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    "From that day on I was going somewhere, I was runnang!"
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    I can't believe it, I've been on this forums for 5 years!
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    Minecraft has one of the best video game soundtracks hands down.
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    I reached 800 reputations points! To celebrate that, I'll keep that profil picture until I reach 900 rep!
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    dere he go

    dere he go
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    This may be the most painful thing I'll ever do to myself.
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    Ok so I have a story to tell but I’ma explain something real fast: So incase ya’ll didn’t know I’m an ex furry. Never wore a fursuit though. Left last year. Aight that was a terrible way to explain something but it works. So today I went to one of my co-op schools (Schools for homeschoolers only) and today was “arts and crafts” day today.. but we could also show off costumes, music, etc. etc. So apparently there’s a furry in the school so she decided to show off her 2 fursuits (and a tutorial on how to make one), so I decided to head over to her table to talk about zed fursuits. So we had a 30-45 minute talk about the fandom, music, the suits, blah blah blah so then she asked me if I ever tried a fursuit on. I told her no so she handed me one of her fursuits and offered me to put it on. So I did because I’m not that kind of person to turn down something I might not regret. When I put the suit on it was actually amazing. Didn’t feel like I was hiding anything but it felt like I was showing off something I enjoyed back then. So I may be friends with a furry again (who’s female this time) and I might be reconsidering on joining back onto the fandom if I ever have the gut to do so (which my gut is giving me a big thumbs up). Interesting world we live in. Also we made our own handshake with the fursuits paws soo.. *pretty exciting tbh*
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    Discovery my new rig ! The invisible sword !! Pics : Download it here ! www.myinvisblesword.noscam
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    I really hate when someone posts a topic trying to help but gets downvotes instead.
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    Shout out to @NotChris for helping me record.
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    Why is it so damn hard to play Minecraft now? Every minute I spend in there I'm reminded of some instance of a long summer night working on a base because I just couldn't put it down, or building gladiator pits just for the prospect of glorious fights taking place, or setting up little adventures for my siblings inside our combined world. Nowadays I get at Mojang for not making any progress on the game in all these years, but going back and just playing survival for 20 minutes, it's kind of a good thing. If I opened up the crafting bench one day and suddenly it was a long Terraria-like list or I suddenly had to melt down components in a forge, anything other than the familiar 3x3 grid, I would be genuinely sad. If diamonds suddenly didn't spawn at Y=17 and you could find them anywhere without needing to dig a pit and strip mine for hours, I would be genuinely upset, because there was something about doing these trivial tasks for hours and hours that made me do them, and that same something is what made Minecraft a home, or an escape for some. Idk, Minecraft is something special and we'll never get another. It makes me a little sad that what was such a big segment of my life is really just a video game, now owned by a huge corporation that shoves microtransactions and awful marketing into what was just a passion project by a small group of people, just for fun. And now they're removing all traces of the original creator from the game, pretty much sealing its fate. It's not Minecraft anymore, it's an empty husk of what was once my home. This Minecraft is not the Minecraft that's in my heart. The Minecraft in my heart is a collection of memories, and it sucks that they're just memories. Idk.
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    I might have created a new meme

    I might have created a new meme
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    some awesome stuff happening recently: Thank you all
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    Today was a special day where we have to wear a disguise with the theme "end of the world". (we were not forced to do that but it was fun to participate) Anyways, this was my disguise:
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    I have officially been on the forums for one year! I had a plan to make something, but idk if I will have time today. Anyway I just wanna say thanks to everyone, for being an accepting community (at least to me) and helping me get to where I am. I mean, looking from tong first animation to the one I’m working on now, I’d say I’ve improved a tremendous amount. And 888 rep in on year, that makes me very happy. If you would’ve told me a year ago I’d have that much rep, I wouldn’t have believed you. Im proud of nearly every creation I do, because it’s helped me get better and get closer to becoming actually good at Mine-imator and animation itself. And I realize that I have brought some things here that people don’t see much of, like the comic, so I’m also happy I can come up with somewhat original ideas. And yeah there have been a some flops (Reset series) and some really surprising successes. It’s just so hard to believe that I have been using Mine-imator for an entire year. It really hasn’t felt like it. And if I would’ve never used it, I would not have met some of the people I am close friends with now. So thank you to those friends, and anyone else who has helped me along the way. I think I’ve rambled on long enough at this point. I don’t know if one year is actually a big momentous occasion, but hey, it feels big to me. I might post something later related to this, but in case I don’t, thank you one last time, and uh, hopefully things only go up from here!
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    If you accidentally stain your clothes, just get the stain everywhere else so it doesn't look like there is a stain.
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    New profile banner!

    New profile banner!
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    concept video for a MI suggestion https://streamable.com/oqorx
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    I recreated the Playground Games intro. Take a look:
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    What are you doing? Well I'll be honest I don't really understand But I fell down this hill and I got glue on my hands Now I got records on my fingers What? Records on my fingers and I just can’t stop Don’t stop don’t stop I can’t stop, I got a platypus controlling me Whaaaat? I got a platypus controlling me now let me sum it up It was a strange set of circumstances Strange set of circumstances? I fell down the hill, I got glue on my hands now I got records on my fingers and I just can't stop Don’t stop don’t stop Well I would if I was able but there’s a platypus controlling me.
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    The next update of Modelbench will likely bring it out of beta(Modelbench 1.0.0) and for awhile now, I've been making more additions to the general program to make it feel more complete. For example;
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    After several hours of work i have finally made a vehicle that doesn't lag mine-imator at all! should i make this public?
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    So me and a couple of friends on discord made a new group channel on youtube called "Fluffbutt Productions" Fluffbutt is a nickname my friend gave me We literally made this channel last night and today I just verified it. Ember already posted an animation and I have to fix the channel banner. My friend Sunkiss is making the profile picture as well. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxEx-JYQ8o7bYv3B5_c70Nw kthxsbai
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    @Ethanial learned to jump https://gyazo.com/0bdbd46f4f976042226644888c76b241
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    I tried to fix a little bit my profile pic, what do you think? (the previous one VS the actual)
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    Only 11 more rep till I hit 300!

    Only 11 more rep till I hit 300!
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    Woah what how did this happen And I don't even have a celebration planned oof Thanks everyone!
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    i really hate when some good stuff does not get that much upvotes or comments or views, but that badly made stuff that took like 2 seconds to make actually have alot more likes, comments and views than the number of humans on earth (monster school especially) like cmon guys can we please elaborate
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    I have decided to discontinue Land
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    Remember that mega-complicated mech rig I was making? I'm about to finish my animation about it in the upcoming days or so, I will upload it later on. sTAY tuNED!
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    havent made a creature for a while so i want to give a preview cus why not
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    WHAT THE ABSOLUTE F*** monster schools: 500k-600K views - theyre subscribers 50k-40k profsesional animators: 30k-90k-10k views - theyre subsribers 100k-300k monster schools comments are "u good animator" "good animation what use" etc. me:I HATE YOU MONSTER SCHOOL ANIMATORS ALL YOUR COMMENTS ARE LIES YOUR ANIMATION STYLE IS A LIE M8 YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO USE LIGHTING ,TRANSITIONS ,AND YOU ALWAYS USE FLAT LANDS AND YOUR ANIMATIONS ARE NOT SATISFYING AT ALL I DONT SEE WHY YOUR GOD DAMN ANIMATIONS GET SO MUCH VIEWS WHILE THE PRO ANIMATORS LIKE @The Tan James @SKIBBZ @victory summery @WillesFilmz @Batman4014 AND THE OTHERS ARE SO GOOD. I WANT TO GRAB THEIR HEADS ON WHOEVER MADE THE MONSTER SCHOOL ANIMATIONS AND SLAM IT INTO THEYRE MONITORS AND FORCE THEM TO WATCH PRO ANIMATORS ANIMATIONS AND SAY TO THEM "THESE PEOPLE ARE EPIC CONTENT CREATORS AND MONSTER SCHOOL ANIMATORS ARE A DISGRACE TO THE ANIMATION SOCIETY" im so sick of these monster school animations i want them to burn in holy fire and people are right in the forums monster school animations are a problem atleast @Batman4014 views are higher than all monster school animations
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    Mineshaft Animation

    @MineRig wachya think?

    @MineRig wachya think?
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    Upgraded Moon


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    I'm trying to get back into animation. Just a small WIP of something using @vash0110's rig
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    <--- Actually my real face.

    <--- Actually my real face.
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    I accidentally cut myself right next to my wrist .-. at least I didn’t cut my wrist
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    Here's some progress on the Western Animation: Obviously there are a few things wrong here: 1. No skins b. Default Lighting 4c: Unfinished Posing eight: Missing Bartender But yeah I'm working on it, figured I should prove it.
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    Rejoice, fellow Mine-Imators! The Mine-Imator Forums have finally entered another golden age all thanks to the amazing 9redwoods! He has breathed new life into this community and inspired many young and new Mine-Imators with his original, breath-taking and thought-provoking content. I'm sure my good friend Tdit would agree!
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    children are just WIP humans
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    Here's a random list of all cars coming to vehicle pack v2 - Chrysler Pacifica - Ford Explorer ( normal and police version) - Hyundai Sonata - Kia Optima - Mistabishi Lancer - Toyota Corolla - Toyota Sienna ( already done )
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    I've just beaten The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and I'm so depressed that it's over and don't know how to cope with it. I need help badly.
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    Hey look, it's a new drawing after like four months
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