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    In the next Modelbench release, saving will no longer be prevented regardless of errors in your model. You'll still get a warning of some sort describing what's wrong though.
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    Waiting for the next Modelbench update must be pretty egghausting. Can I offer you this nice egg in this trying time?
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    It's pretty sad that the standard for Mine-Imator is so low, when I see another animation posted by someone Ive not seen before, I always expect it to be low effort and lazy.
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    I'm just gonna say the Mine-imator showcase thing is a pretty cool idea. Making it onto there made me feel accomplished for once about making stuff, and it's cool to see the other stuff on there as well. 10/10 amazing job David
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    Who needs Modelbench when you have this?
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    Now that SEUS PTGI runs on AMD graphics cards, I've been able to get some pretty good shots from it.
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    human steve human steve

    human steve human steve
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    Dear young ones, Hagus is only using you for the battle, once he's done he will dispose of you like trash, he convinced my friend to join his cause 10 years ago and now they're gone, I am planning to avenge their death after defending our mother land. don't fall for his words.
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    steve does a sick roll (i'm not making a whole topic for this)
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    War crimes be like.

    War crimes be like.
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    renders i did for @RandomJeremy in mi

    renders i did for @RandomJeremy in mi
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    STOP WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING. Sorry for the scare, just wanna make sure you know to donate to Nimi since he works his butt off for you guys.
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    Carefully, he's a hero and also the berfday boy
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    Forum signatures be like... "What Im about to say is really deep and you may not be able to comprehend it. And when I say "deep" I don't mean just shallow. I am talking about deep because the meaning of this letter is very different. Let me explain. When I write, I am not using words. I am using thoughts, emotions, feelings, facts and ideas. I am thinking, feeling, reading, watching and listening and thinking what I am about to say is true. I am not using words to say what I actually am thinking. I am thinking, feeling, reading, watching and listening. I find it hard to express my feelings when I am thinking. It takes the flow of ideas with me and I think, feels, reads, watches and listens. In all of these ways, I am using a process. To the layman, this appears like a process to the author, but it's in fact a more complicated process where the author's mind works on a deeper level. There is something deeper happening all around us, and it is very powerful. I will use the most important thing – thoughts, feelings, facts and ideas – for this letter, otherwise you would fail to hear what I am about to say because the thoughts, feelings, facts and ideas are not really necessary." - Self Quote
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    Hey Im just saying but you guys should really donate to Nimi.
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    A lot of these things apply to Mineimator as well. Especially the rim lights in dark scenes.
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    Forum game: Every time you view a topic, you have to reply with something of value except if the topic is too old.
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    I believe I have been chosen.

    I believe I have been chosen.
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    Through my years on the forums I've noticed a few visual elements on the forums that don't exactly line up. None of these are truly important and I'm not gonna throw a fit if they aren't fixed, just pointing them out for consistency's sake. First Second Third That's all I've noticed but I'm sure there are others tucked away in the website that other people have noticed. Again, none of these are crucial or anything and I could go my whole life without caring about most of them, but hey, consistency is always nice and all of them are pretty easy fixes.
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    Attention fellow Mine-imatorers.......after careful consideration I have decided that I am officially leaving the Mine-imator forums....... The fact that my previous status update got zero upvotes or comments has opened my eyes to the truth......... For the past few years I have been an active member in this community, but today is the day I leave it all behind...... Thank you, Mine-imatorers, and remember me...........
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    It's sad that the bad content gets so much more attention than the good content
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    Grrr! Why did you downvote me!!!
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    Have you guys ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
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    I don't watch Corridor but this video actually has some good tips for those of you making animations with guns
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    Working on another outfit for my skin.
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    I hate how uncreative people are when making skins. It is so easy to make the illusion of long hair without making the eyes at the freaking bottom of the head. It looks so stupid and I wish people would stop doing it but they wont because the standard has been set for years now and there is nothing I can do about it.
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    I shouldn't have to keep saying this but if you have a problem with me, don't just talk behind my back. That doesn't solve anything.
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    You guys are nuts. Bees are great.

    You guys are nuts. Bees are great.
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    not sure whether i should release this Garbage Model or not
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    making a model no one asked for within this community
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    Animation test.
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    *Laughs in Java Edition*

    *Laughs in Java Edition*
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    I made these and thought they were cool, enjoy I guess lol
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    It's my birthday today! The next one will be the most important one in my life...
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    back to the old grind

    back to the old grind
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    https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/super-duper-graphics-pack-ceasing-development NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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    The cupcake profile pic is back!

    The cupcake profile pic is back!
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    Can people seriously just let the Revenge meme die? Im sick of seeing it everywhere.
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    i'm glad some discord servers are starting to ban the creeper aw man meme because it's extremely annoying
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    You know what makes me sad? Not the fact that i don’t get enough up votes and too many downvotes, but the fact that some people don’t give a rotten flesh about what I make. In fact, some people’s boring random joke got more attention than my hard works. This is not unlike people’s reaction to monster schools. I know I’m not too good at animating and making wallpapers. I have school so I ave little spare time to animate and render, but I’m trying hard and I like being appreciated. Plus, I’m past the “Beginer” section of my animation hobby career, so if I make something not too good, I get bombarded with dislikes. To the awesome animators of mine imator: I just want to like you, even though I say sensitive things... To people who give out a heck load of dislikes: downvotes are to be used if you strongly disagree with something or is something is really really bad, not when somebody’s hard work is meh meh. sorry everyone. This is just meant to be a status update but i turned it into a whole essay. I know i’m Being “touchy”, but I just want to speak out my opinions. We all have the rights to do that. You don’t have to reply
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    I just tried Beta 1.3 of Minecraft and I gotta say, it is way more brutal, and I like it. You can't shift-click which makes looting chests slower, but strangely methodical and satisfying. You also can't sprint, which means you really can't run away from enemies without building, which isn't anything special but I actually like how it changes combat. It's also much darker, torches don't light up as much and you don't have a brightness slider in your settings. It makes exploring caves and night time spookier. But also, the terrain generation is much better in my opinion. While there are some impressive bits in modern Minecraft, Beta feels much more varied. The generated caves are so much cooler and more fun to navigate. While I love ravines in modern Minecraft, Beta's caves feel much more like caves, rather than linear tubes you just walk down, which are often what I find modern caves to be. In the couple hours I played today I also found some genuinely cool bits of cave and overworld terrain, and I haven't had that feeling of "Okay, that's pretty cool" in a long long time. In fact, I would love if cave generation shifted back toward that of Beta, while keeping all the new stuff they've added (ravines, ores, monsters). Idk, you should try it and tell me if I'm wrong. Not saying Beta is better than modern Minecraft entirely, but I think it's interesting the direction they took Minecraft, away from brutal and difficult survival mechanics and more toward exploring biomes and finding new animals.
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    The worst animation in the world got more support than everyone here put together not even creative. Just remade another bad animation
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    Tfw you improve rig.

    Tfw you improve rig.
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    Serious question: instead of bruh moment do priests say brother moment
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    I'm thinking about hiring out a server again, maybe for the community if you guys would like to see it?
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    Scrappy Scrappy Hopefully gonna do something with @YoGames Studios techniques soon
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