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  1. Kid i'm leaving this stupid conversation with you,go back play minecraft and make your useless animation that only you will see!Make something with that program,stop hating.I see you are not leaving this site,you should go to school bro! Lol, I didn't even read the rules.Will I be baned from this forum.OH NO I'M SO SORRY **** THIS SHIT,and pls stop texting me,u are boring with your comments
  2. Also you came to judge with this I'm not using the old one!
  3. LOL gj agent that is mine account but you little kids want to hate other ppl so I created this one.I guess you downloaded MI yesterday and play Minecraft 24/7.
  4. Thank you for advice,and if you saw it earlier it's because I posted it on some previous profiles,but also have Mine Imator project to prove it's mine! ;D
  5. Wallpaper,Some tumbnail if you want. Whatever you want!
  6. Not much effort was put in, but I hope you like it.I wanted to share it if someone want to use it!
  7. Bro this is so cool,literally the best one I've seen yet!!!
  8. Can we hit 100 SUBSCRIBERS on this channel,It would mean a lot to me if we can do it! This channel will be based on popular games but I will make Minecraft animations out of them! You can give me your ideas what can I do or if you want we can make animations together! Let's go guys,let't do it!!!
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