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Found 16 results

  1. Zyn

    FNaF 1 Pack

    Always credit me and Trainguy for the original design. (Foxy is my own design since he didnt make a Foxy) If you wanna edit or do something with these models ask for permission first. (except for renders and animations lol) Happy 7th anniversary FNaF! ? DOWNLOAD
  2. i might be a little late but Happy 8th anniversary Fnaf!! wowzers, 8 years i cannot believe fnaf is 8 years old now, ive sadly havent been with this game since the start but i have been in the fnaf fandom for a couple years now. security breach may have not been the best, but hopefully the movie can make up for it. but seriously, i love this game to BITS Animatronics by @ShotU, map by @JasmineChimes
  3. !!BEFORE DOWNLOADING!! Make sure you have WinRAR installed into your desktop so you can extract my Model Pack files. >Click Here< to download WinRAR. I'm proud to announce that my FNAF Model Pack Is out for everyone to use. This Model Pack contains 82 Animatronics, 12 Characters & 25 Props for you to choose from, all which have their own creepy/adorable styles. Don't get fooled though, they'll still try to kill you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Support + Contacts -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Update Log -- ** This is only a Pre-Release, not everything's been added to this Model Pack yet as I've still got to make 80+ more models, but you can use the models I've made so far. ** Vv Click this button If you want to download the entire FNAF Model Pack vV Hope to see you soon
  4. I'm very proud... Yup... I made this btw ( ;
  5. This is an test render I made for a rig I made for a friend. Id say I'm ok at modeling... (I'm still alive btw) (If you even cared)
  6. far.bod.2

    fnaf 1 map

    open the miobject file and cridit me DOWNLOAD \/ pictures \/
  7. hi . if you are using these models in your animations please credit me models and textures by far.bod.2 DOWNLOAD Video
  8. Credit if you use
  9. Rig By: @ShotU (Again) It's Not Bad... I Think.
  10. Rigs By: @ShotU (Again) Look It's Dark Because It's FNAF I Can't See Foxy ... I Don't Know Why
  11. Big thanks to my friend @ShotUAnimations For making this model
  12. The animatronic models were made by ShotUanimations},https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/profile/46462-shotuanimations/ Image link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q3h2Lqfi-3dkPTCFGRqzOHQWsmAaCtE1/view?usp=sharing
  13. So I'm in collab and needed some good finger and face rigs. So I went to YouTube and I found a good looking rig. So I loud up my Skin and I get this. How is it? P.S. - This Template is made by Ken. I love this model!!! plz dont hate me. I forgot
  14. Hello everyone! This is my remakes of "fad 1 West Hall" Render Programs Uses: Mine-imator Hours Spend: More than 5? i think i forgot Editing Programs: None [All made in Mine-imator] Hope you all enjoyed! Render size is 4270 x 1946 Critisim are welcome Please don't hate the render or the topics just because it fad I worked hard on it ;-;
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