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  2. meh. not the best resource pack i have seen. it has too much depth.
  3. no it's just the first addition i thinked about when making this rig
  4. wait why are fangs necessary for anything is this some weird fetish
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  6. Anyone know what the dots next to the user name actually means? I never really realized I've got four. I used to think it was number of years, but that seems incorrect.

    1. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      It’s your rank in posts

    2. KrisFirebolt
  7. you tought project fangz died? actually no not at all here's the new stuff on project fangz v4: bleed light on some face features (tongue etc) minor tweaks new default textures (don't worry, the old ones are still in there ) teeth finally affected by lighting! no more ultra clean teeth. t-pose not included realtime eye reflections (high on performance tho) even more pupil and glint presets, even though there was already too much! Q&A for people who don't know what to do
  8. why would you add the 2005 if you can just have it "heavy" the less numbers the better i am not a hypocrite
  9. The enter key restarts the animation at the complete start. He means he wants the space button to do pause like in a video player like Youtube.
  10. (this is an overlife spoiler)
  11. Does the enter key do anything different? I thought it did what you're looking for.
  12. Looks exactly like the one I made, Identical! Thank you for releasing one, I cannot release anyhting for now, my pc ded. Still pretty cool!
  13. My PC has broken down, so videos and all that stuff will take longer to be released or be delayed. 

  14. Why I cannot pause with a key, then press again said key and continue where it paused? this is what typically the spacebar does on every video editor, but in here it goes back to where it started playing, which can be useful in some instances, so keep both keybinds just add one where it continues playing where you paused it on the next keystroke.
  15. Well, It is Rig. Also You can may edit hair, shoe, jumpers etc in modelbench.
  16. unknown.png

    i'm a framerateman

  17. weaponsmith:yes i unglued my hands IM FREE!!!!!!
  18. wait hol up a 5 fps animation?, stop motion? the animation is fast how do you see this in you perspective?
  19. Uh, are you dead?

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    2. Rawami


      Damn, I think it's my fault...



      In Terraria I just killed King Slime, rip

    3. 9redwoods
    4. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      Well o, but actually h.

  20. It's not stop motion or 5fps.
  21. Why did you quote yourself?
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