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Found 13 results

  1. Why hello there ! It's been a long time since I've posted any models. Today I present you my second bed model pack ! Including a King-sized version as well as a Queen-sized one! This time around there's only one color/type, but you can easily open the model and replace the textures yourselves ! Enjoy DOWNLOAD HERE NOW Picture: for some reason I can't upload the queen sized version, but it's basically the same but like 10 pixels smaller
  2. Probably could do proper render instead of just placing bunch of items ._.
  3. Hey Guys! It's me again, This time, it's a furniture pack! THIS PACK INCLUDES: Pictures: Fan: Chair: Couch: Table: Clock: DVD Player TV & Remote Texture 1 Texture 2 Texture 3 Texture 4 Bed Closet NOTES: -Some parts are not on place (I hope it's just on the pic) because for some reason, I think it is affected by wind and always move.. but I hope it will not move for yours so, just ignore them... -You cannot rotate the head of the fan.. only the propeller -Adding More Soon! -To change the Texture of the TV, select the Surface in the Library and then select your png file... Which one of these is your favorite? comment it below! Download! http://www.mediafire.com/download/nj81hwt5u8navvu/Furniture+Pack.rar So, I hope you guys liked it! Please give credit to me if you're gonna use this!
  4. Sweet Dreams! The pillow can be moved and rotated, and the blanket can bend on the x, y, & z axis. Also, it can be switched to any of the bed colors if you import the texture for it. Download
  5. As always, no editing was done, blah blah blah. Took like a few hours or something. I couldn't think of much to put in here so that's why it's so empty. Use this however you like, just don't claim it as your own, thanks ;3
  6. Hey, it's been a while Mine-imator forums! Made a rig for default Minecraft bed! PLEASE READ BEFORE USING okay, so the "idea" was to make a bendable blanket, like the ones that can use physics to look natural in other programs. This version didn't end up so well and I blame MI phsyics . Trust me it looks pretty bad. The crevices made the blanket look almost scale-like. While looking pretty ugly, It's just not worth spending the time to animate each from of the.. what is it like, 36 different parts of the blanket. Legit, its no joke. And it's all just to imitate a blanket. IN MY OPINION, you should just stick with the bed at it is if you still like it, and/or try to play around with it only for use of wallpapers. Now, I'm warning you, it can get real confusing to know how the hierarchy and parentage works on these blanket pieces; I only named all of them in x,y coordinate order. I would like to treat this as more of a test tho, and maybe throwing a random idea out there, I do believe it has potential. I'm not really happy with how it turned out, so Imma make this a - WORK IN PROGRESS, but I doubt I'll ever come back to it.. I just don't... just don't like how it.. just.. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy. DOWNLOAD
  7. 3D Bed Rig So, this is my first post on the forums. I've been using Mineimator for a few months now and have decided to finally show the world what I can do! Pictures: Download: V1: https://www.mediafire.com/?wkc6ame8vce28jx V2: https://www.mediafire.com/?jd8nphbqidwtd42 Credit not needed, but accepted!
  8. https://www.mediafire.com/?0pbajsm8addt893 this is something for the topic i made called vote and more people voted for bedroom so i am now releasing the bed for this series okay bye
  9. Apartment Scenery + Rigs! (remake of ) Features: - 3D Bed - Chair - Laptop - Fridge (with a sandvich inside ) - TV + TV remote control - Lamp + Lamp switch - Curtains - Movable doors with... fixed rotation points! Screenshots (the reason of why you came to this topic): Screenshot 2: Screenshot 3: What you can use: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/llz2zb8t19c4jzu/Scenery_(Apartment)_by_Daguex.zip If you don't like the doors texture I will change it. Also... *ARCHIVEMENTS* - Find the 2 sun logos. - Look at what's behind the TV - Open the fridge
  10. this animation was made for when mine-imator 1.0.0 came out, except it was made on mine-imator 1.0.0 update 3. i hope you enjoy, and please if you could visit my channel that would be great. oh and the white texture clipped block you see, i didnt put it there it was just no way to remove it and it wasnt in the timeline or library sooo yea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcpZ6QlvMCs&list=UU_Kc6hbYh2OQFGi3I_zlIZw
  11. I made a first wallpaper! (On the left-Chat)
  12. Okay, so I went a little overboard on this but....I made a 3D bed with movable pillows and blankets! Download:
  13. I'm bored...... so I decided to make this rig!! 3D Bed Rig!!!! Sooo........ I don't think the blankie going to fit the character . Anyways, here's some pics: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1hv749zwlyffk2w/3D%20Bed.zip?m=
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