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the images alone don't say much, but I'll give some context:


This guy is immortal.

He killed MANY people throughout history.

He destroyed entire nations

He sacrificed everything, his loved ones, his life, his emotions, everything.

He killed demons, killed gods, killed monsters.

Everything to make a perfect world, a world without hunger, a world without losers or winners, a world without poverty, a world without crime, a world that works perfectly.

He has become the strongest being to exist in the multiverse, and is currently in possession of the most dangerous and important object to the multiverse.

He created new universes just out of boredom.

He even killed himself from the other universes to protect his own and the others.

And there he is, in a park, in a city, in the perfect world that he created, govern and protects with all his might.

Just thinking about life while drinking a soda.

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On 11/8/2022 at 12:53 AM, tutibrave said:

When was he born?

Lore says he was artificially created in a technological world that existed before the current one.

He then destroyed that old corrupted world and was defeated by the Angels but survived.

Meanwhile the world was repeating the history, the same as the previous world.

I can say that the end of the old world was around the year 2070 (old world).

I believe he was created sometime between the years 2060 and 2065 (old world).

And the mission to make a perfect world began in year 501 in the medieval era (new world).

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