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I make skins for free, just ask me for one


What you need:


What I need to know (Just answer these questions that i can make you a skin):


Girl or boy?


Favourite colour


Pupils colour


Eyes style Boys: Default, Small, Noob, HD, FHD


Eyes style Girls: Default, Small, Noob, HD, FHD


Hair:  Short, Mid, Long, Girl_Short

Hair colour


Hair Shadow: Default, Flat, Water_Loops, Cross, Bars



Upper Clothes: Hoodie, T-shirt, Pullover, jacket

Colour of upper clothes: Hoodie, T-shirt, Pullover, jacket


Lower Clothes: Sweatpants, Jeans, Short_jeans, Dress

Colour of the lower clothes: Sweatpants, Jeans, Short_jeans, Dress


Shoes: Default, Sneaks, Tall, High_heels

Colour of the Shoes


Gloves: None, Matching with the clothes, Black with a string of your favourite Colour


Extras Available: Watch, Cat Ears/Tail, Wolf Ears/Tail = Fox Ears/Tail, Symbol


Send any templates or Pictures of how your skin should look like


Info for you:

Watermark included:


If you don't want a Watermark just follow me and its gone :D


OBS recording, if you want to see how your skin has been made + music :D


HD / FHD Skins are available, not recommended since they are not always useful (not useable everywhere). Otherwise If you take this feature you'll get a HD / FHD + Normal skin


Here's an Skin example.


Skin Making Record:

30 MIN


Here is a Fill-In Sheet, please fill it out and then send me it!
It's much easier if you don't spam the forums or my Discord account


Edited by Fox Miner
Closed do to newer version incoming!
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4 hours ago, adamz_124 said:

i like the studios

but there is some question...?

did you create the app?
or just using another app?

I'm using paint.net and not some 3D skin maker, thats useless by the way

what Im doing here is, since I have knowlage making skins I wanted to use it so others can enjoy.

example is that Voxy made Ashley and didn't want to relase the skin. I don't know who might be skilled enough to remake that skin except for me.

but since she didnt wanted to make it public I didnt as well.

but I wanna share this knowlage to anyone that has a skin thats not made by him self or thats just copied.

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19 hours ago, master attack said:

Can I have one?


You easlily download the fill in sheet and fill it out. then you just copie the text and send it to me, per message/reply

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On 6/27/2021 at 4:17 AM, Mr.Whitefeather said:

Is the "Favorite Color" option for skin color?

I'm already getting a good fealing about you!

  • The Favourite color will be softly mixed into the skin or maybe even hard mixed.
  • The Favourite color is also here, if you dont give me the color for some parts, I'll use the Favourite as default!
  • The Favourite color is also used for the gloves!
  • The Favourite color is also here, to help the workers for a better imagination for the skin!
  • The Favourite color is also here for the personality!
  • The Favourite color is very important as you can see!
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1 hour ago, L@ndonations said:

I filled in the sheet for this but how do I copy it in these comments?

First, you just copied the text and then pastade it, but not in the comments.
 Send it per message!

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