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  1. Hi, I'd like to ask for poses for mine-imator for some reasons like profile picture. You can post it here Thank you
  2. I can make custom animal models. I can make hooman model with fingers and tapered body I can make anything
  3. I can turn your skins into a model. ask me to make u a custom animal model just give me texture. All free! Just message this post.
  4. All I want is some player animations that are true to Minecraft. So basically just the simple non-realistic movements that the player can do like the hitting animation or the sneaking animation. I want somthing as close as possible to real default Minecraft. Thanks!
  5. SOOOOOO...... since a lot of people have seen my rigs,like the cow-saurus rex i decided i will be making a horse rig,but later,so i decided to do this,if you want a rig,post it in the comments:i will not do facial rigs,becouse,i never done any before,but i can make you a skin rig,only without eyes and mouth,or eyebrows,but if for example your skin has a bag,ill make it in 3d!ALSO I CAN MAKE SOMETHING I A MINECRAFT MOD form: *rig:(what is it) *how you want it:custom items? a picture:(optional) mOD:(OPTIIONAL) if you want your skin rig,put it in a post. in list: *piano rig *mrironman121 skin rig............FINISHED! *rock monster (closed)im going to make only these three. mod rigs: *thaunt golem................FINISHED! *water wheel...................FINISHED! *dragons(my god im going to die doing this!)(cancelled...dont have time for this,ill do it later) *spider queen and elf.(on judgement) (one space left)
  6. Looking for some rigs of the main characters from persona 3 and 4 Persona 4: Yu Narukami Persona 3: Minato Arisato
  7. I was wondering if anyone could make a rig of Yu Narukami's Persona, Izanagi from Persona 4. (It doesn't have to look exactly like the image, If anything I'd prefer it to have a more blocky look so it doesn't stick out to much. - Height Reference
  8. I want a gunblade thats suited for my own personal character
  9. Guys... Plz I need "The End" Schematics for my animation... can you make it for me? pls,pls,pls if you can comment the link and dont make it superflat please -ReyMCKing
  10. I need a facial rig with fangs for a set of vampire characters.. Anyone able to help out? Both female and male rigs are needed. Thank you for your time.
  11. vinnyg0621

    New order

    Hi! I would like to order a cash register model made from modelbench, please! Here's what I want it to look like! If I don't receive the order in no time, I'll just make one for myself!
  12. Hello, I would like to ask for a block fountain (Like the cake fountain particle except with a block of your choice) If you cant make it any block then I would want it to be TNT please. Thanks!
  13. I make posters for DMU and I need help with making an 11th doctor interior from it, please I need it, thanks!!
  14. I need the a .schematic because my chromebook cant run minecraft yea i know im not supposed to have mI on a chromebook
  15. Sooooooooooooooo IM Need BattleAxe For Berserker Character
  16. im request Alien Gun For Making Galaxy Wars In Space
  17. Hi! I am requesting skins for my upcoming music video. I tried to search for skins but i can't find better skins, so i am requesting some skins for my Minecraft Music Video. Any skins will be appreciated. Thank you! (P.S Kindly post skins by replying in this thread.)
  18. I need a team for: -editing the video -rigging a rig -resource -and more this is my discord server and account: Discord Server JAZImation#9373
  19. I need Help! i need animation ideas! when you post an idea, i will take a look and decide if i will do it or not. Start giving ideas! (sorry its short )
  20. So im wanting to make Animation With Demonic Horn to making awesome Demons
  21. So im wanting to make a scene involving a battle using a weapon of deadly sort of like this https://imgur.com/RkeiNnI
  22. Can someone please point me to the most recent version of SKIBBZ's face rig? Thanks a lot!
  23. I am making an animation of a minecraft Dalek, can someone plz send some scenery for the animation my way? Sending a world folder would be sufficient, I only ask because my "Import world" option isn't working.. Anything works. Sorry to trouble you. Also, of course credit will be given to whoever helps me!
  24. I am making The Walking Dead animated series, so I need detailed models of walkers. I need around 30 different models. People who make the models will get credit at the end of the animation. And I am a good animator and I'm putting a lot of time into this project, so I can almost guarantee that it will have a lot of views. Especially when The Walking Dead comes back in february. So this might be a good opportunity for good blockbenchers to get a boost to their channel, instagram, etc. I need 30 different models with different skins, and looks, etc. so it isnt recognisable that i have the same walkers when I'm putting a big horde into the scene. It would be neat if the models had: - Lots of blood on them - Mouth and yellow teeth (isnt necessary since i can add it with a face rig, but it would be neat because loading too much rig decreases performance) - Maybe some 3D wounds? THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE. IF YOU DONT HAVE TIME TO MAKE A LOT OF MODELS, JUST ONE WOULD BE GREAT SINCE I AM NOT GONNA PUT A LOT OF WALKERS IN THE FIRST EPISODE!
  25. I need a very good skin editor to edit my skin Please Help!!!
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