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Found 15 results

  1. A futile attempt to fool youtube's drunk algorithm for views... heck... i even go as far as making a cringe thumbnail for it (i don't use custom thumbnail, i don't) Lol no... This is actually a collab submission, but... considering that @MojangYang is taking a break... the collab might get silent... but still active So... this is it. At least this submission has something obvious to tell lol. Time for some CC!!! Time to wait for some CC!! Sorry... the undertale x fad crossover got interrupted by the all-powerful Steve
  2. pls suggest me ideas for an animation
  3. Wow, i never realized that i've been animating for almost 5 years! I can't thank all my friends and haters enough for their supports throughout these years. I cringed so hard when i'm watching my old deleted videos again to make this video, but at the same time i am proud on how much i improved. Man i can't wait to see what i'll become in 2018
  4. I decided to improve an old Monster School video I found on my PC, I changed most of the transitions to sinusoidal and I added a lot more keyframes. The whole reason I even posted this is because I wanted to show people what I'm working on at the moment. BY THE WAY: Comments saying "Don't do Monster School" will be deleted because I don't care, I have the right to animate what I want just like you do. EDIT: Everything is unfinished. Even the lighting and the characters.
  5. So I started to understand more about the transition and I have no Idea what to make. However, these are my results... (Rip, the GIF maker decreased the frame and quality ) Enjoy I guess... (should I release the Shield Rig?)
  6. helo pepole welcom to my new animashon, a pig life craftonix amimshin. i hipe you enjoe and uncubssrib an snash tah dislek buton fore mor. If you couldn't tell already, that was fake. So is the concept of this video. Watch it knowing I was high on Internet phenomena. Here is the pig rig I used: HERE CLICK THIS!!! FREE MALWARE KAPPA NOTE: Don't hate me for making it slightly lazily, I just really wanted to get something out in under two months. I have been working on a bunch of different animations at once, like continuing my SFM F N a F comedy series and doing some 2d sketch animatics, as well as waiting on my friend to give me some voice clips for a continuation of my animation "Monster School is EVIL."
  7. Laugh. Or else I will make you my next Victim. Piss out! (Omg, I love puns! ) Don't get offended. c: Intro Idea: @Astro Animations Featuring: @Keep on Chucking (Well. His rig was private. We don't want World War III, don't we?) lou3d Rig By: @Awesome Emerald (he makes cool rigs. and accepts requests! ) Ashu Rig By: @lou3d (Meh I say. MEH.)
  8. Sorry if this post is in the wrong section, I haven't been here for a while.
  9. Hey guys today I probably made the worst thing a human could create. Le Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/o787naqz4h87awy/Hot+Dog.rar
  10. Well, I just added random stuff and somehow made this. lol this hurts my eyes
  11. Well... Here it is. (I was bored btw) (why would click the like button tho. I guess you can click it, idrc) edit: pancake heros said I sux, my feelings ;-;
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