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Found 6 results

  1. Some Renders i did of the newest rig i did.A rig based off @Supah.exe Tall Funtime Suaph All render's by me. set and FT soup is by me the night guard belongs to Alpha Toast
  2. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2hota2eebia48ni/NormalSL.zip/file Inspired on this JayH Rig: Images:
  3. I remade my two Funtime Animatronics, Foxie and Freddie, cuz honestly my old ones just looked like crap. And sadly I cannot type the names of the animatronics right without it changing to something stupid.
  4. Lefty model thanks to @anima cryses
  5. It says post teasers, so here's what I can think of. Hmm~ So the thing is, I know I said I was done with F.N.A.F., but as you can clearly see, "We're not done yet" means something contrary. I wonder what it is I wouldn't put as harshly as lying, but that is one way to put it ofcourse. So yeah, I basically lied. Anywho, I figured as a present for the people who do like F.N.A.F., I'd release what models I could by christmas and continue work on the rest afterwards. Ehm, I mean. F.N.A.F. is basically what made my channel to the (673)subs I have now. Not colossal as some, but definitely a huge jump from the 70 I had before I started working with F.N.A.F. included in my projects. These funtime models are quite the project. They are SOOOOOO time consuming to make, it's not as much fun as other models, but well. I still have fun rigging and animating with them. And I hope you folks do too! Here's the image of one of the current project. Here is the finished product(of the head). Blah blah blah, use item rigging and other textures, boo hoo. Folks, why would I waste my time recreating a material that is EQUALLY useful to the smooth/gritty/fluffy textures minecraft offers to me? It seems like everyone who uses my models don't have an issue with it. As for the way I rig. Peeps. I know it's not requested of me to do so often, but before any of that grows, I actually find game building my rigs is a lot more fun than painting several layers on a screen. I find it fun, most of the time, but in this case I'll admit it's tedious. Just gonna note it wouldn't be any less tedious with item rigging or whatever is popular right now. For the people who want to have an explanation about how I'm going by this(though who cares about the mechanics of it). In the gameplay image, there are two endoskeleton heads. One has yellow/blue/pink blocks etc. This is a mapping method. I'll layer the face plates(this one has two in the game, so I had to overlay two layers(That was annoying)), and I'll rebuild each layer. I want to let you know, this is all done 'by hand', no symmetry mods, etc. The only external editing I did was cloning the endoskeleton head with mc edit. Everything done by hand, which is one of the reasons why this is so time consuming. Anyways, this 'by hand' thing means that I found a plot away from the head, and kept flying over to the mapping and back to the build to make sure I had the blocks in the right plates. This is especially important, because like I noted earlier, this rig has two layers of face plates(according to the game). I'm working on the body right now(which is in the top right of the gameplay image) and this is the other reason why these funtime rigs are so time consuming. Because according to the game, the endoskeletons are.. all wires. AAAAALLLLL WIRES. This means a lot of placing and deletion of blocks, to get those up/diagonal placements. So this rig might be the only one done around Christmas, and I'll try to work on the rest afterwards. For those of you who don't like F.N.A.F. I hope you appreciated the efforts put into this rig at least. If not, well that's fine as long as you're not biting my arm because of my choices, which are nearly reaching personal levels because of all the insults I get on them. (Also, I KNOW SPHERES DON'T GO WITH CUBES, I just don't care <3) Sorry for my recent attitude, it's cold outside. :3 I try not to vent that to you folks. At any rate, I'm happy to be back into the F.N.A.F. system for a little bit, and although I know some of you aren't, I hope you enjoy my WIP and maybe would like to see the end result. Ciao, folks. This rig is going to be really laggy when it's done
  6. Merry Christmas! I have a couple of rigs to present to you... and everything you need to know about them. The first is Fun-Time F.r.e.d.d.y.(FF). Take a good long look- (Thanks to Supah.exe for after-editing!) FF is probably the most extensive rig I've had to do, and along with that one of the most tedious. But he's done, and this Christmas I figured it'd be appreciated if I released it. Starting this rig on October 12 and finished on the 23rd of December, this rig is somewhat complex but carefully made for your guys' entertainment. FF is made almost entirely out of schematics, all built "hand made" and imported and rigged through Mine-Imator. FF has (14)opening faceplate pieces, compiled of the 6 surface mask ones and the 8 "steel" ones underneath. All are poseable. He contains (2)poseable chest plates. A lot of his plates clip through things, and my only defense for that is that the game itself does the same thing. So, no real way to improve that. His legs, midlegs, feet, and even toes are poseable. The master parent of this rig is the pelvis. Notice that on the left hand he carries a microphone, held by 5 triple segment fingers. On his right arm he carries the infamous Bon-Bon Mascot. The mascot is fully poseable(relative to the game); it's 3 segmented arms can be rotated, his ears can also be moved at either segment. His "fingers" are not poseable; Those are left as single objects, part of the hand. The mascot torso is rotatable on the arm, so no need to rotate the lower arm itself. A few notes about part movement: When moving FF's surface forehead faceplates, the ears will move with it, as they are children of those plates. His hat will also move with them, just like in the game. His nose and outer teeth will move with the chin and cheek surface plates, and his inner teeth are bound to his endoskelly. :3 Clip notices: Arms clip with the chest plates when they are at his sides; they also clip when opening the chest plates. The outer and inner forehead faceplates clip when opened. When you're moving the forehead plates, please select them as the parts in the hierarchy with the "(Hinge)" suffix, because this is what makes them open diagonally, like in the game. Tip: Parts that say "NOTOUCH", you probably shouldn't touch. Shoot me a reply if you have any questions about this rig. You can download the ZIP here: http://themcnatural04.wixsite.com/dataworld/fire-sharing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yenndo(FY), completed slightly before FF. FY(according to the game) has an almost exact endoskeleton compared to FF. The only notable differences are his yellow eyes and presence of both hands. Not to much to say about this model. Basically poseable like FF, without the colors and faceplates. He can also be found on my website. Merry Christmas folks! EDIT: ROTATION OF BOTH YF AND FF ARE MIXED(Trying to rotate them one way might put them in a different direction than desired)
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