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Found 36 results

  1. "Who am I?" Yay, something not fad. I know what you thinking, my graphic card is terrible, and I am in decision to upgrading my PC. Credits: @9redwoodsfor V4 rig CC is appreciated, and this is a sequel to "Hope":
  2. I have created a classic dalek, 2005 dalek, and supreme dalek (red) • Time controller • Classic Guard Dalek • Dalek Supreme • Classic grey dalek • 2005 Dalek • Davros • Classic silver and blue dalek
  3. Im gonna start making doctor who rigs and need some help...anyone who can make good a rig and likes doctor who we could make a couple o sonic screwdrivers and possibly create different tardis interiors we could make cybermen and incredible detailed daleks...
  4. Hello there my name is Daniel i love Doctor Who and Minecraft so i made some rigs for Mine-imatior Here are the ones i released The TARDIS Download http://sonicdanielproductions.weebly.com/uploads/2/1/5/2/21522228/tardis.zip
  5. This was made quickly with a few png overlays and mucking about with luminosity curves. I'm actually really happy with how this turned out considering I just stuck a few cybermen on the ground and put basically no effort in, truly shows what you can do with a simple render. Unedited Edited
  6. Plot: This story takes place in a place called Merana. 10 years after the previous wars where the resistance had won from the rebels, twice. The mechanics created fourty years of peace, but now, a hostile, Mixed-Race group announcing themselves as "The Bindings" is attacking Merana, killing thousands. Form: Name: Age (Has to be 18 or higher): (ignore if binding) Gender: Side: (Rebellion/Binding) (if rebellion)(void if binding) Mech powers (Two maximum): Mech weapons (Two maximum, each arm 1): (if binding)(void if rebellion) Special Abilities(two max): (I.E. Can fly, Can breathe fire) Weapons(two max): (I.E. Sharp tail, Claws) Mech stats/Binding Stats: (You can distribute 16 points) Attack (1 to 10)(How much attack power you have): Defense (1 to 10) (How much armor you have): Speed(1 to 10) (How quick you are): 5+ can fly Heres mine: Name: Satsi Retaffer Age (Has to be 18 or higher): 22 Gender: Male Side: Rebellion (if rebellion)(void if binding) Mech powers (Two maximum): Particle Disruption Field(Drops a small orb, which projects a spherical shield) and Nano Disruption (can heal friendly mechs, damaged enemys Mech weapons (Two maximum, each arm 1): .50 caliber double-mount(left arm), 150mm shell cannon(right hand) (if binding)(void if rebellion) Special Abilities(two max): (I.E. Can fly, Can breathe fire) Weapons(two max): (I.E. Sharp tail, Claws) Mech stats/Binding Stats: (You can distribute 16 points) Attack (1 to 10)(How much attack power you have): 6 Defense (1 to 10) (How much armor you have): 4 Speed(1 to 10) (How quick you are): 6
  7. (still don't know if this is the right place to post this,) Hello! I need skins for an Escapists series I'm working on, I'm gonna make it an episodic (wow, that's a word? XD) series, and I need people to... sign this form to get sent to prison... k. bai. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Age: Crime/reason(not too rude tho,): Gender: Description: Will you drop the soap? Yes/No: EXAMPLE Name: Ryan Sonic Age: 12 (yeah, this is a hard prison) Crime/reason(not too rude tho,): Was playing pokemon GO and walked into a bush, which had police men in it, they mistakenly took me in to CUSTARDy (yeah, we make custard jokes here.) Gender: Boy Description: A bootiful boy who found himself in prison one day, mistakenly taken in by the police, his dreams of catching the legendary Bidoof may never come true, he has the powers of an Enderman, but the police put a bracelet (Yaaayy...) on all inmates, which stops all powers. Will you drop the soap? Yes/No: Most likely, yeah, come on guys, its soap, who hasn't dropped soap in a shower before?
  8. Well what do we have here? A wild tardis interior has appeared. This is not for download also. This is my work and I am only giving it to a selected few. This thing is laggy to use lol! {NOTE} This is a Work-In-Progress (WIP) Rig. Do not judge based on progress. Thanks
  9. This is a post for all sorts of Doctor Who based Schematics, if you want something just ask. Use the .mani file when using the schematics otherwise the scale will be messed up. So far I have a TARDIS, and The tenth's sonic, the eleventh's sonic, and the Master's Laser Screwdriver. I added a Dalek, if you want more colors just ask, the skin of the Dalek is based off of the Dalek Mod, if you would like to download the Dalek Mod, please do. TARDIS https://www.mediafire.com/?ol6n5u7llxph3v0 The Tenth's Sonic http://www.mediafire.com/download/44wlcujud1gaou6/Sonic+Tenth.rar The Eleventh's Sonic http://www.mediafire.com/download/j4cwvgxfn45v2xc/Sonic+Eleventh.rar The Master's Laser Screwdriver https://www.mediafire.com/?ybcypfctocc41r5 Dalek https://www.mediafire.com/?dvg4ki175o9pcn6
  10. Hi guys.I did my character rig - Bloktor.We evaluate, criticize. Demonstration: Mini-Art:
  11. The Valeyard: A Minecraft Doctor Who series. Earth has become the battleground of countless aliens. The only person who can battle the aliens and reclaim the Earth is the mysterious 'Valeyard'.
  12. LolDoge

    1st Doctor Rig

    I am making a fan intro for the 1st doctor and I need a rig of the 1st doctor so can any make one for me? I will credit (If I remember)
  13. HELLO! This is a preview of my tardis rig I build. Do not repost this picture anywhere unless credited
  14. Didn't put much effort but here No, it's not my team you'll see i guess?
  15. I wanted more guns. So, yeah, this is just a compilation of different guns from mods that I've collected. All of these guns were originally in their own little 16 x 16 square .png, so it was a bit of a pain to copy/paste each individual gun/item. There are 183 of these. Do we really need that many? Yes. I give you... Stevepocalyptic's Weapon Pack, v1.0! (cheers and fireworks) Some of these may be off, it was late at night when I made this. If the gun you want to use has an annoying little pixel in its frame, or is cut off because of a pasting error, please tell me. Post a screenshot with the gun selected in the side bar so I know which one to fix. DISCLAIMER: The guns here are from Flan's Gun Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7. Oh, yeah, and Ferullo's mod. However, I did make the knife. The little face by the signature is also mine. Post below with comments, suggestions, or if you want MORE GUNNZ. That is all for now, buuuyyyiii. -Stevepocalyptic
  16. i wonder if this will become a trend
  17. Hey guys! Check out my animation about the Doctor and his TARDIS crashing into Minecraft. Did you like it? Subscribe or Share would be good
  18. MisturieDood


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj3XsKUn2II if you believe in jesus you get the joke
  19. Vote who will win! Once your left Mario (I in robes with AC B), and the right Kamil (in robes of AC II) Stats: Mario Kamil
  20. Me and Skjoldminecraft are both working on a parody of Katy Perry - Roar and we need a female singer or a male singer that sounds female, it really doesn't matter how old you are as long as you sound mature, my Skype is ervinasubartas, here is what you have to sing so I can see if you are good for this job: ______________________________________________________________________ "I've got the powers to ban you and kick you. Watch you while you're sleeping." It starts at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=CevxZvSJLk8#t=66 Or: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1op_5eQpmo#t=46 On the instrumental. ______________________________________________________________________ This is made on C4D, but the reference is made on Mineimator. Here is the pic of a bit of it. http://postimg.org/image/i00sz8x8l/ I WILL need your Skype name.
  21. Nothing much, really, just an idea that came to mind in the spur of the moment
  22. Greetings everyone. This is the first teaser picture of my upcoming comic series: Voxel Who, a pretty ambitious project starring me and Applesbrony. As the name implies, the series will be based on Doctor Who, so expect some sci-fi adventures and time-travels! Anyways, here's the teaser, I hope you'll enjoy it.
  23. Yep... With color: Try and guess who the prisoner is.
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