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The Last Soldier HD 720p

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Okay, Its kind of annoying how you post A LOT in Wallpaper and Art in one day. You are 'flooding the topic' and all I can find are your wallpapers, I can hardly find anyone elses. Its okay to me if you post twice in a day, (not twice every day) but please try to stop posting 30 topics in one day.

On Topic: You need to work on lighting, and you should add scenery so you don't see the flat-lands. His hand is also clipping through the gun and the guy's face. The truck looks fake, I'm not sure if its a 2d picture, or if you actually got the rig, but it just looks weird. The posing for the skeleton isn't that great, you should have his hand down, because if he was dead, I'm pretty sure he'd be laying down at least. It doesn't look like there is anyone else there, so maybe you should have added more trucks, and maybe someone behind the door. 

I am not trying to sound mean, but I hardly ever criticize, so I'm new to it. This isn't bad enough for me to downvote it, but then again, I hardly ever downvote. Just watch tutorials, ask for help, and you will eventually get better. I was terrible when I started, but my last wallpapers have gotten better, and so can yours. :) 

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