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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys.....so I made another animation and this one is better than my last one( according to me). The video... https://youtu.be/RkMp_81uWr8 Sorry but it is here as a link so you van rate and comment on youtube. If you want that changed let me know. Critique me in all ways you think this animation can be improved. :()
  2. So, after 17 days of inactivity I got bored and decided to make 2 wallpapers wich took me about 15 minutes. here you go (I suggest clicking on the picture to see the full size of it. the forums changed the size somehow. or is it only me?) Kthnks bye.
  3. Hey! This is my Deadpool Rig c: I Hope it is fine c: Pictures: With 3D Gun Belt And Selfmade Katana with Shell, GLock 18 (by ÜberKiller) More Pics Download: http://www.file-upload.net/download-11756081/Deadpool.rar.html Glock 18: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3xql30zg759d93r/Glock 18.zip By @Überkiller
  4. A katana rig, what you think ? After that i made a picture with deadpool holding the katana The saddest part, i was working on probably one of my greatest pictures, and it ended up glitching up, I MEAN, i didn't even know that Paint.net could do that.. I'm REALLY, mad this really ruined a 2 hour work, and you hate when that happens.. well, here's the glitch out.. it's bad.. but i can't fix it... im really mad, it's not been my best day, invited to 3 group on skype today without premission, my lil' brother is watching Naruto, in japan, which is really annoyinh, and to top that off, it's raining.. ugh.. + Dislike button
  5. Credits: Glock 18 & Muzzleflash by @ÜberKillerWithout speech bubble:
  6. Herobirne vs Deadpool (Minecraft Animation) Hei bro, Please rate and correct my animation. link video: Thanks
  7. So I made a quick (3 hours to make) animation about DP so here it is (and of course in credits at the end): Credits - Song - JT machinima + TeamHeadKick Rig - 8bit Animations Ik it sucks when he crushes the skull and the lip syncing.
  8. so i made this a while back again a favorite scene of mine that wasn't at a club or had the voltron ring a 4th wall break in a 4th wall break...that's like 16 walls
  9. So after watching Deadpool i decided to do one of my favorite scenes that wasn't a mature scene or one that was at a club with stan lee for some reason the deadpool rig is by darl
  10. Warning: DeadPool Epicness, Awesome Music, and Killing... It really took a very long time just to edit it. Who Doesn't Love DeadPool I was going to get someone to voice the parts but I thought it would be better to use something else. It did not work as good as I thought though
  11. Hell yeah! Finally done... Prepare for an epic fight! If you like it.. feel free to subscribe to my channel for support --> http://www.youtube.com/user/MineRockerAnimations
  12. Hello guys and here is another poster or should I say posters Super smash bros is coming out so I do what any normal person does and makes a parody of it with people on this forum also let me know who you want in next http://www.imgur.com/a/jVYGD and let me know if this is good by leaving a like and a comment bye!
  13. Hopefully you liked it, i actually made this before, but it bugged out T_T Yeah... Um anyways any feedback is much appreciated! =3 + Crack some skull button
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