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MCSM Updated Rig Pack V1

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Hello once again people from the M.I forums, It's been a while since I posted anything or commented on anything within this forum. I've decided to take my time away from all of this due to some Issues regarding health problems, self hatred, and other reasons which are personal. Although I came back solely for the fact that something that I posted here was bothering me, and that being the Jesse 2.0 rig I posted here in 2019. I had the idea to remaster it for quite a while but didn't have the power to do it, but now that I've left most of the problems behind, I decided to not only update it, but to re design it so it looks better. And since I still have the textures from the game I've decided to also do 3 more M.C.S.M related rigs here. Those being the broken sword from episode 1, Lukas, and Gabriel's amulet. I know this is old but I believe that maybe, just maybe someone out there is in dire need of this rigs for their own purposes. And If things go as planned I will release more rigs. Farewell for now fellow M.I. Users.

-Best regards


P.S: Credit to the person that created the treehouse in the pic:






https://www.dropbox.com/s/g7wectxbd8vquzl/Jesse MCSM Final Version.rar?dl=0

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