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Found 12 results

  1. "Wow, it's pretty hot in here! Anyways, we're now in the NETHER! So, here's what we spotted in the distance: 1. Bastion 2. Nether fortress 3. Warped forest I don't know where to go. We need Eyes of ender for the end portal, and we have sources for both materials here. But we could get better loot in a bastion..."
  2. guys so i know that the lower the eyes are, the cuter the rig is. so i decided to make the scientifically proven most kawaii female rig ever!!! enjoy!!! download link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/tgy3riwwtxnqm3n/CUTEST FEMALE RIG EVER111.zip?dl=0 mouth not included, it was made by @Keep on Chucking, go check it out
  3. https://imgur.com/qmpl5L5
  4. https://imgur.com/a/I8s0GJx sorry I tried uploading a picture but my stupid computer wasn't working with me anyways heres the download https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1mLbuHLSerGDN7z506R2OU0wtzDZbEW4U P.S don't make it angry? it already has two down votes??
  5. ============================================================================================================================== Hello everyone! It's been so long after I had posted topics, so I figured out I'll post something. And by that, I'll feature this Original Character (O.C.) of mine. Biodata Name: Tavrie Fiertell Sex: Female Age: 19 Description: Typically, she's just your ordinary girl. with a hammer that blows. As the wielder of the Nethereal Hammer, she has enormous strength, which does not appear in her physical appearance. She has been a member of the "six restless souls" for a long time and forms strong bonds with each members, especially Vanessa Von Blood, whom she treats like a sibling. Caring, loving and kind, She is the big sister of the six restless souls. she also gets mad like hell sometimes. Wallpapers [4K] ============================================================================================================================== Alright, that's it for today guys. Hoped you enjoy taking a look at this topic. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at the comments. Special thanks to: Mine-imator Community build:@Nimi Blood Particles and Rig Template: @SKIBBZ And lastly, the creator of this awesome program: @David
  6. Here Is My New Wallpaper I Made Skin Used: jeb_ If You Want To Use This, Right Click The Image Then Click Save Image As... Feel Free To Criticize My Work
  7. It's been a Long time, but It's time I created a Wallpaper!
  8. [4K] Neither, there was error before.... Also, who want to know what is my Screen Resolution? 1600 x 900 (PC and recommend) Programs used: Mine-Imator Story: Once again, Thailand is going to hot and... suddenly, rain incoming.... It's Monsoon.... Please kick that button, it would help me alot. (With pain) | | | | V
  9. HEROBRINES MANSION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WL1YY2hb7vI Storyline: Herobrine kidnaps Steves girlfriend/wife (which ever one you want it to be) but Herobrine leaves Steve a message. So Steve is forced to go on an adventure to find his loved one. But when Steve enters the house what he doesn't know is that Herobrine has planed this all along. And that Steve walked into one big, deadly trap. NOTE: This has/is nothing to do with Hypixels' Herobrines Mansion Map. The Mansion was built by me whereas the Cyan Building was built by Frossa in his Mineton City.
  10. Several items of fire, containing the ball of fire and heads
  11. bandit 4of5 the assassin. she only takes off her mask on your last moments of life. give it a comment and +1 and hey maybe she'll pay you a visit... just joking : p
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