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Found 15 results

  1. mixel version (OLD) pixel version (NEW) --[download link]-- https://www.mediafire.com/folder/v3x2nrs5yzbm9lg,camtkjka6eegzd0/shared
  2. I put lot of effort to sound design, so keep your volume up when watching this video! ;-;
  3. Iani

    Warden Rig

    This is my first rig, So i have to make an awesome rig Anyway this is my own Warden rig, The advantage is:They have rotateable rib, Glow Part, And they have 2 skin, Bare bones and default Disadvantage:This rig is not bendable:( This is the rig preview And this is the render i made using this rig You can download it here:) https://www.mediafire.com/file/bw77tlghsvnmvy5/Iani%27s_Warden_Rig.zip/file You don't have to credit me, But if you want it's ok:) So that's is my first rig, If you like it, Thankyou!! Bye-bye:) And oh yeah maybe later i will improve this rig because the rib is broken
  4. What could be more terrifying than warden? Sculk voice…… "They are everywhere, even more dangerous than warden. Be careful under your feet and behind you, adventurer... You feel uneasy, and the cold air around you makes you tremble and fear." I hope you like him! This is a new creature I created based on the sculk Leave a free like, or share this with your friends! If the response of this post is good, I will publish this model for free!
  5. Hi! Do you are making an amination and need the mob Warden? There is it! A model you can import to mine imator to use or to modelbench to edit. See the images bellow: Tutorial: Unzip the file(.zip). Open Mine-imator Click in the Modelbench option. Select the file named "Warden.mimodel" in the folder Import it! Warning: Don't remove or move any file in the folder. Download!
  6. Iani

    Warden Pack

    This is V2 of my Warden rig, I made this rig even crazier than the previous rig The feature: The minus of this rig: Some keyframe preview: You can download it here!! https://www.mediafire.com/file/r7fyt9had28bvl8/Warden_rig.zip/file You dont have to credit me ok:)
  7. Aayush Saji

    Warden Rig!

    Sooo this is my first model in modelbench please don't complain and it's a Warden. In modelbench: Warden rendered in mine imator: you can barely see it. Please give credits. download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/nnsgjqg1k5gqxcd/Warden+rig+by+Aayush+Saji.zip/file My youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMWN4KoM1Kkl6wzrTyrz-xg My scratch account : https://scratch.mit.edu/users/aayushsaji133/
  8. I'm back with some news to my last post. Here are some pics: Normal. When he "eats" souls: His ribcage opens, his energy core comes out of the cage and gets red and bigger. His pupil turns red and glows(Sry for the weird Steve bending, didn't get it better). Here is the story behind it: Download!(recieved by Kaos_Kinetic)
  9. When you want the model... OH NO... THEN ANSWER THE POLL! THE CREATURE HEARD ME! HEEELP!! *Grumble*... *Dark voice*This is MINE now...
  10. Warden - Minecraft My YouTube channel: GabrielDja My WebSite: GabrielDja Official To display the hidden faces: Import the model on Mine-Imator Select the model in the scene Go to graphics And activate "Activate hidden faces".
  11. The minecraft Warden had a lot of designs before the final one. This is one of them! Yes, it has a face. It's just very dark(it was designed like this). Download... If you use it, please give credits to me! If you have any rig ideas, send them to me!
  12. Hello. So I just made this model character based from "The Secrets of How We're Making the Warden" by Minecraft YouTube. The video shows how they make the model character from the pre-production to the final product called Warden we know today. I'm really happy that they show the process of the Warden character and showing us the prototype warden called Trypophobia. The concept of Trypophobia is very out-of minecraft and this making me to make this model for the community. Here the video about "The Secrets of How We're Making the Warden" : Here is the image of the model : This model Typophobia is free to download and you can add/change it the model or the texture you want. You can make it as a rig for the project or anything, just make sure don't claim this model as yourself and no need to add the credit since I make this just for fun ? Download Link : Mediafire // Trypophobia Model.zip
  13. Another render that i've made constructive criticsm is always welcome Credit: Warden Rig By: Winimationgs
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