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Glamrock Bonnie is back! | Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach Ruin Minecraft Render (3K Rez) | Fox Miner Creation

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YES Ladies and Gentle man!

I am finally back with the FNaF Showcase! This time showcasing Ruin animatronics and some I even forgot to make for the Base Game

If you wanna see the progress of how I made these models, go over to my Discord Server, there you can go back to the very day I began the Ruin Models!



This story goes if Gregory would have found Bonnie:

It has been some time... I can remember the time I was hidden away... Why didn't staff come for me? Usually they are all around this place... And why can't I remember what happened, I know someone did this too me... I remember the pain... but why and how, why can't I remember!? That kid always mentions that I had green scratches on my chest... I know Monty is aggressive but could he have? He didn't even have claws that time... But Roxy did... though why would she... we got along just fine...

Bonnie! Shows about to start!

Yea I am on my way Freddy! ... I am glad though that that kid found me with Freddy... all that time... I couldn't even die... I was stuck... But yeah, now I am back... and thanks to our Parts and Service I look just as good as before... Now its time for me to show the Word that I am back...

Ladies and Gentle man, put your hands together for our old friend who has finally returned! Bonnie the Bunny!


Hope you enjoyed... Don't forget to Follow, because there is ALOT to come...




Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach Ruin Minecraft Renders

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