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  1. I can make custom animal models. I can make hooman model with fingers and tapered body I can make anything
  2. I can turn your skins into a model. ask me to make u a custom animal model just give me texture. All free! Just message this post.
  3. All I want is some player animations that are true to Minecraft. So basically just the simple non-realistic movements that the player can do like the hitting animation or the sneaking animation. I want somthing as close as possible to real default Minecraft. Thanks!
  4. SOOOOOO...... since a lot of people have seen my rigs,like the cow-saurus rex i decided i will be making a horse rig,but later,so i decided to do this,if you want a rig,post it in the comments:i will not do facial rigs,becouse,i never done any before,but i can make you a skin rig,only without eyes and mouth,or eyebrows,but if for example your skin has a bag,ill make it in 3d!ALSO I CAN MAKE SOMETHING I A MINECRAFT MOD form: *rig:(what is it) *how you want it:custom items? a picture:(optional) mOD:(OPTIIONAL) if you want your skin rig,put it in a post. in list: *piano rig *mrironman121 skin rig............FINISHED! *rock monster (closed)im going to make only these three. mod rigs: *thaunt golem................FINISHED! *water wheel...................FINISHED! *dragons(my god im going to die doing this!)(cancelled...dont have time for this,ill do it later) *spider queen and elf.(on judgement) (one space left)
  5. Looking for some rigs of the main characters from persona 3 and 4 Persona 4: Yu Narukami Persona 3: Minato Arisato
  6. I was wondering if anyone could make a rig of Yu Narukami's Persona, Izanagi from Persona 4. (It doesn't have to look exactly like the image, If anything I'd prefer it to have a more blocky look so it doesn't stick out to much. - Height Reference
  7. I want a gunblade thats suited for my own personal character
  8. Guys... Plz I need "The End" Schematics for my animation... can you make it for me? pls,pls,pls if you can comment the link and dont make it superflat please -ReyMCKing
  9. I need a facial rig with fangs for a set of vampire characters.. Anyone able to help out? Both female and male rigs are needed. Thank you for your time.
  10. vinnyg0621

    New order

    Hi! I would like to order a cash register model made from modelbench, please! Here's what I want it to look like! If I don't receive the order in no time, I'll just make one for myself!
  11. Hello, I would like to ask for a block fountain (Like the cake fountain particle except with a block of your choice) If you cant make it any block then I would want it to be TNT please. Thanks!
  12. I make posters for DMU and I need help with making an 11th doctor interior from it, please I need it, thanks!!
  13. I need the a .schematic because my chromebook cant run minecraft yea i know im not supposed to have mI on a chromebook
  14. Sooooooooooooooo IM Need BattleAxe For Berserker Character
  15. im request Alien Gun For Making Galaxy Wars In Space
  16. Hi! I am requesting skins for my upcoming music video. I tried to search for skins but i can't find better skins, so i am requesting some skins for my Minecraft Music Video. Any skins will be appreciated. Thank you! (P.S Kindly post skins by replying in this thread.)
  17. I need a team for: -editing the video -rigging a rig -resource -and more this is my discord server and account: Discord Server JAZImation#9373
  18. I need Help! i need animation ideas! when you post an idea, i will take a look and decide if i will do it or not. Start giving ideas! (sorry its short )
  19. So im wanting to make Animation With Demonic Horn to making awesome Demons
  20. So im wanting to make a scene involving a battle using a weapon of deadly sort of like this https://imgur.com/RkeiNnI
  21. Can someone please point me to the most recent version of SKIBBZ's face rig? Thanks a lot!
  22. I am making an animation of a minecraft Dalek, can someone plz send some scenery for the animation my way? Sending a world folder would be sufficient, I only ask because my "Import world" option isn't working.. Anything works. Sorry to trouble you. Also, of course credit will be given to whoever helps me!
  23. I am making The Walking Dead animated series, so I need detailed models of walkers. I need around 30 different models. People who make the models will get credit at the end of the animation. And I am a good animator and I'm putting a lot of time into this project, so I can almost guarantee that it will have a lot of views. Especially when The Walking Dead comes back in february. So this might be a good opportunity for good blockbenchers to get a boost to their channel, instagram, etc. I need 30 different models with different skins, and looks, etc. so it isnt recognisable that i have the same walkers when I'm putting a big horde into the scene. It would be neat if the models had: - Lots of blood on them - Mouth and yellow teeth (isnt necessary since i can add it with a face rig, but it would be neat because loading too much rig decreases performance) - Maybe some 3D wounds? THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE. IF YOU DONT HAVE TIME TO MAKE A LOT OF MODELS, JUST ONE WOULD BE GREAT SINCE I AM NOT GONNA PUT A LOT OF WALKERS IN THE FIRST EPISODE!
  24. I need a very good skin editor to edit my skin Please Help!!!
  25. Hey everyone, I need an advanced Splinter Cell Rig that has to have: 1. Removable night vision thing ('removable' in a way that the character can put it up and down and it looks realistic) 2. Fingers (not necessary) 3. Eyes and mouth (not necessary) THANKS IN ADVANCE YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!
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