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  1. I have nothing to post here so... here: have a Meet the heavy in minecraft teaser: It might take a few weeks to finish this so: be prepared i guess. (and yea i was procrastinating the whole week i didn't posted anything) Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  2. yoooo finally i hab an intro here you go! :D' whats exist? -the animation ofc! -the character -the transition lol -TV dude appearance whats (not) exist? -the music -idk -blah! notes and stuffs: -i will (never ever ever) release the template coz idk how to -dont dare reupload or use this (no permission allowed because the "animation dude 888" text exist) -need a music please :)'
  3. Hello there! Here's a project I'm working on right now about an M16 gun animation. I've already implemented some new thing to it, for example semi-realist scope "shaders". All the assets (except some of the sounds) were made by me.
  4. I'm trying to spend some time on creating basic death animations. I'm going to make a few variants of them.
  5. In the series that im gonna start, i'll use stop-motion like animation, i've managed to devise some more techniques i've had in mind for a while, so that the animation is gonna seem overall smooth, and nicer looking. Now it's all w.i.p, still working on the textures and stuff.
  6. This is a test for my incoming new OC, Valor Omega, so all is by me, and still working on legs and back. Please leave CC so I can try fixing some errors in the future. no idk why there are black lines, must be the graphic card I have.
  7. well , i might release the rig .tell me if you want
  8. Recently I shared a WIP in the update video I recently uploaded on my YouTube channel. I thought for convenience purposes that I also upload it separate from the update video. The Opening: If you folks are interested in The YoshiHunter Collection, take a peek at the forum page: As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
  9. Hello everyone, today I upload an animation short of Minecraft here on the channel, but... yes in the video has some errors/fails also this is my first video of the channel, and I hope what yours were liked my video.
  10. Gfamleit

    Keyblade [WIP]

    so i challenged myself to make something in 1 hour heres the result as you can see its almost done i just need to add the chain
  11. I have nothing to do. So... i start to translate modelbench from english to vietnamese. It for MB 1.0.0. I just translate 98% and some of it may not correct. I has sat on my chair for 3 hour >:<. Here is the link: >>Click Here<< And i'm new to this forum btw :3
  12. This time, the scary wallpaper. Including @ThatRobloxerGamerYT's Wendigo rig, I am now making a horror animation as first-person view, exploring the mysterious house, facing threats and unlogical pieces, but he finds himself being stalked.
  13. In a world, far far away ... ... there is a guy that doesn't know what to do in this holiday. So, he made this.... ~latest update preview : -first update : -first post : Added numerals! So as the title said, it's minecraft letters and it's updated! yay~, it's still in progress tho, till now now it just needs to add some example textures to use or for you to edit.. And then, it's done(?) btw thank you for coming to my post and, have a nice day~ any suggestion I guess?
  14. Mmm yes here's a work in progress on an introductory thing I'm making
  15. Ok ok not clickbait title lol anyways I'm just showing my shitty WIP animation whereas a dumbass guy is doing some horseshit in the middle of a mine because he's a moron and wants to be awesome just like every other horror films the recorder gets raped by a ghost/a fellow moron/ earth ENTRANCE Middle Section idek know why I showed a guy looking at a stone block Part where the dumb dumb idoit finds @Heavenira (And the Idoit asks Heavenira "Where the fork is Top 10 MI animators 2019") I've already done the running sequence where he- oh wait let m
  16. WOW IT"S BEEN A WHILE SINCE I POSTED, HUH? *clears throat* Hey MI Forums! So recently, I've been playing Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, and I thought to myself... "man, shantae has a very interesting design." So I put that into Mine-imator... The Face rig can be downloaded from this link: Everything else is by me! The following are some things I know must be tweaked: The hair is a bit to short The chest seems weird to me, but maybe thats because its a Minecraft Character with... uh... protrusions The arms are goin
  17. I made an Inkling from Splatoon 2. Its got a discord server if you'd like to help with it, or would just like to follow its development https://discord.gg/VmXmGYA More Pics here: https://goo.gl/Z9GBpJ [Links to a drive.google.com folder] Some videos can be found at my YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3tyjZ4uSKCoxmCwwKNUHMw/featured [Warning: I'm Bad at Animating]
  18. This is my version of a humanized female Ender Dragon Time Made: 2 days. **Will Soon Probably be Updating if I want to update it** Drawing Verison will be on the bottom Front View Back View: Old Versions *Down there, I re-rigged her a bit* Extra Views + Addons Chinese Dragon Tattoo - Glows in the dark. Claw View - Bendable Feet to follow the foot movement. Horns
  19. Hi guys! Today, I will be discussing my second topic on the progress of my short horror film, "Amigdela". Before reading this I would recommend you to read the first topic I posted last month, thank you. Anyway, there is not too much to talk about in terms of progression. I am, well... working on it, that's really all there is to talk about. ? So far I am around 4 minutes into the film. The good news is that I am half way done with the animation of the film itself. The sound design would probably take less than a week to do so I'm not worried about that. The release date of the film was going
  20. Hey everyone! I recently started rigging 7723 from "Next Gen" (By recently I mean a couple weeks ago) This movie came out on Netflix awhile back, I personally REALLY enjoyed this moved and I wanted to rig 7723. So I did just that. I have almost finished with this thing, the only thing that needs to be rigged or....done, is his back. Front https://imgur.com/bUvLT3d Here is the front of the rig, I have spent SO LONG working on this thing, I hope that i get good feedback from it. Side https://imgur.com/vCihlSA Here is the side of the rig, not much to see except the actual rig. I added a
  21. Something is coming...
  22. On my YouTube channel, I recently announced that I am making something a little big. My channel is mostly known for making Godzilla animations, but now I no longer do that anymore because I want to make original content. Over the past few months I had an interest of making films. I see movies as an art form and that it can be truly a great film if you take a lot of your time on it and put as much effort and passion into your work as possible. So currently, I am making a short horror film. I am not going to say the film' plot just because I don't want to say it then you have to wait for it for
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