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Found 18 results

  1. Hey there! I'm hosting an event for those of you Super Smash Brothers/Mine-Imator Rig designers! This event is for those of you who make rigs, and are interested in collaborating with me in making a poster that involves the creation of certain characters and placing them in a poster. All that is required, is a comment down below of the name of the character you wish to create. Please try to get the models done within a timely manner, as those who take extended periods of time without letting me know ahead of time will be removed from the collaboration. Here are all of the available characters. (Characters can be used from Smash Brawl, Ultimate, etc) The following characters are taken. This list will be updated frequently to show which characters are available and which are not. All rigs MUST BE ORIGINAL, and cannot be somebody else's fair use rigs. Pac-Man - Redrocker95 Pikachu - Nightwing Here is a complete roster link, incase you are looking for a character to use. https://www.smashbros.com/en_US/fighter/index.html Example: (Credit to TheRageMC for the pokemon rigs. Pac-Man, his Hydrant and Kirby were my own creations.)
  2. This is the Super Smash Brothers Pac-Man Rig! He took me about 3 days to get to finish, and I will most likely be fine tuning him over the next week or so. He has full articulation at the shoulders, arms, elbows, hips, legs, boots, feet hands, thumbs, and the finger segments of the mittens. He also has keyframe elements like different facial expressions (such as the scared mouth, the > < eyes, the wink, and more), as well as some built in sprite props such as the fruits and the ghost attacks. Before anyone asks, YES! He does have the armor skins! They can be changed to any color desired. No, This rig does not have a download yet, as I do not regularly publish my rigs, however if a download is wanted, perhaps we could change things! For now, there is another really good Pac-Man rig that is available. Notorious TheRageMC Pac-Man Rig download: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/29721-wip-pac-man-v11-rig/ Keep an eye out for a download! You never know! If we get enough requests I will release the model. Thank you all for checking it out and I'll see you all later!
  3. Well well well, Look who's come out of hiding! yeah, I know, I've been gone for so long, with NO traces of new content or anything! I have a good reason, trust me. My computer had a hard disk failure, and so I've been getting that back up, and when I got it back up, I realized I had lost my old rigs. Things like the Funtime Mike and the Bumblebee are now gone, which means that if a download is wanted for those, I will have to remake them from scratch. I have remade the 1980's accurate Pac-Man Rig, so there is a possibility for a download on that one. Now on the the rig. This is the Pac-Man Smash Brothers Rig that I've been working on. This is only a partial reveal, as I want to ensure it's perfected before I show him off to you guys, so I apologize if you were expecting a full download and several brightly colored images of the model in action. I promise I will have more in the next week or so. Until then, Here we go! If you have any questions or rig requests, feel free to let me know in PMs or in the comments. Thanks! UPDATE: The official announcement is here, which shows the rig in action! https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/75489-pac-man-super-smash-bros-ultimate-rig-reveal-unreleased/&tab=comments#comment-791604
  4. Happy Easter? My little try in Mine-Imator
  5. Hey I'm TheGameKing1001 or TheKingofGames1001, I've been around this community since the beta version and been trying to be making some decent animations. To me this minecraft animation program is unbelievable and I think it's about time I join this forum and I have a treat for you that is animation that I wanted to do for a long time. You see three to four years ago there was this guy on youtube called lordofthejimmy, he was in the process of making a series called Smash Brothers after hours based on the game Brawl, but they ran into several problems and the entire first episode was left unanimated. He asked if anyone would like to animate it they could do it. So I thought I would make one in a minecraft kind of form, but due to the limitations at the time it was a no go. But after the new version came out the work finally was able to be complete nice and smoothly. So here is the animation. Any feedback you could give would be nice. Script goes to JTCurtus and everyone else who was working on the original project, the animation of the minecraft version was made by me.
  6. So I've made a new wallpaper that I think turned out very well. I tried to make it resemble Sm4sh as much as I could, and I have to say that my favorite part of making this wallpaper would have to be the players' health display, just because it adds on to the "in-game" feel of the wallpaper. This wallpaper also had to be one that took the longest for me to make, partially because of MineImator lagging a lot when I was trying to make the background map look good. As you can clearly see, though, I accomplished that.
  7. Hello, Welcome to Team Smash. Team Smash is an actual team about smashing. Sign up here to be in the team. The members list is full. So you can no longer sign up. Members Left: 7/7 (Full) Smash up! Members List: Crow Robot Gohanamer Jab_S_V SwaggyMan02 TheGoldenAnimations eightnine YoloYoshi03 ~MyM360, the Owner of Team Smash
  8. I have video capture device... just reminding you..
  9. Sorry I couldn't include the icon, if anyone has the editing software to do it and wants to be nice here it is:
  10. I used Cell Fracturing to do this. It took 75 minutes to render.
  11. Heya! I'm back with a short animation.. It's just a filler but I thought it would be cool to share So here ya go! Also, some feedback would be cool. This was the first video that I've used After Effects along with green screen. But still.. let me know what you think Also SUBSCRIBE for more awesomeness -> https://www.youtube.com/user/MineRockerAnimations <-
  12. So.... Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U has been out for a while, Mii Fighters have been added and you wanna have Mii's of your OCs? Well, I can make some Miis for you! Form: Name/Nickname: Reference Image: Favorite colour: Birthday (optional): What NOT to do: Name/Nickname: Reference Image: Favorite colour: Surprise me How you will receive them Just an example, also they will be send via PMs. So, go!!!!
  13. I decided to start making Super Smash Bros based images,and I need people to be characters in the games.Please follow this template for applications: Minecraft Name/Skin: Character you want to be: Extra things: If you have a rig you want me to use,please send it here: In this case,mine would be: Minecraft Name/Skin: Damonj17 Character you want to be: Luigi Extra things: None. If you have a rig you want me to use,please send it here: Nope. List Of People and the character they are Damonj17 Luigi ProjectR013 Marth JJ052 Link Minecraft Warrior Fox Tailsfan Sonic GLaDOSV3 Snake Balla Mario Pitachai Pokemon Trainer Plusle Lucario ChibiLawl Toon Link Phun9837 Ness √úberKiller Ike OreMaster Bowser
  14. Unfinished,sorry guys.It only includes my basic normals and final smash. standard 2 looks weird.
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