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Found 9 results

  1. : THE STONE : https://crockettdyson.com/myanimations/The Stone.htm
  2. Eclipse

    Stone Golem

    Another rig (back to back) basically Super Snow Golem but stone and slightly modified. Go check the snow boi too if you haven't. download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/by6lalk20nakvkm/Stone+Golem.miobject/file also he is already posed so sorry about that edit: the wrong download was there, srry about that but it's fixed now. FINALLY THE PICTURE WORKED
  3. I recently updated to the newest version of Mine-Imator and thought I'd make something. Sadly I didn't use any of the new camera features on this render but thought I'd play around with cave lighting. I had to make the image a tad bit more vibrant to make it seem less dull. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: The map used in this render is for a mini game I hope to put on the Minecraft Realms mini game list.
  4. Hello, so i have new rig inspired by Avengers: Infinity War's Super Villain, Thanos. Rig for Mine-Imator 1.1.4 Hope you like my rig Here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vry2bl3d57ad692/Thanos rig v1 by. Yanuar Mohendra.zip Respect the author by subs his youtube channel :'v : https://www.youtube.com/c/YanuarMohendra If you have something to ask, comment below...
  5. This is a render i made. I made it in Mine imator,then highly edited it in Photoshop. If you see errors,comment down below! If you want to get your own render,comment below!
  6. The Issue Whenever I attempt to load a portion of a world in Mine-imator, it changes some of the Stone blocks to either Oak Saplings, Wooden Planks, or Grass/Dirt blocks. I have no idea why it does this since there are no such blocks in the part of the world whenever I import it. Has anyone else experienced this bug and do you know how to fix it?
  7. Here's another one. Unedited Version:
  8. Download:http://adf.ly/1cSWYh Images:http://imgur.com/a/TLBAg This has Side Expressions and just Expressions and Pupils And Mouth. I thought of making this while watch toy Story and gave me an idea of Block Story.so i made this rig. if anyone will take my idea and make it a reality i woulds creds of the idea and rig.
  9. Here is Simons Pic. http://imgur.com/6H18m9z
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