds Doors (all types) Trapdoors (all types) Shulker boxes Enchantment tables Pistons Levers Tripwire hooks Buttons (all types) Pressure plates (all types) Signs with text Block brightness setting under “Graphics” in settings, applied to certain blocks, including: Lava Fire Glowstone Torches Redstone (lamps, wire, torches, repeaters and comparators) Magma Improved block texture animations (added support for fading) Item sheets bumped up from 16x16 to 32x16 slots (512x256 pixels by default), added a popup window to pick the number of slots for newly imported item sheets Custom rotation point option is now enabled for characters, special blocks and folders Inherit rotation point option added for all objects Inherit bend option for all objects “3D” option for text Text and font can now be keyframed (will override the object text) Video resolution setting in camera keyframes (will override the project setting) Added options to freeze, clear or set a seed for particle creators in keyframes Option to disable shadows for individual lights in high-quality mode Graphical improvements to the "Depth of Field" effect Texture Filtering Level option in “Graphics” settings Updated the biomes to use proper colors and added “Mesa”, “Nether” and “The End” options Updated Camera model Updated the world importer Added option to manually browse for a world file Added a reverse filtering option (for keeping a specific selection of blocks rather than removing them) It now fetches block colors from the texture sheet and supports transparency (water, lava, leaves...) It now uses the translation file Support for block tile entities (Bed colors, Sign text...) New icon by @Voxy! Added sp00ky glowy Enderman eyes Changes DirectX 11 used for graphics "Remove edges of big schematics" setting disabled by default Removed the roll/rotate feature for the work camera (it previously caused a lot of confusion) All Minecraft assets (characters, blocks, items and textures) are located in an external archive for easier updating Watermark updated to display the new site URL (www.mineimator.com) Newly saved project files will have the .miproject extension, but you can still open old .mproj projects, in which case a new .miproject copy will be saved and the old file will be renamed to .mproj.old. Other new extensions include: .miobject (objects) .miparticles (particle spawner) .miframes (keyframes) .mimodel (models for character/special blocks) .milanguage (translation found in Data/Languages/) .midata (settings found in Data/) All the new files are in plaintext JSON format, and can be edited using tools like Notepad or Visual Studio Code Source code ported to GameMaker: Studio 2, and is now fully available on GitHub Bugfixes Fixed a stuttering bug with imported audio Fixed errors when importing multiple objects Fixed some errors that occurred with weirdly shaped item sheets Fixed some skin texture issues Fixed a graphical issue with water and lava Fixed “Mix time” in the particle editor Fixed repeating “Open Project” dialog bug Fixed issues when converting block sheets from old projects When reloading/replacing an item sheet resource, items in the project are re-generated The size of the timeline list is now saved upon restart Numerous interface tweaks Thanks to @Nimi, @Voxy and Espresso for helping me make this update possible! Version 1.0.x:
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    The Tan James

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    Merry Early Christmas 2017 Render

    HoWdy dOOdY mAh FRieNdlY PeOPLe, I made a special render about couples dat ago u can Critsism and Judges mah render if u wanted, i will listen to u and try 2 make a better one next time ;D Get REadY fOR A ChRIstMAS reNDER 2017 BoiZ *also it my first time making a topic on a forums plz no hurt me* o btw here the list of peoples in the render: [who have a account] @Nimi @Supah.exe @JennyTimez @PixelFrosty @ThatGuyBrian @Zerghunter666 @OrionWarrior10 @FoxKraft @SansDeGamer555 @DarkDragonPro @Batman4014 @Tysteria @poptartzombie @NietyFox @BaconGhast And highly thanks @BloxTheRigger For his Christmas tree rig ;D https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/33297-christmas-tree-rig/&tab=comments#comment-390025
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    Standing Mirror Rig

    Wow, another rig by me. This time it's a standing mirror. Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0adsyk55cwrqn45/Standing+Mirror+Rig.zip Includes features like: Rotatable stands and mirror. Actual freaking reflections. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.0.6 and over.* You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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    Microwave Rig

    No kitchen is complete without a microwave. Take one. Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kdb5os3iftem916/Microwave+Rig.zip Includes features like: Openable and closeable door. Ugly plate. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.0.6 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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    Desktop Computer Rig

    My laptop rig wouldn't be complete without a separate desktop rig, so here ya' go! Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/on1wsm3kynbk8wx/Desktop+Rig.zip Includes features like: Separate computer and monitor objects. Keyboard and mouse. Working screen. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.0.6 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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    Finding the Horizon [Wallpaper]

    Edited: Unedited: I wanted to make a cool little cinematic shot but the render had a lot of shadows flickering. I was hoping to do some volumetric lighting but Mineimator was already running at 5 fps.
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    Oven Rig

    This is a neat little oven rig I threw together. Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/981m25m382gnckj/Oven+Rig.zip Includes features like: Opening Door Turnable Dials Compatible with Mine-imator 1.0.6 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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    Fighting for cake

    A fight for cake, but it has unneeded action black bars A fight for cake, but it's a horror thriller Skins used: @BBruce7815 And @EthanForeverAlone
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    Refrigerator Rig

    Here's a fridge that didn't really take too much effort to make. Enjoy. Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/h809v429mwvwidp/Refrigerator+Rig.zip Includes features like: Openable and closeable doors. That's about it. :/ Compatible with Mine-imator 1.0.6 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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    HMAN The Animator

    [{FACIAL RIG}]

    :FACIAL RIG: by:Hman Animator[Me] No need to credit Download Here
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    Credit to @Pigeon_ for making the Steve skin for me.
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    Hello Raw Edited
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    Toilet Rig

    I'm just constantly pushing these rigs out for your amusement. So, here's a toilet. Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bxyfu6fde2y1dj8/Toilet+Rig.zip Includes features like: Openable & closeable lid. Liftable seat Removable tank lid. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.0.6 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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    Weird Bird Staring at Something

    Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... Shoebill rig from Kemono Friends, made by me.
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    Wallpaper – Beneath the Surface

    Hey folks! You might've heard about a fun event during this year's Minecon, where viewers will be able to choose the next Minecraft mob by voting from a selection of four creatures. One of them, the Monster of the Ocean Depths, was particularly interesting to me because of the pretty morbid way it attacks: Using its tentacle, it tries to drown you by latching around you and pulling you underwater. How fun! So fun, in fact, that it got me inspired to make a wallpaper, I hope you'll enjoy it! Rendered with Mine-imator 1.1.0 pre-3, textured and edited with Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
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    4K: Simple Early Christmas Walk

    Ehh, nothing too much here. Just a plain old wallpaper that I made cause I had nothing else to do. Well, I hope you enjoy! Merry Thanksgiving! Feedback/criticism are welcomed.
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    Nimi (Idk why i did this)

    Idk why I did this... I was Bored and This came out of nowhere. Some Credits @Colchy @Awesome Emerald @SharkleSparkle @mbanders @_Direkt @Allemn @Nimi
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    Too many AKs.

    Not really a wallpaper, but still...
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    Artamiel Crescent

    [Simple] Plastic Wallpaper

    Rig Credits: @Zappierstature84
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    Something exciting coming veeeeery soon....
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    Useless Keyframes Pack

    Here's some animation keyframes I had laying around. Take 'em. Example images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/f40chl7ts2e9j8l/Useless+Keyframes.zip Includes keyframes such as: Running Walking Idle Swimming Some fun dances A couple of things for other mobs Other useless stuff Compatible with Mine-imator 1.0.6 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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    When people complain about none Mine-Imator content here (img)
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    VERSION 1.1.0 IS HERE! https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/46014-mine-imator-110/
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    Edited Unedited
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    If EA ran the forums:

    If EA ran the forums:
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    Lightsaber Varieties

    HEY GUYS! THIS IS MY FIRST RIG! -------------------------------------------------------------- This rig is about Star Wars! With The Last Jedi coming up, I searched the forums for some rigs to use, and I couldn't find the variety of lightsaber designs I needed! Everyone who is a Star Wars fan knows Maris Brood, right? Well, I've created her Lightsaber Tonfas! [Also known as Guard Shotos] Everyone knows Darth Maul and the Jedi Temple Guards, and infamous Jedi Killers like The Grand Inquisitor, right? Well, I've made a conjoined Double Bladed Lightsaber, also known as the saberstaff! of course, everyone knows the boring people, like Anakin, Luke, Rey, Kenobi, and Yoda who use single sabers. Boring people, amirite? Anyway! Made that too! People also, probably know the Imperial Guards, and Kazdan Paratus? The Crazy jedi who build things? They use these long lightsabers called 'Lightsaber Pikes'! Got that too! And lastly, everyone knows about the beautiful dual lightsabers! Kit Fisto once used them, Darth Sidious used them, Darth Maul once used them, and Asajj Ventress, most notably, used them! PICTURES DOWNLOAD LINK: --------> https://www.dropbox.com/s/4cj9zi7rnl6184a/LightsaberVarieties by RedSoundWaveStudios.zip?dl=0
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    Hmm, yes. Very peaceful........... Made this to test some particles and whatnot.
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    Artamiel Crescent

    Christmas rig wallpaper test

    christmas tree and hat by @BloxTheRigger
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    wallpaper #3

    my third wallpaper (i finaly know how to insert images ) (i made the watermark ) it was a bit of a rush
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    My Funtime Freddo and Fozy Animatronics. I had to spell the names like this because they get changed if I spell em the right way.
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    ViVo Smartphone Rig 1.0

    Gangrene Here,Take it. ViVo
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    Spirit of Autumn [4k]

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (At least in the US) @Keep on Chucking's Volumetric Cloud Rig @ZZZZane's Realistic Scenery Pack Rig 1.3 Light Drifter's Autumn Season Pack (Finally found an image host that doesn't compress images )
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    First Person Rig!

    Yes! it is done. a RIG! Video It Incudes: -Armor Bar (animateable) -Health Bar (animateable) -hunger Bar animateable and also has Hunger status effect -EXP bar (animateable) -Hotbar (animateable of course...) -A quickly put together arm swing animation (not very good, recomend making your own.) -A few GUIs OH yay you read that ok so heres download. http://www.mediafire.com/file/wbcsp8laz784fm3/First_Person.zip Hope you like my rig (almost made a sad face instead of smiley XD)
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    [4K] The Flash CW Poster

    ({[I think i'm getting better? I dunno. What do you think?]}) (P.S, I made the lightning bolt for his ears and chest. It turned out pretty cool so.)
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    Autumn [wallpaper]

    Not my best work, but I thought it was good enough to put up on the forums.
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    Lost in the Woods

    OooOooO SpOoOOkY I got lost in the woods so I took a pic (not really) k Here it is Dont mind the bad editing Un-edited K thanks bye.
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    Drawer Rig

    IIIIIII KEM TOMP TOOOOOOOOOO Colorable Wool! The 2nd render broke but i promise the drawer functions perfectly! Download
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    Your finger movement is on point. Not many people achieve that, great work. And umm. I'm kinda weirded out by all these fans. Because your video has some clear ties to what's been going on in your life. I obviously don't know everything going on, but there are some messages here. These "fans" are just here because they like the edginess and the cool fight scenes. And you know that. No concept has a dramatic endcard with a release date. I bet you 90% of your subscribers don't actually care. They just want your cool-looking content. And it sucks that you've actually said all this before but no one listens. (I actually talked with you about it before... ) Everyone's just "dude it's gonna be rad looking forward to it kek". I find it legitimately sad that these people are so mindless and hungry for content. They don't care about the point of the video, they don't care about the deeper meaning. I don't really think I can even have an opinion since I haven't seen the last 3 concepts nor have I seen recent things on your channel, and I don't even know if I'm watching this video the way I should. But, as an outside viewer, I am sorry. I am so sorry you're being milked for your content at this point. [Coming back to post after looking at your channel again and the April fool's video you made. Haven't been here since "I've Had Enough"] Well.now it actually seems like you're happier. Judging by the titles and thumbnails of your recent videos, you're starting to actually have fun making your work. That's good my dude. I was originally going to just delete this post all-together after seeing your channel, but I think some of it may still have some merit. I'm now realizing that it's been a over a year since your I've Had Enough video, and I really don't know anything that's been going on. I'm still gonna post this, though. Sorry for the huge post, mods. Give me a warning point of you want.
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    Why not Our- Imator?
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    Artamiel Crescent

    Three House [2k]

    Here a wallpaper.
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    I made some sort of armored train.
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    2D Intro Template Download!

    Hey guys, Pootsy35 here, and I have another intro template that you can download and customize. The last intro template, I saw people taking the watermark off and uploading the video. I got mad because that basically took my rights for the animation away. In human language, people were claiming it as theirs. I hope it can be better this time. This was made 100% in Mine-Imator Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ry8m6rq... I hope you like it!