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    I finally finished this.
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    Good(?) news(?)! You can now download pretty much every Mine-imator version from here: https://www.mineimator.com/download Have fun!
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    This situation right here makes me laugh. Semi-quick summary for those who don't know: These kids with the MAGA hats are from a Catholic school and came to Washington for March For Life, a large protest against abortion. Some Israelites started throwing insults at the Catholic boys about supporting gay rights, called Trump homosexual, and told them to go back to Europe. Obviously not very nice things to say, eh? It gets funnier. A Native American and his group of friends see the confrontation, and think "Hey, MAGA hats are bad, I will play my drum in front of them to teach them a lesson." So the boys were already being cussed out and when Phillips joins in, things get really uncomfortable. This is where the mainstream media decided to start watching, and made up some lies about the cause of the incident. We now have a feature-length recording of the whole thing, so we know which news outlets completely made up stuff. After a while the boys get a little tired of being cussed out and having a drum beat in front of them, and finally when someone yells at them that they are "f***ing p***ies", they decide to just leave. What's funny about the recording is all the liberals surrounding Phillips holding their phones out like "checkmate, conservatards". Later on, new recordings surfaced and news outlets were found to be plain wrong. They saw the MAGA hats, their brains switched into autopilot, and they assumed everything they could about them. News outlets like these aren't new to this. That's their whole joke. That's why people don't take CNN seriously. It makes me mad that people still follow them, but I'll talk about that more later. The point is for now that news outlets made up a story to make them look bad, and they were proven wrong yet the liberals who followed them before still defend them. So why did they make it up? To push their agenda, of course. They want people to take their side against Trump, because Trump is literally Hitler 2.0 to them. They want people to antagonize the MAGA hat. And they want to do all this because the success of progressivism really relies on people joining their side. Ask any feminist what their goal is and they'll say something along the lines of "to spread awareness". "To bring more people to the cause". That, mixed with the fact that news sites get more money the more people that read their articles, and it's pretty easy to see why news sites do this often. They know their existing viewers already don't like Trump. They know how easy it is to trick people into thinking the boys were in the wrong, especially with the MAGA hats and the smug looks. But now that they've been proven wrong, why do people still flock to their defense? I dunno, I thought all of this was really interesting and also hilarious. I'll think about that last question and get back to you because this status is longer than I thought. Just wanted to introduce the concept, really.
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    Using an exploit I discovered, I set the fringe offset levels past their normal limits, allowing me to lower the blur size, thus creating real chromatic aberration. plz dont fix this nimi
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    6 points from 500 rep. Took me long enough to get here. its going to take just as long to get to 1,000
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    New film grain feature is way cool: https://streamable.com/4d6vs
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    Update: @Nimi listened to us. We will soon be able to do this without exploits. https://gyazo.com/47e29614da9701aabc2c66aed6d78ee1
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    New year, new me? Something like that. New signature too
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    So I've been tinkering a bit with MI's code and I might've actually implemented realtime raytracing into MI. There's still some bugs, like lights not actually "lighting up" certain surfaces, as shown below. Glow can look quite good actually too ?
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    Just dropped out of college to pursue gamedev ?
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    9 Upvotes and ill go through them all
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    We have finally snow in France! ?
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    Okay, if you're gay, that's cool, but shoving it in a bunch of 12-year-old's faces with stuff close to softcore is a bit too much.
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    The Tan James

    One. More. Day.

    One. More. Day.
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    Very amazing what you can do on a desktop PC.
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    been 1 weeks working on my first episode of my new project and i done like 3:00 worth of scene.the first episode will be around 5:00-7:00 also here's a random concept art of the first episode concept art for episode 2-5 will be out later (and im trying my best to avoid spoilers lol)
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    Thank you so much for this! Didn't expected this rig pack to get that many upvotes ?
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    blender car test https://streamable.com/214f8
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    You know what I wanna set up? a human rig with curved edges on all the body parts so we wouldn't have to do the whole edge lighting thing all the time to simulate that effect. The thing that makes that impossible, however, is that I can't bend the torso correctly if I set that up. I did do it with this cube tho, planning on trying to turn it into a random vanilla block:
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    I spent this last weekend at a youth group camp. This was an incredible experience for me, and it made me think: Anyone who has ever been mean or hurtful, and who even continues to do so, (you know who you are) I forgive you. An aspect of my camp was forgiveness, and those who have hurt me on these forums were immediately put into my mind. I choose to forgive you, and in some ways, your hurtful choice of words have blessed me, because you have taught me how important friendship is. You have taught me that friendship can get you through the toughest of times and people will always be there to support you. So thank you. Everyone.
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    Oh wow 500 rep, that’s epic. Ty lads
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