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WWII German Tank pack (Panzer IV, Ostwind, StuG IV, Nashorn Tank Destroyer)

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This is a collection of three four tanks built on the Panzer IV chassis, those being the Panzer IV itself, the Flakpanzer IV "Ostwind" [or "East wind"], the StuG IV, and the Nashorn Tank Destroyer
Along with that, I've included three four different paintjobs/skins [dunkelgrau/dark grey, gelbbraun/yellow-brown, hinterhalt-tarnung/ambush camouflage, and white-wash], and some attachments to give a bit of personality to your tank.

Panzer IV:


Flakpanzer IV "Ostwind":


StuG IV:


Nashorn Tank Destroyer:


[credit to Ethanial for the snow particles]

Attachments pack:


Additional notes:

  • The tracks don't move because that's nearly impossible in Modelbench/Mine-Imator.     I would recommend both moving the wheels and using particles, as this will make it look more like it's moving.
  • These are pretty demanding for Mine-Imator, so be prepared for a performance drop.     To make it work better, I'd advise disabling Real-Time Rendering in the Interface section of Settings.   That way you won't make the program unusable when previewing how it looks rendered.
  • I would appreciate if you tag me when you use this. [type @ and then my username, it should look like this: @crustyjpeg]    That way I'll be notified of that post and can see it.
  • If you use this in a Monster School video I will personally come to your house in a StuG and shoot it to to the ground, and then drive over its remains.   [unless it's a parody where a stug goes to monster school and shoots it to the ground and drives over its remains, or something like that]

Thanks for taking a look at this, I hope you like it.


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new tank and stuff

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2 minutes ago, -StickyMations- said:

Bro these are very well made, they fit the Minecraft style flawlessly too. Good work, I especially like that you included those attachments. They add that very neat extra layer of detail.

Thank you so much!

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36 minutes ago, Zantrius said:

Very cool, great job keeping the minecraft feel.

And the different textures is a nice touch, I imagine that was a pain to make.

Not sure about "a pain to make", but it did take a long time.

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