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  1. Oi oi peeps, It's been awhile! I wanted to quickly show some models I've been working on for the past few months as I know you all love seeing them, so here's some of the models I've worked on so far! Also let me know what you think about them, I love hearing your compliments & what I can do to improve! -- Creepypasta Modelpack -- -- Improved FNAF2 Modelpack -- -- Improved TJOC Modelpack -- And that's pretty much it. I can't wait to continue on these Modelpacks & show more of my work & release them one day!
  2. As 2 months go by, I've made some more models for 2 of my Modelpacks. Tell me what you guys think of these models. -- DOORS Modelpack -- -- Improved FNAF1 Modelpack -- & here's some links to the other models from these Modelpacks if you haven't seen them already:
  3. 1 month later & I've made a couple more FNAF1 Models for my Improved FNAF1 Modelpack. Tell me what you guys think of these ones! -- More Improved FNAF1 Models -- If you haven't seen the first set of Improved FNAF1 Modelpack models I posted yet, here's the link to the page:
  4. Just want to show you guys the Improved FNAF1 Models I've made so far for the Improved FNAF1 Modelpack. I'm really proud of them & I think you'll really like them too! Think it might be one of my best Modelpacks so far. Tell me what you guys think, as I'm pretty curious of your opinions on these models. -- Improved FNAF1 Models --
  5. It's been awhile since I've posted anything about my models, so I thought today would be the day I show you what I've been doing for the past 8 months. Also tell me your opinions on these & feel free to ask any questions. I've been really demotivated recently so I just need that extra bit of hope to get me motivated again. (ADHD struggles lmao) -- Model Updates -- I've been working on 2 Modelpacks at the same time, but one's a Glow Up. But here's the DOORS Modelpack I've been working on so far. (I also hand drew all the textures for the models, apart from the pictures on the paintings) -- Model Glow Ups -- Now here's some model glow ups. The models have a 1 year difference, so you'll know which ones are old & new. -- Extras -- Here's some extra models & renders I made. And that's pretty much it. Can't wait to continue on the Modelpacks and show you more work and hopefully release them one day!
  6. Happy 77th Indonesian Independence Day! "RECOVER FASTER, RISE STRONGER" Using my MI Legends Models that I'm working on, I made this render themed "Indonesia independence day parade from the united overworld". MC Legends entity models included in the render : Hero, riding the Horse the Horse Villagers Wooden Turret Golems (?) Stone Golems (?) Villager Zombies Villager Skeletons Map build by myself, hope you guys like it~ Free wallpaper below :
  7. For the past 3 days with 20+ hours of work, I've managed to finish the majority of the Ender Dragon. Here's photos of my progression so far: I've actually finished making it now, so if you want to download it, here's the link:
  8. Alright, here's some more characters that'll be added to the FNAF2 Rig Pack. -- Extra -- -- Toys -- -- Objects --
  9. Not as many this time, but I'm slowly getting there. Here's this weeks models I've completed. -- Extra -- -- Objects --
  10. So every week I'm going to be posting updates on what I've made for the FNAF 2 Rig Pack, and so far I've made 6 models in the Toys category this week. Tell me what y'all think about these animatronics. -- Toys --
  11. I'm currently working on the 'FNAF 2 Rig Pack' as it got the most votes for the next Rig Pack I should make, and boy is it going to take longer than I expected, so that's why I'm going to be showing y'all some FNAF 2 Animatronics I've made so far so y'all can see what they look like when the Rig Pack does come out. So here they are. -- Extras -- -- Toys -- -- Withered -- And that's pretty much all I've made so far, I personally think they don't look too bad, but let me know what y'all think about these FNAF 2 Animatronics. Also tell me if y'all want to see more of these Sneak Peaks in the future.
  12. @minecraftderpaul5 6, it's going well...
  13. Hi, it's me again, EntiBrine303! I'm making a new model and YOU have to guess the name of the model, OR I WILL NEVER RELEASE IT!! Now, GUESS THE NAME or I'll keep the final product for myself!
  14. It is NOT much, but it will be better soon. I will not upload much for the rest of the week, so tell me: What do you think of this?
  15. @minecraftderpaul5 6, your burntrap rig suggestion is in progress.
  16. It's not much, but...
  17. I have nothing to post here so... here: have a Meet the heavy in minecraft teaser: It might take a few weeks to finish this so: be prepared i guess. (and yea i was procrastinating the whole week i didn't posted anything) Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  18. yoooo finally i hab an intro here you go! :D' whats exist? -the animation ofc! -the character -the transition lol -TV dude appearance whats (not) exist? -the music -idk -blah! notes and stuffs: -i will (never ever ever) release the template coz idk how to -dont dare reupload or use this (no permission allowed because the "animation dude 888" text exist) -need a music please :)'
  19. Hello there! Here's a project I'm working on right now about an M16 gun animation. I've already implemented some new thing to it, for example semi-realist scope "shaders". All the assets (except some of the sounds) were made by me.
  20. I'm trying to spend some time on creating basic death animations. I'm going to make a few variants of them.
  21. In the series that im gonna start, i'll use stop-motion like animation, i've managed to devise some more techniques i've had in mind for a while, so that the animation is gonna seem overall smooth, and nicer looking. Now it's all w.i.p, still working on the textures and stuff.
  22. This is a test for my incoming new OC, Valor Omega, so all is by me, and still working on legs and back. Please leave CC so I can try fixing some errors in the future. no idk why there are black lines, must be the graphic card I have.
  23. well , i might release the rig .tell me if you want
  24. Recently I shared a WIP in the update video I recently uploaded on my YouTube channel. I thought for convenience purposes that I also upload it separate from the update video. The Opening: If you folks are interested in The YoshiHunter Collection, take a peek at the forum page: As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
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