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  1. It's time my brothers and sisters to acknowledge a new faction. A new time. A group that shall rise to power. The Dungrimm's Folk are HERE! Animation made for a group on a Minecraft role-play server I play on. Link HERE
  2. An animation me and a friend made a while back, thought it belonged here! Made in Mineimator 1.0.0 Demo 3
  3. No wonder I ran out of memory hopefully he makes it 64 bit soon
  4. Now I'm new to the forums here but I just started animated and I tried to load a somewhat large schematic but the client keeps saying I run out of memory however that doesn't make sense because as I was importing I had my task manager open to make sure I wasn't using all of my 16 gb of ram and as I saw I was only using about 5. Basically my question is, is there a way to add more memory to the client?
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