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Found 11 results

  1. I have plans to try and do a Hardcore Minecraft Let's Play, and I have come here to ask for someone who can do up a thumbnail for my series, I can easily say I would like a thumbnail similar to this: https://goo.gl/images/6BvNpw Now I know that is a complex rig CaptainSparklez is using, I personally am just looking for a more Mine-Imator capable version, The way I envision the "Pose" is merely a "I'm a survivor" sort of pose with the facial expression of determination, I also play to add a Hardcore heart and title to the thumbnail so for the most part a transparent background(I am great at working with green screen) is a must. To find my skin, search for IDGam3rPlaysMC, I should represent a dude with brown-ish hair with a red shirt, black pants and white shoes(cannot upload to dropbox or anything else because upload speed is so bad the upload takes days, yes even a 1mb file takes at least 2 days. I cannot afford to pay so this is all volunteer,(I will give you credit for the thumbnail)
  2. Return of the Legends Thumbnail! I made this thumbnail for a friend of mine, who's posting a minecraft music video "Return of the Legends" (his name is KingApdo, for those who're asking) Programs used: Mine-Imator, Adobe Photoshop Time spent: 3 hours Nerves lost: all lol Here's the "in the making" also: https://gyazo.com/adfd8fee23287e0dccafe01472f3a78d.gif
  3. I Was Bored so i made these The last one Is for an animation i have done if you want fonts ask me in comments
  4. So Leooel9 and I are working on a parody to Drake Bell's Bitchcraft, I have been working on a few draft thumbnails, I plan on making more effects and stuff but for now i need to work on positioning, as you can tell I am new to Mine Imator and the Forums, but I plan on sticking around.
  5. My Thumbnail for my new youtube series "Name Pending" Here is episode 1 if you want to check it out https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=8V2UQe8mNfE
  6. helle there and i want to say that i love to make animations but thumbnails is pretty fun to (still like animating better) so i would like to make people thumbnails for there youtube videos or i can make channel art, all i need is your minecraft name and what you need me to do, here are the previous thumbnails i made: Da X approves dis T_T (lol)
  7. Hey Guys! And Gurlz...and other I've recently hit a point in True Love (TL) where I've worked on thumbnails. I need help deciding which one to use for a custom thumbnail when I upload The Movie. WARNING Massive Huge 4K Pics Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 There is a Poll above as you can tell on which one you think is best. I'd Greatly appreciate if you give your honest opinion on this. Thanks! Sincerely, The Tan James
  8. Just finished making this for my Minecraft "The Staircase" horror map video... all done in mine-imator v0.6.2 except for the text and the glow on herobrine's eyes which were done in Photoshop CS6 Here's the video if you want to check it out: (It is a bit of an older video on our channel so I apologize for the quality)
  9. Yeah. I thought this turned out pretty well even though I did it at 3:00 A.M. This should be the thumbnail for a new video I'm posting.
  10. Hey guys! Here's my upcoming minecraft animation, "Endermite". Last post about this was on April 27. Suppose that I'm going to post the animation on May 10. But I'm waiting for Mine-Imator 1.0.0 to come out. After Mine-Imator 1.0.0 DEMO was launched, it's time for me to animate. I hope you like the Wallpaper that I made for the next animation. Give me for this! Thanks! Note: The picture is in 1080xsomething if you click the image.
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