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Father's Baby | Five Nights at Freddy's / Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach (4K Rez Re-render Showcase)

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As I started Mine-imator, I grew to love the World of 3D Animating and Modelling, and I thank the developers for that.
And as I worked on my skills I was able to make my own Rigs as well... well... with some borrowed parts...

Render 1. Thursday, ‎03 ‎December ‎2020




Then... I kept working, I wasn't satisfied in about two hours with the end result... Weird right?
So working a few weeks... Brought me this, Masterpiece, I still see it to this day as my best Render... Well, like if I didn't make this one, I wouldn't be where I am right now...

Render 2. Thursday, ‎21 ‎January ‎2021




Well, I loved this Render so much, I used it everywhere, but a few months after... I had a updated Model, so... I wanted to remake the Image again... and... Well, I wish I didn't... I was very unsatisfied with the end result...

Render 3. Wednesday, ‎07 ‎April ‎2021




Well... I was going to delete that... but as I don't delete my failures, but move them to a folder named "Failed" I still have the Image... so... After long time doing nothing... with this Topic, I then saw a chance to re-make this image one more time, when Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach came along, and I decided to remake some Animatronics into the "Glamrock" style "Yes I will release my Glamrocks, but Mine-imator 2.0 Full isn't out yet so..." Yeah so I decided to re-do this image one more time... and yeah no... It wasn't bad, but wasn't great as well...

Render 4. ‎Monday, ‎28 ‎February ‎2022




So, I thought I was done at this point..., but that's only what I thought... As time went on... I went through a few redesigns with my Model... and then I thought... I might give it a shot... and even though, the second render is still my favourite this one turned out pretty damn well!

Render 5. ‎Friday, ‎02 ‎September ‎2022




Well, I know I made this like last year, this is a Prerender so what?


Anyways tell me which is your favourite render out of these!

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Those renders really show how much u have progressed, amazing!

I love all of them, but my favorite one is the second one, called my attention more than the others; the way you posed the models and the colors u used in the image, great 👌

the fifth one is also very similar and amazing, but i love the second one more, the simplicity.

keep up the good work!

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On 2/11/2023 at 4:02 AM, ScuffedItalian said:

Good job! I really like the lighting. The thing that I'd recommend changing is the scale of springtrap. the scale between the 2 are very different. unless it's intentional. Other than that I love it! :D

Yeah, like it shows like the dominance of Springtrap, shows how big he is, how much power he was, and shows that he is in control, and if he'd be as big as Baby... Well, he's be hidden behind her 😂

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