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Found 10 results

  1. WAIT B4 SHOWERING ME WITH DOWNVOTES! I PLAN TO DO A MINECRAFT SCHOOL THING, BUT NOT LIKE THOSE PUPPET ANIMATIONS, BUT REAL, VFX RICH CONTENT! I BELIEVE IN POST PROCESSING! The project I am currently working on is just my take on Minecraft Monster School ! It is a space themed one and I *believe* that I have managed to bring a feel of a thrilling and joyful space journey all along! Your valuable support is the my #Oscar! - Creepster Studios
  2. credit: hozq for the facial rig endersculptor for the weapon Skallord for the spaceship https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/balkon-class-escort-frigate/
  3. I made this spaceship based on a spaceship from the game FTL: Faster Than Light Here are some pictures of the ship (In Minecraft) http://imgur.com/a/OwI0i (Now don't comment: "For the lazy people, <link> [\img]" because its a gallery, not a single picture) If you use this in an animation/wallpaper, please give me credit for the schematic. Note: This schematic contains blocks that are exclusive to MI 1.0.0 (Packed Ice, Hardened Clay) For 0.7 users, there is a version using Orange Wool and Diamond Blocks instead (And a custom texture file for smoother textures) Downloads: Picture of the 0.7 version with custom texture (Space Core not included)
  4. Hi, I'm Thericalviber. I came up with the idea of a spaceship collab. Here are the rules. Rules: 1:The rig must be used in the animation. You may make small edits to the rig. 2: The animation has to be appropriate. 3: You may use other rigs in the animation(s). Maps/schematics, Characters, mobs. texture packs, etc are allowed. 4: You may use other software to make your animation better. 5: The animation has to be up to 15 seconds long. Minecraft sound effects are allowed. If you are planing to use other sfx in your animation, be sure to provide the link for it. 6: Email me the animation at thericalviber@gmail.com. You may also post you animation on YouTube, just remember to share the link 7: The due date for the animations is on the 10th of August. Rig: https://www.mediafire.com/file/uarbh3a3q2uqlso/Xivon+Rig.zip Here are some images of the rig: Good luck!
  5. WARNING: High Edited Wallpaper Hey all! This was my first attempt at a sci-fi wallpaper. Like usual, comment, suggest, like, etc. I hope you all like it. Rigs: Vixon Aircraft By Thericalviber
  6. The base model was not mine, but I brought it up from a world I have had for a couple of years and fleshed her out a bit. Download
  7. Xivon by Thericalviber Images: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?yp1pfy1v191wubc Be sure to credit me:) took me a while to make this rig https://twitter.com/thericalviber https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKD3fDIt2OjZAx4hOXMr64A
  8. Vixon Aircraft By Thericalviber Images: https://youtu.be/wvApKg_Oj7s Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?1ky7784d4qvb8wn Be sure to credit me:) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKD3fDIt2OjZAx4hOXMr64A https://twitter.com/thericalviber
  9. Not much to it, but it's a start! I'm also practicing thumbnail design. No, the ship pictured isn't in there.
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