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  1. Fover

    Mecha-Steve | Rig

    *Posed* *Without Steve* !Important! This is the first time I post a rig on the MI Forum and I'm happy. But there is a problem; Since I didn't know how to make a rig, I made it by adding blocks from mine imator, and therefore it is not a very functional rig for animations.
  2. I posted the short version of this video on the forum. But since I love this animation so much, I am sharing it again because it is an HD version.
  3. Was testing the new Mine-imator Update and I got carried away
  4. I forgot to fix some mistakes while making the animation..
  5. I know it's not Christmas, but... Credits:
  6. So... my "first" McMojang render using bending, so... I personally don't like bending, so here is a bendingless version! 1 Upvote = 1 No-bending fan!
  7. It's me again, EntiBrine303! Today, I'm releasing a modelpack. It contains: Their features: Here we see a fisherman from the plains being protected by an iron golem and a warden attacking them. Download!
  8. Steve & Alex just defended a village from a raid. https://imgur.com/a/2UbqYou Rigs by EntiBrine303
  9. I made a McMojang style rigpack! This rigpack includes: Download!
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