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12th Doctor's Tardis Interior W.I.P & DW2012

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I am back once again to show you another W.I.P Tardis interior. 

Yes, i am still working on the 13th doctors interior the walls are nearly done, i will be making a post soon asking if anyone wants to join in on making this interior.

but for now, here ya go!





Now me DW2012 WIP Tardis interior, if you dont know who or what DW2012 IS, Search him up, he is amazeball







Yes, i know the doors are different colours but c'mon, its a WIP

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11 hours ago, Supreme Whovian said:

I don't know how you does it, but you does it good man

thanks alot man! as im writing this im working on 12th interior :) If your a fan of my work then here, Join this server: https://discord.gg/wpEQAgx   its discord of course but, people are really kind on there and they make amazing work :D 

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