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SSR ( Screen Space Reflections )

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Almost every graphics software supports Screen Space Reflections, a rendering technique that brings realistic reflections with high performance.
They shouldn't be hard to implement, and the result is amazing - just look at the quick comparison i made with Blender EEVEE render:
With SSR:
Without SSR:47xTqOB.jpg

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2 hours ago, niam said:

We all know that, right?

Some people actually made a "Mine-imator SSR Build".

What do you expect? Good as Eevee engine? Not really, its very limited.

Agreed. Mine-Imator was made by a very Weak Game Engine when it comes to 3D Software. It is GameMaker.
GameMaker is for 2D Game development, But Also can do a 3D Game, But have a very much Limited features.

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"A good developer can code everything with anything"
In GameMaker you can make custom shaders - thus you can do almost anything :)

You can check out https://github.com/abiro/screen-space-reflections for this, it isn't made for GameMaker but the GLSL shaders can be adapted for GameMaker 😉

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