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Found 50 results

  1. A very simple theme... Jixaw goes to his Granny's Old House. She died years ago and he assumed that she had left everything in his possession. But, things were very different when he got there... There, in the thick floating darkness, somebody else lurks through the house! While Jixaw plans to sell the house, he is quite unaware of the fact that his old granny had sold everything she had, to the entity that haunts that house! Give me thumbs up on YouTube! I am currently working on a project named ' A Creeper's Life ' which is a different take on the traditional Creeper's stories! - Creepster Studios
  2. Hey me again, just stopped by to upload this short teaser for my newest animation. The teaser is short because it took me forever to find proper rigs, make the background and some other stuff. Hope you enjoy and tell me what you think should be changed!
  3. This is an Entry for AnxiousCynic's "Darkness" wallpaper competition. It was in his Discord Server. This is basically me crying about a murderer killing my mom, and there is a picture of me and my mom on the wall. (No my real mom is not dead.)
  4. So most of you asked for Clyde the bunny last time, so here he is! Hopefully you appreciate my work Functions - Movable ears + Movable ears + Movable body (like steve) - Movable torso (not bendable, cause robots?) + Movable eyes Extra pictures This rig is not available for anyone expect some people (Decided by me) so don't ask for it! but you can ask for rig + Who should i rig next Any feedback is much appreciated! =3
  5. Oh no! The Cybermen are attacking! *The Cyberman lumbores toward you. What do you do?* Another model I am very proud of. The bottom section of the chest unit took the longetst to make. But I love this model and hope you guys do too! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xgdenmm2cbcmsbq/Cyberman.zip
  6. Rytaur

    Shark Pack

    I finally finished all the sharks I was working on. Also whenever i try to map a texture another on the block side ends up looking worse and I don't want my models to completely lag out the program if i cover every stretched part with a mapped block Find fish here:http://www.mediafire.com/file/rf28l3t1sje8wuv/shark+pack.zip Listed from biggest to smallest. 1. Megalodon 2.Whale Shark 3.Helicoprion 4.Edestus 5.Great white 6.Tiger shark 7.Thresher shark 8. Mako Shark 9.Stethacanthus 10.Goblin shark 11. Orthocanthus 12. Reef Shark(also try to find the reef shark in the shark cluster) I don't know how my mine imator program survived all these sharks in one file. How it looks in the dark Megalodon Decided to make the megalodon resemble a reef instead of just great white for different ideas Helicoprion made one a few months ago and it didn't have proper rotation. Edestus basically looks like it has scissors for a face. Goblin shark horror from the deep Orthocanthus the early freshwater shark Mako shark the speed demon Great White one of the favorites. Looks very similar too mako cause i got a little lazy. Update comes out tommorow. Tiger shark the shark that will eat anything. Thresher shark the kinda derpy shark with the crazy long tail. That early shark with the weird fin Reef shark smallest for I don't know how many-eth time doesn't count for find reef shark challenge. Whale Shark the gentle giant Also equipped with an excessive amount of teeth i don't think it ever uses
  7. so this is a clip so far tell me what you think
  8. So I wanted to play with FrozenKerbal148's Witherstorm rig and I did this by accident. also the editing was an accident, and the city was an accident, and i was an a-......wait
  9. I promise you, no jump-scares! Honest. However the original game does have them however. http://youtu.be/Sj-kiAK_Dkk 2 days of work and my first finished Mineimator animation/video.
  10. Here is the mutant creeper http://www.mediafire.com/download/3d6k6kubd3a2vdw/mutant+creeper+rig.zip #Nightmare Fuel Clean view Dem Teeth though Also the tongue was inspired by a deku baba tongue from twilight princess. Claw Sweep Attack It's mostly going to do a bite attack like in the mod.
  11. ... ... What Wallpavember is @Nicolasev <<Previous Next>>
  12. Sneak peek at the kro rig (Warning nightmare fuel) you can't really see the full thing yet mostly the eyes and it's being textured.
  13. Hi there, I have created a rig for the game Five nights at candy's 3 demo, this rig is free for anyone to use, But if it is put upon a site such as youtube, i would like some credit at least, such as referring to this forum or my YT (Just ask and i can give out the link) Example "Rig Made By ls200054/The Noob Find it here (LINK)" "Rig made by ls200054/The Noob His youtube here (LINK)" The rig has functional doors as well as a opening/closing sequence Images : https://postimg.org/gallery/2982uou8e/ DOWNLOAD : https://www.mediafire.com/?sbgoni41bibkchl This can be used for anything aswell, such as a jumpscare, series or test.
  14. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! So... Hi!! I Made A Wallpaper For Halloween Since its in 4 Days So Here :)! Hope You Liked It! FORGOT CREDITS NOOO!!!! Facial Rig: Skibbz & Nimi Glow & Smoke: THE INTERNET!!!
  15. Rytaur

    Raoq Summoners war

    One of my favorite monsters from the game. http://www.mediafire.com/file/dejev08madatuj1/Raoq.zip
  16. It's been awhile since i uploaded so i created another Carcharodontosaurus rig. Also made a little more realistic too a carcharodontosaurus. I might stop or keep making more carchs it is one of my favorite dinos.(Yes i know the texture are stretched and too be honest i don't care it is already tedious enough making the rig). Also the neck might be a bit long i just noticed. http://www.mediafire.com/file/hlh85mflc976cnm/Carcharodontosaurus.zip Added lips and snarl feature 2. You need to download it to find out that feature.
  17. Here is a mutant creeper animation attack test.
  18. w̩h͇͚̬̜̩͉e̫̤͍̱̣͉̺r̥̯̻͎e҉͙͕̠̳͔̪͍ d̟͜o̟͇̱ ̛̤̖͓ͅyo҉͈̖̜͍̺u͏͓̻̜̹̮̜ t̷̞̯͙h̦̙i̧͚̖n̝͔̮̺̪̯̺k̼͝ ̩͓̭͙͓t̮͇h̬͚e͢y̧͇ ̡̺̱̰̫̥̟ͅa̺͇̣̝͠r̩e̸̦̹͎͉,̳͖̠͈͍̥͖ ̹̰a͈̜̟̩u͉d̼͖͝i̤̮͡è̦̱̯̻̤n̢͙̭̘ͅc̫̺͝e͖̩̪̱?̢͔͙̘̞̪͓̝ if you don't get it, this is a reference to an old minecraft creepypasta, Oldroot.
  19. My Try on making a spooky animation i tried to make a jumpscare.. i dont know if it worked or not.. comment down
  20. so i made this using skibbz new red skeleton rig
  21. After watching Top 10 Most Gruesome Anime Deaths, I was inspired to make this collab, cause I am a dark piece of crap. Rules Blood is allowed. Gore is allowed, but must be hidden (E.G Someone's brain in the darkness, etc.) Nothing too insanely graphic, AKA no blood or gore more detailed than Minecraft standards. Music is allowed, but cannot be louder than the sound and has to be something dark or scary (E.G Music Disc 14, etc.) Sounds can be used. Entrants No one yet... Be sure to supply a Watermark and Backround.
  22. This is my epic Halloween theme rig its a demon girl! Front View :https://imgur.com/Wpn5NOD Side View:https://imgur.com/iLeNGVV Credits: Me Honestly the Doctor Things Needed if you use in animation: Credit The Butter Bros - Minecraft thats my channel or credit 50ShadesOfDoctor Download:https://www.mediafire.com/?6kmtqwomtad9mki
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