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  1. Whoa thanks its my most watched video.
  2. Will keep transition thingy in mind. Nah I havent watched any PixelNitro lately.
  3. If you are thinking that I am a dirty filthy filthy spammer, then I must tell you my internet was taking hiccups when I was posting....so it loaded half and showed error.... at fourth attempt it happened....and I happily signed out.
  4. Is dat da wae. https://youtu.be/w1GtSN-WQ18
  5. Hi guys.....so I made another animation and this one is better than my last one( according to me). The video... https://youtu.be/RkMp_81uWr8 Sorry but it is here as a link so you van rate and comment on youtube. If you want that changed let me know. Critique me in all ways you think this animation can be improved. :()
  6. I knew it wasnt perfect....I was just itching in my head......'you got mineimator...upload something'. Will keep all this transitions and all in my next video. Can you pls add a short comment on youtube...maube this stuff copy paste. I also want to ask....what you have to say about monsyer schools...the animation in them is messy.
  7. Hey can you make a code to add hotkeys for rotating and moving rigs in the app. I am your fan...pls help us all.
  8. Nimi add hotkeys for rotate and grab pls....
  9. Hey I am liking myself....i mean myself you know myself......well this is what happened to me
  10. Yeah....well..yeah.....thanks for all these tips. I will try harder next time and there hinestly speaking I was having so much trouble with keyframes...thet were bugging me..timing and all....overall...see ya soon.
  11. Steve dances when threatened by World's Best Dad(Creeper). Pls make sure that you are signed in to Youtube while watching. Rate and comment to help me be better than myself.
  12. Yeah well it was my first time here and all I have a 1 min video thst is So much better than this one . See ya soon. (Psssst it was a shit test)
  13. Hey when I post it says that it needs yo be apprived by moderator. What that means pls help me.
  14. Yeah so I made an animation and it took me long while to make it. Check it out and criticize me or praise me or do anything you like.
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