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  1. Village Blacksmith ik this looks mid didn't really spent much effort on it
  2. Thought his skin was interesting to remake so here's my remake of it No mask version (unofficial) Credits Face rig:
  3. Ib (inspired by):
  4. Pretty late and simple but yeah No creeper ver: Credits: Face rig:
  5. Matilda Bouanich, the best of all, sitting at the pinnacle of the world with her little goose companion. I had this idea a couple days ago, and I really wanted to make it! This is based off of a character poster from the game called "Reverse 1999" developed by Bluepoch, if you would like the original render, here it is! Matilda Poster!!! I've made a couple render's for friends, but this is my first one that I've posted, so, please leave an upvote if you like it, but if you don't, give it a downvote and tell me how I can improve in the future. Thank you!
  6. I will work hard for this series. Summer first episode. i guess , still learning.
  7. No Photoshop, just mine-imator The old one....
  8. Test render, quite simple, as it was done in 5-10 minutes, the purpose of which was to test my DIFI RIG for errors, as a result of which I found small errors, in fact, which I will correct, I am satisfied with the result
  9. like it? Upvote if you like it!
  10. Available for both phone and Pc user Rendered in MineImator Drawn on Clip Studio Paint
  11. Hows it look? Well, this rig was made for a small comic i'm making, i make comics cause i find it fun, and i'm a big fan of the Wii U, even though the PS4 is better, but i have always been a and will always be a nintendo fan Also, first comment gets to be in the comic [if you want to] Some feedback would be much appreciated! 8D but remember this is just a prop, it is not suppose to be "super detailed" and it's supposed to look, Minecrafty/pixelated-ish... K See ya all later!
  12. Probably the only thing I'll post for the entirety of the Christmas Season. (Because I'm lazy) Feedback is very much appreciated.
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