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Found 16 results

  1. Two of mane sprites for my future animation for channel.
  2. Name: Bartaladius van Gammeum The Forge World: Stygies VIII Hierarchical position: Magos-dominus And I want to say right away: he is NOT a HERETIC, just because of the effects of the warp and the psyker abilities that have appeared from this, his energy color and the color of his robe have changed, and will change even if a replacement is carried out. So he himself is not happy about it. Intresting fact: i used 2 new features from mine-imator 2.0.+ Like "Path" for Mechadendrites, and IK for pistons on his claw.
  3. source : pixelgun-wiki.fandom.com the file is called cyborg "arms" instead of "hands", but it doesn't matter. revealed gun keyframe included on the archive, preview below : this arms model isn't bendable, and not supported for two layers skin. Q: Is the model skin changeable? (idk if pronounce it right or not) A: Yes it is, but not as simple as the other known models/rigs you can see how to change the skin on the preview below, sorry if its a bit too fast : thats it, hope you like it. don't forget to credit me if you use it, thx click button below to download : as always, if there's any problem on my model, pls tell me. and btw my pixel gun 3d username is Mr. Greeper, just start play it like 4 days ago
  4. I dont know what to say Download Link:https://www.mediafire.com/?rou7r0jid235oop
  5. UltraIcey


    Its A Skeleborg (Skeleton + Cyborg=Skeleborg) Download Link:https://www.mediafire.com/?73i52k14g168i62
  6. I haven't been very active lately (explination in description) but i just animated this so i hope you enjoy
  7. -Lab report; Project Neuron- Project Details; Based on modern cybernetic and combat technologies. Designed for damage and defense at the cost of speed or maneuverability. Powered by a single R2 reactor, property of I.S.E. Unfortunately, current version requires "subject" to be fully conscious for procedure in order to properly track brain patterns. Project disbanded after first five "subjects" were driven insane by the pain experienced in the procedure. Project will not resume until this issue has been resolved. Three of the two subjects remain at large, rumors run wild about an independent organisation finding a way to circumnavigate the insanity induced by the procedure. -End of report-
  8. Guys here is my second animation so here you go watch it there:
  9. it took time to make this but i'm finally introducing..............THE SHANE BOT!
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