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  1. Normal version OCs used Franklin Miller for the 2023 version and James Allen for the 2022 version Credits Face rig: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/89287-lapis-face-rig-v200-―-for-the-community-by-the-community/ Jacket rig: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D-VpOxWBJg
  2. Aric Horn's Halloween Pack DX Render 1 Render 2 Render 3 Render 4 - ALTERNATIVE VERSIONS - Alternative Render 1 Alternative Render 2 Alternative Render 3
  3. New collab with Silver Horizons ! Rendered in MI 2.0.0 CB 1.0.1 using 256 samples No editing Characters outline rig by : Ishaan Animation Twitter link
  4. i don't remember the battle axe who i downloaded from, so if you're the one who made it, please comment down and let me know.
  5. This was made on October 31 2021. Nothing to say about it (forgot to post this one yesterday)
  6. Graveyard _ Last Halloween Artwork _ Training | norp2k21. | Credits: | Before Editing
  7. Happy Halloween! Halloween Personal Artwork 2021. Hi Everyone! How Are you? What are you doing in this Halloween? I hope doing well! I made this artwork for Halloween this Year! Fun fact actually its my first time using Mine-Imator, i just moved from Cinema4D, so it maybe lot fails in it.*sowwy Map Novigrad by ElysiumFire (Planet Minecraft) https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/novigrad-timelapse-download/ Lighting By ma self*proud In Frame Norp (Me) Models / Rig's Credit to @9redwoodsfor he Halloween Mask *(thankyou!) Norp2k21.
  8. だって Happy Halloween  悪戯しちゃうぞ ding-dong-dang Happy Happy Halloween \( ^W^)/
  9. Well render I made for PigManMovie contest theme is halloween character I used as the title headless horseman rig is by me I hope you like it :D
  10. Halloween is my favorite holiday to celebrate, since I love its theme, and since then, an idea popped up to have a group-up render of Halloween! Here are my friends and I enjoying our stay in a haunted forest :0 Credits: Me for doing idea setup, initial lighting, modifying rigs, and also a knife at Dragon's right side @9redwoodsfor his mega Halloween rig pack. Loved his use of pumpkins along with candy bags with witch hat and cauldron. Very epic, bro @anima crysesfor rendering it out in 4K and remaking the lighting. Peace, bro. @Phyre for her skin. Her skin made me thought of her as a witch ? @ShotU for his female skin and female base for him and Phyre(don't get confused, it's just genderbend) @DragonPixel for his skin and rig. @Floofy for his original skin, that I have modified his into Jason Floofies. He gonna kill me oop This is my mega Halloween render, and I am quite proud of Anima and myself on doing this. Happy Spooktober, treaters!
  11. Credits: @ShotUAnimations for skin @Phyre for inspiration(ack i need to stop being inspired ;-;) Dreadbear and Grim Francisco Pizzaro are made by me, and they are private. I had plenty of feedback in Discord, like from Ian, IKEA, and _Mine(no need to ping), and Shot also helped me. CC is much appreciated.
  12. Halloween or not, I posted this to match my first pixel weapon: Deathtoller. It was a pain, but the school computer managed to up to maximum quality of it. Constructive criticism are always welcome. Don't forget, I made this to show my weapon, not the theme please don't say it's not even halloween ?
  13. CREDITS: @ShotUAnimations for providing his skin and his Francisco Pizzaro model. @Ghatos for providing his skin and into a Blaze. @Frost* for providing his skin and into a Creeper. @9redwoods for providing his face and into a vampire. MW for MineWallpaper. 9 for 9redwoods. F for Frost*. G for Ghatos. Shot for ShotUAnimations. Now for the story: Ding dong. *9 opens the door* MW: Whatsup man! 9: Hey Mine! Nice mask you got there! MW: Aw shuck, the mask was better than the costume, and speaking of which, you a vampire, 9? 9: Yep, spent all day using makeup with fangs! MW: Damn, that's so bloodsucking awesome! 9: Heh, well-wait, why you got the skeleton horse here? MW: Oh, this? I rode all the way here, and I thought it might be safe inside here cuz you know....that thing. 9: (realizes the thing)Get that horse here! MW walks in with the horse 9: Ok, I got the food here, and now- Ding dong 9: This one better not get his pet coming here -.- *9 opens the door with velocity* G: Do I smell cupcakes? 9: Hey G! Wait, did you drink that Blaze potion again?! G: So? I can float! 9: BUT IT MAKES YOU HYPERACTIVE! AND YOUR EYES ARE GONE! MW: G, my man! I got cupcakes for you! G quickly came in, gobbled all the cupcakes 9: WTF G! Those were my grandmother's cupcakes! G: Well, tell her that they were delicious. MW laughs while 9 smacks his forehead MW: Relax 9! In that case, I brought myself some cupcakes. G: CUPCAKES?! MW: 'cept they are vanilla-flavored ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) G: Not fair >:< 9: Lol thx MW! 9 takes the cupcakes and set em up by other cakes, apples, soft drinks, and cookies Ding dong MW: Wow, these guys are pretty quick! *MW opens the door* F: Oi m8. MW: HOLY SHI- MW violently screams and hid behind 9 F: Lmao MW. I knew this disguise would fool you! 9 and G: F?! MW: Wth was that, man? You scared me to death! F: Ah, I always wanted to troll ya with this Creeper costume XD MW: Why dontcha come here alittle closer, and then we will see who's laughing T-T 9: Aight ima head out. G: Come on guys, this is the night we have all been waiting for! Let's have some fun, okay? MW, 9, and F: YEAH! Ding dong *9 opens the door and an animatronic jumpscares him* 9: WHAT THE F- Shot: Lol chillax 9! Fox here wants some gears cooking F: Woah, is that Fox? MW: Man, that thing got real IMPROVED! 9: Nice bot you got there, but if you scare me again, that thing's gonna go to the junkyard. MW: Come on, 9, he's just joking! F: Oi, do I smell cupcakes? G: Eat em, I don't want em. F gobbles up a cupcake F: Yummy, did 9 make these? MW: I did em! F: O-O 9, G, and Shot: LOL XD MW: Seriously bro? I made em online! F: Hey 9, are others coming? 9: Yep. Pulls up paper. Rollo, Cubic, Mojang, Texas, Ethan, Yoshi, Hagus, Xander, Philip, Voxy, Fray, David, and others are coming. G: Woah man, you also got David? 9: Ikr. I wonder why Nimi can't come... MW: Why dontcha ask G here? G: HEY, IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM. MW: OF COURSE IT'S YOUR PROBLEM. Ding dong Shot: Aight guys, let's welcome em!
  14. 9redwoods' rig goes to @9redwoods. Congrats, 9redwoods! You got yourself an exclusive wallpaper! Happy Spooktober, users....mwahahahahahahahahaa......
  15. dang a whole 2 months of yt inactivity i'm gonna be busy lel. criticism is always appreciated
  16. I know, its way to early for this, but I was bored so I had to. Features: Roundish look Stem Glows in dark Images: Download
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